Mobile phones have become our way of life; they are a part of everything we do, from reading to commuting to even communicating cell phones facilitate and even provide a really user-friendly experience. Like they say technology is the business; it has become a way to earn money yet some things in this world are free. It gives me immense happiness to say that there is something called free lunch and we can proudly say that because Google has introduced a set of free game apps without In-App Purchase in android.

By in-app purchase in Android, we mean the set of apps which initially come as free and then later on when the game reaches the level of utmost excitement of the player; they introduce the next level to be a paid version.


This is almost like fooling the player but it is a common practice just like freemium in the similar category. Well, we can still rejoice about the fact that there is an availability of free games without the in-app purchases.

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Best Free Games For Android Without In-App Purchase

These games do not have such adrenaline rushes of JRPG like that of the paid purchases but they are pretty decent to keep the player engaged and entertained. So here we present to you the list of the free game apps without the in-app purchases with a very much decent gaming experience.

Doom And Destiny

Doom and destiny is the first JRPG game of its kind which is available for free. It is a free game to play on the phone with the disposition of 8 different heroic spirits, numerous character combination, various master skills and dynamic equipment gears in order to defeat 300+ enemies. It is in total a dose of over 30 hours main quest. A free in apps purchase with RPG is a rarity to find and we liked for its fun and quirky experience. It does come with a few ads and minimal limitations. But in the category of games without an in-app purchase, it surely tops the chart.

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Doom & Destiny Free
Doom & Destiny Free

Gin Rummy

An assemblage of free games to play on the phone is possible due to this developer (Ai Factory Limited Games) on Google Play. It is a collection of simple yet free games without the in-app purchases like chess, solitaire, gin rummy, hearts, Sudoku, reversi free and about 25+ of the similar taste. It is a free version but comes with an inclusion of ads in between which can be removed if one buys the paid version. But the ads are not big Hurdles. One of the best simple and free games without in-app purchase is the collection of games.

Gin Rummy Free
Gin Rummy Free
Price: Free

Hq Trivia

HQ Trivia is a popular free in-app purchases app which lets you compete with people from all over the world for real cash. It is a distinctive game show for it comes with a live host, are a mobile app and free in-app purchases for android. Participation in this game is for the people from all over the world with real cash prizes and to be split amongst the winners. There are various separate time schedules for this app which can be known from following the company on Twitter. Being an older version but trying to advance this free game which can be played on the phone might sometimes have a few bugs due to the connection issues. Still is a good taste for an interactive real-life game show and an IRL experience.

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HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia
Developer: Intermedia Labs
Price: Free

It’s-A Space Thing

It’s a space thing which is newer in the list of games without in-app purchase as it has recently released in 2016. It is free in-app purchase game in an arcade style where the protagonist is at the bottom and has to kill the bad guy at the top of the screen. It also facilitates multiplayer gaming option wherein one plays the bottom character and the other one becomes the opponent and remains at the top position. Being a game of simple controls and five boss bottles to play through; it is one of the free game apps which are unique in style it comes with retro graphics giving a varied sense and feels.

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It's A Space Thing
It's A Space Thing
Developer: Brad Erkkila
Price: Free

Lego Games

Lego is one of the popular free game apps with really a large compilation of various lego versions, the best ones being Nexo knights and Ninjago series and some of the star wars series. These are the kind of free games to play on phones which are action-adventure games jam-packed with shooter mechanics. It is eccentric in its ideology as toys become the players and it becomes competitive and equally entertaining at the same time. These Lego games are the popular lot still are the free games to play on the phone without ads and interruptions.


This Game comprises of around 7000+ questions and comes with easy to the difficult mode and three lifelines. As they say, it if you are rich monetarily you may or may not be intellectually rich but if you are rich intellectually you are already richer than most of the millionaires. Hence this free game to play on the phone is of a good competition to other paid purchases app and has an edge over others as it also comes in the offline mode for all time accessibility to learning.  It has a simplistic and user-friendly interface which helps in staying focused.

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A free in-app purchase quiz game which lets you explore the areas of

  • Art & Literature
  • Astronomy & Space
  • Chemistry
  • Entertainment
  • Famous People
  • Food & Beverage
  • General Knowledge
  • Geography
  • History
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Science
  • Nature
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports.
Price: Free

Smash Hit And Pinout

What do you do if you get extremely annoyed or irritated at something or someone? Some of us might yell or cry or throw things at people. Well, a safer approach is here; it lets you smash the glass and clear your frustration. This is much of a feasible and personal approach. Smash hit is free in-app purchase game which lest you through balls at the glass panes in order to prevent yourself from getting hit.

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It is synchronized with music and requires focus to go through 11 windows with different kind of glass panes to smash any of the similar categories is the pinout game which suggests that the ball should be kept in motion as long as possible.

Smash Hit
Smash Hit
Developer: Mediocre
Price: Free+

So without wasting a minute more head on to these games and learn and enjoy at the same time, with these, you can even play hit and trial for various games until you find the one which suits your taste because these are the apps without in-app purchases.


We have read the games mentioned above which are available to pass the time or keep you entertained without shelling out a penny. These Free Games For Android Without In-App Purchase are all available at the Google play store and are a variety of the kind ranging from JPG to all kind of kids’ games to those in-house childhood games like Sudoku, chess, gin rummy and ultimate those providing knowledge to various fields and genres.

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These are both the free game apps which are also available in the paid version but the features not very distinctive and special. These are the free games to play on the phone which are the answer to our frustration along with an engaging experience.

These games are useful when you want to simply indulge in fun but do not wish to pay a price for the same; Also, do write to us about how did you like these games and did you find the article relevant plus mention the free games app which is your hot favorites and missing from the list.


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