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The Bully Anniversary edition is one of the best examples of original gameplay that is groundbreaking and has tongue-in-cheek humor at the same time. The art of storytelling invades the schoolyard in this phenomenal game. Here, you’ll find Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year old who navigates the social hierarchy of a corrupt school called Bullworth Academy.

This game teaches the players how to stand up against bullies and teachers. Beating the jocks at a dodge ball, playing pranks, winning, and losing – this game gives the player an insight into how they can deal with their worst year at school.

Bully anniversary edition apk

Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK for Android

You can easily download this application on your device from the link provided here. Once the download is complete, go to the browser location or file manager on your device. You’ll see a file with the name Bully Anniversary Edition APK download.

Click on this file and it will direct you to the installation page. Once you click on install, this application will be successfully installed on your device. Simply tap on it to start playing.

App Info

NameBully Anniversary Edition
File Size43MB
Last UpdatedToday

Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Features in Bully

Scholarship version

The scholarship version feature enables the player to use previously unlocked items. Players can store the game data in the cloud so they can continue to play the game on a different device. This version of the application also has native support for high-resolution displays.

Touch-sense effects

Enhanced with the immersion touch-sense tactile effects, the Anniversary Edition of Bully APK has intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons only when you need them. The game can be continued across multiple devices simultaneously.

Exciting activities

Along with a multiplayer game, the Anniversary Edition of Bully also consists of activities like boxing and marathon. You can also challenge your classmates from anywhere with fun mini-games. You can participate in games and win money.

Extra missions

A complete Bully APK download story with extra missions, classroom mini-games, and characters makes it more enjoyable for children. The storytelling has a humorous tongue that teaches children, like 15-year old Jimmy Hopkins, how to deal with school bullies.

Participation in lessons

This cool feature enables children to learn while they are playing the game. You can participate in practical and theoretical lessons. You’ll feel as if you’re learning at school. This version also comes with physical controller support.

Challenge opponents from anywhere

Children can challenge their fellow players from anywhere. They just need to use the turn-based multiplayer friend challenges feature. You will automatically be notified when it’s your turn to play. You don’t just have a single mission, but multiple missions to play.


The graphics of the Bully Anniversary Edition APK are impressive. From focusing on details to characters, Rockstar games made it a point to work on the graphics in a manner that engages children to play and learn from the game at the same time.

Enhanced resolution

The resolution of the graphic structure is much higher than before. The dynamic lighting, along with the shadow and particle effects, ensures that the players get an all-around experience while playing Bully Anniversary Edition APK OBB.

Wrapping up

Rockstar Games launched this amazing game with the aim to prep school-going children for their uncertain school life. The current version of this action game with high-resolution quality has multiple experiences for players. The incredible mini-games with improved lighting are fun to play.

The developer’s motive was to teach children how to deal even with their worst school experiences. Determined students who play this game can eventually take a huge amount of learning. Parents must support their children if they are playing the Anniversary Edition of Bully.


How to download the free Bully Anniversary Edition with data and Install it on Android Device?

After downloading from the given link, go to settings and allow download from unknown sources. Look for the APK with this name and install.

How many missions are in the Bully anniversary game?

A player must accomplish all 52 missions to attain 100% completion in the Anniversary edition of Bully.

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