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Millions of people widely use Google Translate APK across the globe because of the number of languages Google helps translate just with a tap on your smartphone. The simple interface of the application makes it very convenient to use despite not being tech-savvy.

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is an amazing tool that allows you to translate sentences or words into different languages. Google translates 103 languages by typing and 38 languages by clicking a photo of the context you want a translation. This application can be very helpful for travellers. However, the accuracy may not be 100%.

Google translate apk

For instance, on searching “Google translate English to Malayalam”, you will see two text boxes, with one side English and the other side for Malayalam. When you type the text in English, you will see the translation in the other box. Similarly, you can search for “Google Translate English to Hindi” or any other language you want translations.

Download Google Translate APK for android

To download Google Translate APK, click the download button below. It will save an apk file on your device. You can also download it from Google Play Store or any other App Store. Before you download the APK version, grant permission to allow downloads from third-party websites.

Installation: After downloading the APK file, find it on Downloads or File Manager. Tap to open, then select the Install button. It will take a few minutes to lunch the application on your device.

Apk information

App NameGoogle Translate APK
File Size30.2 MB
Android RequirementAndroid version 6.0 or above.

Download Google translate APK


Here are some of the features of this app.

Type and translate: This is the original feature of this app where you type the words or sentences you need translation and the results appeared. The left box is where you type and the right box displays results. Select the Detect Languages option, it lets Google detect languages automatically.

Write to translate: You can translate the word you write on the screen. Select the option handwritings, a “write here” box will appear where you can write the words. Google detects the handwriting and displays a list of words. Choose the correct word you wrote below.

Speak and translate: Tap on the mic symbol on the top-right side of the app, and speak out words and sentences you want to translate. It will display the results in the bottom box. You can change the language you speak and for the results.

Tap and translate: Sometimes you may need quick translations of words or sentences on your phone. To save time, open the Menu on the Google Translate app -> select Settings -> Translate -> tap on Enable. A floating app shortcut will be visible. Now select the text you want to translate, tap on the icon and paste it.

Real-time translation: This premium feature lets you translate real-time conversations instantly. Select Conversations, you will see two mics at the bottom of the screen. Select the language you want to speak. For example, if you select English and Spanish. Tap on each mic to speak the respective languages.

Offline Google Translate: The app allows translations of so many languages, including German, Hindi, French, Greek, Hungarian and more. To see the list of offline languages, go to Settings -> Offline Languages -> Download the offline package.

Instant Translation feature: Now click on an image and translate the texts to other languages. First, select the languages then tap on the camera. Point your phone towards the text. Select the flash icon when you need more light and the pause icon to keep the image still. Take a picture and save it in your gallery.


Google Translate APK is the best app to use when you want to translate into other languages. You have the option to translate by speech, images, writing on screen, typing, and tapping the words you need translation on your smartphone. Download the app or just use the quick search option on your browser. However, the application will be more convenient as you can save words or search in offline mode.


Does Google Translate work offline?

Yes, you can translate around 59 languages without an internet connection.

Is Google Translate free?

Yes, it is completely free of charge.

Is Google Translate Apk for Android safe?

Yes, the Google Translate application is safe to use on android devices.

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