Android TV Apps are growing and occupying a considerable field in the Android Market. Android TV Apps has been launched a couple of years ago only and it is slowly adapting its place on this vast internet platform and the world of Digital Market. There are several Best Android tv apps which are prevailing in the market and providing the great platform for Android users to spend their quality leisure time. let us discuss first what is android tv?

Android TV App is known as the digital operating System, which is designed for media players. The Features of Android TV Apps is that they are designed to maintain user interface content from various media Apps & services. First Android TV app was announced at Google I/O which is known as the NEXUS player and it is developed by Asus.

Best Android TV Apps

The Main characteristics of Android TV Apps that it is based on a digital platform which is operated easily on Mobile phones, Smartphones, Computer and many more. It supports Video games, Google play store, Bluetooth Gamepads and Best Live tv Apps for Android.

Best Android TV Apps

Here, we are introducing some of the Best TV Apps for Android or Free TV Apps for Android which helps you to choose the Best Android TV for your entertainment purpose. People have started to opt for Free TV Apps for Android instead of purchasing or downloading different Non- Android TV Apps.

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Hotstar is known as the Best Live TV App for Android which is known for its LIVE Streaming that lets you watch your favorite shows, movies, sports, news and so on. It is also rated as one of the Best TV App for Android. It has become very convenient for the International audiences as well as Indians as it is one of the largest Video on Demand Player which let you enjoy the best experience of Android TV Apps.  You can enjoy watching latest TV Shows, Movies, sports or any kind of news with high quality. Hotstar provides the platform to watch all these in different dialects like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi etc. Thus, it is known for Remarkable & Best Android TV App on Google Play store.

Features of Hotstar :

  1. Convenient to International Audiences.
  2. One of the leading on-demand video player.
  3. Free Android TV App.
  4. Supports different Languages & dialects.
  5. Supports HD Videos without Buffering.
Developer: Novi Digital
Price: Free


Voot One of the Best Android TV App offers the Biggest TV Shows, Cartoons for children, Blockbuster Bollywood Movies for absolutely free. It has gripping & Unique. As one of the Best Android TV App, it has become one of the most popular forms of Android TV App among all age groups.It has a feature of online watching videos, movies, shows, sports, news, comedy channels, reality shows, best of regional drama and romance, exclusively on Voot App. It also comes with the Free TV Apps for Android.You can get a lot of stuff more on this app along with the information. Try your Best Experience with Voot. Surely you will love it. Download the App Now.

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Features of Voot App:

  1. One of the Best Android TV app.
  2. Biggest Platform to watch online movies, shows & different channels.
  3. Runs exclusively on Voot App.
  4. One of the Popular Android TV App among different age groups.


Netflix – One of the world’s leading Subscription Android TV App for watching different TV shows, Episodes, Movies etc. You can be the part of this app once you complete with your Netflix Membership and then you can enjoy the thousands of episodes, movies, TV Shows instantly on your registered Android device. The membership with Netflix includes the unlimited access to your favorite shows and movies at a very reasonable monthly price.

This app allows you to enjoy watching the upcoming new episodes on a regular basis. You can also rate your favorite shows or movies on this app.You can enjoy watching Netflix on your TVs, Mobile phones, Tablets, Blu-Ray Players and even on Set-Top Boxes with a feature that if you have started to watch the one show or movie on one particular device then you can just resume it on another one from where you have paused.  If you have still not downloaded this app just go and download this app and enjoy the best of your favorite shows or movies.

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Features of Netflix App:

  1. One of the leading subscription Android TV App.
  2. Netflix membership offers unlimited access to your favorite.
  3. Enjoy Watching Netflix on TVs, Mobile Phones, and set-top box too.
  4. You can resume watching your shows or stuff on another device too.
Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

Sony Liv – App

With the Premium and best experience with the highest quality of streaming, There is an App known as Sony LIV-Best Android TV App. This is one of the leading entertainment Free Android App which offers a thousand number of hours to unlimited access to the Entertainment channels like TV Serials, Movies, LIVE Sports, Web Series, Kids Entertainment Contents, LIV FIT, LIV TV Channels and Music with amazing quality and lively experience. It also enables you to operate its Chromecast feature for watching Sony LIV Videos. You can simply tap on any video for the larger overview and use the Sony LIV app as a remote control. This app enables its users to watch the offline videos and shows after downloading it. This is one of the Best destinations to watch the Live SPORTS Network channels and Sony Entertainment network channels. Subscription is also available on monthly basis.

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Features of Sony Liv – App:

  1. Highest quality of streaming and premium watching experience.
  2. Leading entertainment Free Android TV app.
  3. Enable users to watch offline videos once downloaded.
  4. Best Destination to watch LIV Sports Network Channels.

Jio Tv App

As one of the leading developer- Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt Ltd. Offers one of the Best and Highest rated Free Android TV App known as JIO TV. It allows you to enjoy the live TV channels and past few days programmes on any device and at any particular time. It includes one the widest range of live HD TV Channels in numbers of languages and dialects which you can access easily on your Smartphones or tablets. It has numerous features which allow its users to never miss the favorites programs or movies of past 7 days. It also has the feature of programme based search with quick content discovery. It also provides a multi-lingual user interface over 15+ Languages. So Download the App and Enjoy your prime time at any time with JIO TV.

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Features of Jio Tv App:

  1. It is a part of Reliance Digital Services.
  2. One of the Highest rated Free Android TV App.
  3. It supports Multi-Lingual User Interface of around 15+ Languages.
  4. It has a feature to watch past 7 days shows, movies or programmes.

Airtel Tv App

Airtel TV App is also one of the leading Android TV App in the Digital market of Android. It is a place of Unlimited Hub of Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional Content in one single app. With the help of Airtel TV App, you can also get a access to a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. Airtel TV App also offers a Broadband Plans with Airtel V-Fiber. The experience of  Airtel TV is even more interesting because of its multi-device access to one or single login for up to 5 devices at a time. You can also continue watching your favorite stuff from where you had left. Currently, Airtel TV supports 4 Channels namely EROS NOW, HOOQ, Sony LIV & YouTube. Enjoy Your Favourite stuff with Airtel TV with premium and outstanding quality along with its features.

Features of Airtel TV App:

  1. One of the leading Android TV app.
  2. It has a special feature of multi-device access in Single Login.
  3. Pause and Play your Video at any time and at any Place.
  4. Offers Broadband Plans with Airtel V-Fiber.
Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV
Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Allows you to stream and download the Best and Popular TV Shows & Movies along with Amazon Exclusives such as The Grand Tour, The Man in High Castle etc. Bollywood and Regional Hits are also available which Indians can enjoy. You Can download or watch your favorite movie or show at anywhere with Wifi or Cellular Networks. Users can also view IMDB Data and trivia relating to the videos of your choice during playback with X-Ray. Prime Members of Amazon Channels Can subscribe over 100 premium and Speciality Channels. You only need to pay for the channels which you want without the cable requirement. Thus, We can say that this is also one of the Best Free Android TV App.

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Features of Amazon Prime Videos:

  1. One can subscribe over 100 premium specialties.
  2. Only pay for the channels you want to watch.
  3. No Requirement of Cable.
  4. One can watch Amazon Exclusives Videos too.
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
Price: Free+

It supports all the channels which will make you amaze with its contents and features. Get ready for the most amazing experiences in the world of Android TV Apps which offers a numerous entertainment stuffs with Highest quality videos.


We know that Now-a days Digital Platform has made its place to a very large extent and has succeeded in almost every field. There are numbers of fields where all work and stuff are done digitally. Almost each and every person started doing their work online. People even started to buy the necessary stuff online with numerous online shopping sites and apps.

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Even they have started using the digital platform for entertainment purpose.  In past few years, It was not possible to watch TV or watch of entertainment stuff at any time and at any place to expel the Boredom.  But Now, Android Operating System has developed or introduced several Different Android TV Apps which Has provided the platform for unlimited entertainment with a lot more. It has become much easier to watch our favorite shows in a most effective and efficient manner because of this Free Android TV Apps.

In this article, we have tried to provide you the information regarding the Best Android TV Apps which can help you to get rid of Boredom and feel fresh with unlimited entertainment stuff such as shows, movies, news, sports in the genre of Bollywood, Hollywood & Regional.We heartily Hope, this could help you in any manner as it can. So, that you can spend your leisure time with your favorite Android TV App with brilliant experience. Readers are requested to comment if you find this article even a little help in choosing the best suited Android TV App.


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