7 Best Android Emulators For Windows To Run Your Favourite Android Games & Apps On Your PC & Laptop!

Android is the well-known name for all but the Android emulator is something which might be new for some of our readers. Android emulators for windows is nothing but a kind of software that enables you to run and operate your Android applications on your PC or laptop or any windows device. There are Android apps available for everything.

From shopping apps to health apps and from entertainment apps to games, there apps for Android users but you with an Android emulator for windows, you may run all such Android apps on your Windows PC. Android app emulator is an Android virtual device using which you can enjoy Android apps and games on your Windows PC. With these Android emulators, you can download any Android apps on PC.

Android Emulators for windows

Android emulator for windows makes it possible to download and run the Android apps on PC. If you are the one who misses download Android PC just because you cannot download Android apps on windows device, then you must go through this post once. This post is designed for our readers using windows platform to give them a tool in the form of Android emulator for windows to download Android for PC.

Many users find it more comfortable to play games on PC or use apps like WhatsApp as they do not want to switch between PC and mobile phone again and again for answering text, Android emulator or windows emulator is the best technique to gather all the Android app on PC.

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Best Android Emulators For Windows

Today we target our windows readers to let them know about some of the best Android emulators for windows that enable them to download Android apps on PC.


The first on our list of best emulators for windows is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the most popular and widely used Android emulator that will allow you to download Android app player for PC. The latest version of the BlueStack app is BlueStacks 3. To download this emulator Android, you need to visit the official website of BlueStacks. There are many fake sites that claim for downloading BlueStacks, beware them. Once you have downloaded this windows emulator then you can enjoy your favorite games like clash of clans on your PC or laptop with bigger screen adding more fun to it. BlueStacks is free to download and free from viruses thus a secure windows emulator.

You can Download Bluestacks from this LINK


According to the user ranking, droid4x is the best Android emulator leading to its compatibility and performance. Droid4x which is an Android app player for windows makes it possible to use Android apps for those who do not have an Android device. Droid4x is the best emulator which gives you the experience of using the Android system on your PC. This supports 3D Android games and has excellent game controlling features. Droid4x makes Google play store accessible to download any Android app on Windows PC. The user interface of droid4x is very simple and organized that make it easy for the user to navigate. Droid4x connects your Android phone and Windows PC and you can use your phone as a joystick for controlling the game while playing it on Windows PC or laptop.

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You can Download Droid4x from this LINK

Nox App Player

Nox app player is the Android emulator that makes it possible to run Android apps on Windows PC or laptop. Using Android apps on windows, of course, gives you the benefit of playing games on bigger screen and better controls. Key features of Nox app player includes a simple interface, use of separate keyboard mapping it for app and game control, support multiple devices etc. You can open multiple windows on your PC that facilitate you to run more than one app at a time using Android emulator for windows. Nox app player is a very simple yet robust Android app player.

You can Download Nox App player from this LINK

Remix OS Player

Remix OS player is the Android emulator but it is mainly used for gaming purposes. We have already talked about the few Android emulators but remix OS player is different in certain ways like its interface and smooth functioning on windows. Remix OS player is no doubt that it is one of the best Android emulators for windows that will make you install and use Android apps on windows. Controlling app with mouse and keyboard devices gives you the all-new experience of enjoying Android apps on PC.

You can Download Remix OS player from this LINK


MEmu allows you to download and operate Android apps on windows platform. MEmu is the Android app player that makes it possible to enjoy the Android apps and games on windows. MEmu is not a complete Android replacement but the fantastic solution for using Android apps on Windows PC. It is the fast Android emulator. MEmu is a good option to emulate Android apps and games but it is not cool for certain games like Pokemon Go that works on with GPS. It can also be used by the small app developers in order to test and run their apps.

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You can Download MEmu from this LINK


Continuing our list of best Android emulators for windows, the next name is Koplayer. KoPlayer is considered as best emulator in terms of quality, stability, and compatibility. No player acts as an Android app player on your Windows PC or laptop. Android apps on PC is advantageous in many ways like use of the bigger screen, more storage and ease of operation with keyboard and mouse devices. You can download any Android app from Google play store on your PC with the help of this Android app emulator. No player is easy to download and install on your windows system and simple to use.

You can Download KoPlayer from this LINK

Android Studio

We are ending our list of best Android emulators for windows with a fantastic Android emulator that is Android Studio. Android Studio will not only let you enjoy the Android games but you can use other Android apps as well by setting up Android app player on your PC or laptop. Android Studio synchronizes your mobile and PC device beautifully to make you taste both. Along with games, you can also download communication, message, and social media apps on your PC by installing the Android emulator. This Android emulator ensures to update the Android system time to time with recent and latest version.

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You can Download Android Studio from this LINK

As you have read that Android emulators make it possible to download Android app on PC. The amazing thing about all these Android emulators is that they let you enjoy the Android operating system and its apps even without having any Android device.


All these Android app emulators will perform the similar function of downloading and installing Android apps on PC. We suggest our readers pick any one of the above because all the windows emulators are easy to download and install on your Windows PC.

We hope that the above list arranged for informing you about the best Android emulators for windows has been proved useful for you and you guys will enjoy the experience of download Android PC. We tried to cover all the relevant details about all the Android emulators. If we have missed something, we really excuse it. We request you to let us know your queries, questions or issues regarding the downloading, installation or operation of Android emulator for windows if any. We would appreciate you taking time to share your feedback so as to make it better next time.

7 Best Android Emulators For Windows To Run Your Favourite Android Games & Apps On Your PC & Laptop!
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