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NameCall of Duty
AuthorActivision Publishing
Size2.17 GB

Call of Duty Mobile (also called Legends of War) is a game that attempts to transfer the game console and PC gaming experience to Android smartphones. It is a multiplayer FPS with controls perfectly adapted to all touchscreen devices.

While playing the game, you can use your left thumb for controlling your character’s movements and your right thumb for aiming. When you double-tap on the right side of the screen, you get access to a viewpoint system for checking your scope and then, you can automatically shoot your weapon.

The Call of Duty Mobile APK mainly includes two game modes namely ‘multiplayer’ and ‘zombies.’ Both these modes enable you to challenge other players online and also collaborate with them hand in hand to take the undead down.

Call of duty mobile apk

Download Call of duty Mobile APK and OBB

The Call of Duty Mobile APK download on your Android device can be done easily by using the link given here. Once you have downloaded this multiplayer FPS experience action game on your device, the next step is to install this beloved shooter game on your smartphone.

For installing the COD APK and OBB, go to the Settings on your device and search for the APK name Call of Duty Mobile. Click on the icon and you’ll be directed to the installation window. Hit the install button and wait for a few moments till the game gets successfully installed on your phone.


Console quality HD gaming

The console-quality of the COD Mobile APK is high-definition. With intuitive and customizable controls like text and voice chats with your friends and thrilling sound and graphics, you can play this game anywhere on the go.

Monthly update of the latest seasonal content

In every season, this game is updated with fresh content that includes new game modes, maps, themes events, and rewards. This ensures that Call on Duty Mobile APK never gets old. With every new season, players get access to new unlockable content they can enjoy.

Customizable unique layout

While playing Call of Duty Mobile APK, players can unlock and earn dozens of weapons, iconic operators, outfits, scorestreaks, and gear pieces that they can use to customize their load-outs, hence getting access to play in whichever way they wish to.

Social and competitive play

You can gather your gaming buddies to play Call of Duty Mobile APK. You can test your mettle in competitive and ranked modes. Players also have access to sharpen their aim in social play. You can join a clan to get a sense of community alongside earning rewards for participation in clan wars.

Small download size and optional add-ons

There is no barrier to storage space while downloading the Call of Duty download APK. The COD mobile download game is accessible and the initial download size of the application is reduced. Players can now choose what they wish to download (like HD resources, weapons, maps, and operators).

Complexity and choice

Whether you’re into gameplay, load-outs, or controls, Call of Duty Mobile APK offers in-depth complexity with an ever-changing experience. This mobile game will teach you weapon balance and the popular modes (multiplayer and zombie) enable you to keep up with a fast-paced game.


With features like customizable controls, epic rewards, character skin, and classic multiplayer modes, the Call of Duty Mobile APK is an outstanding shooting game that offers an amazing multiplayer FPS experience to Android smartphone users.

The game also consists of extraordinary visuals along with a bunch of maps and weapons that create charisma and make it fun to play. With so many unique features that Call of Duty Mobile APK brings to the table, it is worth giving a try.


Is the COD APK safe?

Yes, online players can download and install the COD Mobile APK on their devices worry-free.

Can we update the call of duty mobile APK?

Yes. The Call of Duty: Mobile download can be updated.

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