Top 10 Android Tips & Tricks You Can Try Right Now On Your Android Device!

Android ecosystem is the golden face of technology which makes your every task not only easy but also better. But how well you know about your Android buddy? If you are thinking that you know all the functions of your Android device, then once go through the Android tips and tricks written down in order to reassess your thoughts.Android is full of opportunities which might be a contributive factor to its popularity over iPhones.

We are the greedy tech manias who always needs more. Today for our Android friends, we are writing about the Android mobile tips and tricks.

Android Tips and Tricks

These Android mobile tricks will generally work on all the Android versions although mobile tricks may vary depending on device manufacturer. After apple iPhones, Samsung is the most used Android device around the world so we have taken Samsung Galaxy J5 device as our prop for presenting Android tips and tricks here.

Best Android Mobile Tips and Tricks

There are many hidden Android tricks that you probably don’t know about Android phones.If you also have scrolled uncountable web pages for searching Android tricks or Android mobile tips then go ahead to read some of the cool Android phone tricks and Android phone tips using which you may explore the all-new Android world within your device.

Android Tricks

We have usually limited the use of our Android smartphones up to calling and texting or playing games. But there are lot more to do with it. Below are some Android mobile tricks, applying which you can take the maximum out of it.

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Disable Default System Apps

Android users are pre-loaded with many such apps that you might don’t want to use any more and are looking for the way to disable them. System apps are further segregated into two categories those which can be uninstalled and those which can be disabled. You cannot uninstall some system apps but you can disable some of them. For disabling the system apps, here are the straight way to do it.

  • Go to settings.

  • Then go to the application manager.

  • Tap the app which you like to disable.

  • App info will appear.

  • Tap on the “Disable”.

Disabling system apps will prevent such apps to run in the background and increase your RAM and device speed.

Enable Developer Options

Enabling developer options will unlock many advanced features within your Android device. Turning on the developer’s option will allow USB debugging, animation speed etc.It is not enabled in the default settings of your Android device. We are now telling you the Android tip that would help you to enable such options.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to look for “About Phone” option.

  • Check the “Build number”.

  • Tap on it SEVEN times.
  • You will get the message “You are now a developer”.
  • Move back to the settings and look for the “Developer option”.

  • Tap on this and enable USB debugging.

Enjoy the developer mode!

Device Safety

We often worry about the safety and confidentiality of data saved in our Android devices and often take the help of third-party apps to manage it but here we are going to share an amazing Android trick that will help you to get rid of it.

You can activate “Android device manager” on your Android device that will allow you to remove your data and even lock your device in case of lost or stolen.Just follow this path.

  • Go to settings.
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  • Lock screen and security settings.

  • Device administrators and then slide the option of “Find my device”.

  • Once you activate this option, you can control your device.

Auto Unlock

Locking Android phone is must nowadays where we are carrying the digital locker along with. Keeping it unlock is just like leaving your safe open. But at the same time when it keeps our phone secure from evil eyes, it is quite irritating entering the password again and again for the owner as well. But Android is wise enough to allow us with its settings, to betray the phone lock according to the decided parameters.

  • Just go to settings > security.

  • Trust agents and Smart lock.

Set the parameters here like the passcode will be unlocked when you are at home or office or at a particular time of day.

Control Data Usage

Have you ever shocked due to the huge internet data consumption on your device? We can understand that how we get busy in navigating the internet, unaware of the data consumption.

To cope with such cases, Android device manufacturer added the feature of data usage. With this, you can check the graph of your past data consumption and set the ceiling limit for data usage. Mobile data will be turned off when the specified limit is reached.

Android Tips

We always look at the brighter side of the coin but it is equally important to look upon the other side so as to avoid any uncertain event. Below are some Android phone tips that will save you from the bad side of it.

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Don’t Use While Charging

Our first Android tip is avoiding the use of the phone when connected to the charger. It has been observing that we keep on checking texts and emails even when it is charging. It is suggested to avoid the use of the phone while it is charging. Manufacturers specially mentioned this fact in their service booklets to avoid using phones while they are charging. It will lift your device life and save the battery backup properly.

Save Power

Without the battery, your phone is of no use. So it is very important to extend your device battery life especially when you are traveling and your phone is showing the low battery.

There is the option of “Ultra power saving mode” which saves your power and extend your battery life. Enabling this mode restricts phone usage to only essential applications and those selected by you.

Make Your Picture Perfect

After calling, taking pictures is the major task that our Android phone does for us. But do you know that there are many functions within your camera that can make your clicks better? Panorama capture is one of them, using which you can capture the broader picture in a single shot.

There is also the option of “Gridlines” that will perfectly set up your shot and fix the focus. Gridlines is the photographic concept used by professionals.

Charging Substitute

Oh No! Again forget your charger and now the battery is running low? This is a very common situation that anyone can come across with. To avoid such cases, we have a fantastic phone tip for you. You can make the alternate use of TV for charging your mobile or similarly transfer battery from your laptop to your phone with the help of USB connector.

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Remote Control

There is no sense to spend over buying costly universal remote controls when you have a great Android phone in your hand. Yes! You can use your smartphone as a remote control. To witness our words, you just need to install a remote control app along with few small accessories.


When we talk about technology and digitization, the scope of operation and usage get increased. We manage to do many things that would otherwise not possible. Out of 10 people around you, you will observe at least 8 are holding the Android phone in their hands. This is the reason, we feel the need of communicating Android tips and tricks to our Android readers via this page. These Android tips and tricks do not require you to go technical or any such guidance but just a careful reading of this article is enough.

The scope of smartphone tips & tricks is not confined to the above ten points but there are lot more that we can experiment with Android. So how many of tips & tricks among above, you are going to try with your Android smartphone. We are sure that knowing these Android tips & tricks, your smartphone becomes smarter.Android mobile tips and Android hidden tricks will change the definition of the Android phone for you. We will keep writing about such useful tips & tricks on our page. Till then, share this article with your friends and family using Android.

Write us about your reviews and feedback about these Android tips and tricks.

Top 10 Android Tips & Tricks You Can Try Right Now On Your Android Device!
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