Have you think of something before where you can chat to a person been distant from your place, that to seeing his/her face, without creating an account or doing registration, where your personal identity is secured, got your eyes spread; that’s now possible. Don’t wonder how, here we will be making you familiar with a system (app/site), where you boredom ends. It’s Omegle!!!! The best chat place anonymous in the world. There are various omegle like websites or omegle alternatives available which offers chat like omegle or chat rooms like omegle.

An omegle is a free online chat website which allows users to get socializes with others. It is an anonymous one on one chat. It is basically an anonymous site for chatting with strangers around the world. This site like omegle now provides a mobile application which lets to chat on mobile devices.Omegle was previously a text-based chat but in 2010, introduced a video mode to enhance chat experience using webcams and microphones.

Best Apps like Omegle

Omegle was considered to be as one of the original sites, sites like Omegle offers random video chat. In 2008 was the only site that predates roulette. Consistently been able to maintain its traffic ranking. This site has grown its household names in many parts. The site like omegle has been offered in various languages using Google Translate and has a number of cool features.

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It has the unmonitored section of the site, where you can do anything without getting banned. It has also enabled a feature where you could easily take a screenshot of your conversation. Some of its features are- facilitates fast cam to cam connections, you can select specific countries, and no registration or sign up is required. Lets you enjoy online video chat.

Best Omegle Alternatives For Android

Omegle video chat is a well-moderated system that restricts using fake images. It also bans people who do or try fishy things.Omegle video chat is known as the best chatting platform. Quicker loading and absence of registration makes it one of the best sites. It is the best place for searching chat partners. No other site is like omegle. It restricts fraudsters using fake images. Here we are going to make you familiar with some of the Omegle alternatives-

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WeCHat is a social media mobile application software, basically a Chinese software, much popular and user-friendly. It is considered as the best omegle alternative. We chat is basically a messaging and calling app which is one of the most popular apps across the countries. It’s all in one app. You can do chatting by means of messages, calls video calling, photo sharing, games etc.


  • Group chats and group calls-You can do group video chatting with five hundred people at a time and also can talk with nine people in a group at a time.
  • Possess multimedia messaging feature-you can share photos, videos, text messages and also voice messages.
  • Real-time location and free voice and video calls
  • Better privacy and moments
  • Sticker gallery- lots of fun and animated stickers are available to express your feeling.
  • Language support- it supports to localizes twenty languages but can translate the messages in any language.
Developer: WeChat
Price: Free+


It is basically a social discovery program through conversation and uses a data-driven approach which of the users will be most compatible with the conversation. On this platform, you can chat around with the people across countries on your desired topic and interest. The connections you build in chatous are quite rich. You can keep in touch with the people you like conversing with. It is basically omegle alternative chat.

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  • You can make use of the hashtags you find and chat persons with a similar form of interest.
  • Protect your identity
  • You can use it on your cell phones
  • Video chat
  • Can share photos, images, and text
Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free+


It’s the most amazing app of the social media, where you can open the app and suddenly you will find a person live on your mobile. When you over your chatting you could easily swipe the screen. You can also add interesting people to your friend list. You can do video chat with the people around the world. This Omegle alternative chat offers wow specifications.


  • You can send unlimited text messages
  • Helps to meet with the people around the world
  • Allows you to chat and make friends with people from almost 190 countries
  • Enables you to select the location and gender of your choice and chat with them
  • You can send and receive messages from friends
  • Protection of personal information-your personal information is stored and is not shared with others or third party
  • You can enhance your chatting experience, with the help of facial recognition stickers.
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Developer: Hyperconnect inc
Price: Free+

KOO Chat

It is a chat room where you can chat securely and communicate well and can have fun.


  • Does not require any email ID or phone no
  • Does not require any personal information
  • Need you need to type your username and start conversation
  • Location-based chatrooms
  • Chat rooms basically are interest focussed.

Fav Talk

It’s a free social app for Android. It is basically recommended for teens and singles.


  • Can find the people you have common interests as yours
  • From the chatting list, you can find the people whom you want to chat with
  • When person selects you, then automatically gets in its friend list
  • You can change settings for people to allow searching you
  • You can change the settings even for the people to refuse to search you
  • Must try chatting with the people who have a common
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Fav Talk - Chatting about same interests
Fav Talk - Chatting about same interests

Venice Random Chat

It’s a friendly chat for all ages. Can get connected to the random user around the world. It’s an easy app and no registrations and no strings attached. No need to fill up the profile but if you want, you can just give a nickname. Providing a nickname facilitates you to keep in touch with your partners otherwise you will find that the chat is anonymous.


  • Best random chat for android
  • Similar to omegle
  • minimalistic style
  • no gimmicks
  • good user experience
  • must block nasties or your reputation will drop
Venice Random Chat
Venice Random Chat
Developer: Diego Moriarty
Price: Free

Galaxy –Chat & Play

This app allows you to create a character and fly in the virtual world. Choose from a huge variety of characters, clothing items and costume. You can create a number of chat rooms or can create your own chat room. You can write your own blog or send private messages. This one of the best omegle alternatives.

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  • Virtual gifts and virtual pets-this feature enable you to give virtual gifts or have virtual pets.
  • Post your blog or microblog
  • You can upload your photos and can share them with friends
  • Can play intellectual games like quiz or common game like tic-tac-toe
  • Make stunning gifts for your family and friends
Gala 🚀 Chat & Meet People
Gala 🚀 Chat & Meet People

Sites like Omegle offers us with online chat options with strangers but they do cause problems if you get banned by doing some fraudulent or if you not behave well and spoil your reputation. Omegle like websites can prove to you the best if you wisely use them and make good and fair connections.


We hope that you are now aware of the chat rooms like Omegle and omegle alternatives, but still, want to add little on this, sites like Omegle now comes with an Android version where you can secretly converse with millions of people in a very simple interface.Omegle like websites have developed their features. Conversation options are available same on mobile version as well as the web version.

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Omegle alternative chat has a special feature known as spy mode where you can put up a question, and the conversation will get started among two strangers, you cannot get involved in it but as soon one disconnect, at the same time next join it, all you can do is read their messages. One more amazing feature, if you had an amazing conversation with anyone and you do not want to lose that conversation, then you can save that conversation in your mobile or the other thing you could do is, you can share it with your friends on Facebook if you want others to know it.

We hope that now you are well informed about chat rooms like Omegle and omegle alternatives and its pros and cons, hope you’ll enjoy.Still, if we have missed anything or you want to add something to your view, you can welcome to share your views and add clusters to this article.


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