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NameEasyShare APK
Package namecom.vivo.easyshare
Operating systemAndroid
AuthorVivo Communication

The EasyShare APK application lets you share any size of files, media, and applications from one Android device to another. With EasyShare, you can determine how much space a file or an application is going to occupy on your device. For transferring files, this application must be open on both the sends and receiver’s smartphone.

EasyShare APK lets you send and receive files easily via Bluetooth or QR code scanning. Each time a user generates a shipment, the ultrafast transfer automatically generates a QR code. You just have to show the QR code to the receiver to receive documents, games, images, videos, and much more.

Easyshare apk

What is EasyShare?

EasyShare APK is an ultrafast file transfer tool that lets you send and receive applications and files on any Android device. Without any limitations on the file size that you can share or compatibility issues, this is the easiest way to share files via your smartphone.

When you open easy share APK, you find a complete list of all the things that are stored on your device. Everything is sorted according to categories. The first window will show you all the apps and games installed on your device, followed by the media files including images, videos, and other files.

Download EasyShare APK

Easyshare app download can be done from the download link given here. Once you’ve downloaded this application on your device, the next step is installation. For installing EasyShare, go to the Settings on your device and turn on all unknown sources.

Then, look for the file name with EasyShare APK download. Click on this file and you’ll be directed to the installation window. Hit the install button and wait for a few minutes till the easy share app download successfully gets installed on your Android device.


Lightning-fast speed

Easy Share APK gives you access to speed up to 40 MB per second. You can now send and receive documents, images, videos, games, and other applications in the blink of an eye. Share unlimited data on the go anytime and from anywhere.

Cross-platform shares

Users have access to sharing files in different formats via EasyShare. You can send and receive files with AVI, APK, MP4, JPEG, and many others with just one tap. All these transfers support Android, Windows, iOS, and MAC operating systems.

No internet connection required

You can share all kinds of files simply with a Bluetooth or LAN connection. You don’t need an internet connection to transfer files or documents from one device to another. More so, all file transfers are stable, secure, and reliable.

No limitation on file size

There is no restriction or limitation on the size of files, documents, images, videos, or applications that you want to share. The Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd designed EasyShare APK in such a manner that users are able to send and receive unlimited data from their smartphones.

No ads

The user interface of Easy Share APK is fairly easy to use and also has no advertisements. This means that users don’t have to wait for their files to get transferred. File sharing through Android phones has become very easy with Easy Share APK.


With features like instant file transfers with unlimited file size, access to Google sheets, easy app installations, and a straightforward user interface, EasyShare APK is the fastest file transfer application available.

This app allows you sharing of multimedia applications at the click of a button. You can share unlimited images consisting of different image types and music via WiFi. EasyShare APK gives you a nice user experience and is definitely worth a try.


Is Easy Share available for iPhone?

Yes, EasyShare APK is available for Android as well as iOS devices and smartphones.

Is the Easyshare APK safe?

Yes, you can share unlimited files and documents worry-free with EasyShare APK.

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