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Hello Neighbour APK is a stealth horror game. While playing this game, players have to sneak into the basement of a neighbour’s house and find out the secrets that are out there. While doing so, the player has to remain unnoticed in the basement.

Since you’re playing against an advanced AI, it won’t be easy for you to keep yourself hidden in the basement. The AI learns at every step about the moves you are making.

Hello Neighbor APK

Download Hello Neighbor APK for Android

You can download Hello Neighbor APK on your device from the given link. After the Hello Neighbor download, you’ll have to install the same on your device. The installation process is fairly easy. You simply need to go to the Settings on your device.

There, you’ll find a folder with the name Hello Neighbor APK download. Click on the download Hello Neighbour folder and it will direct you to the installation page. Once you land on the page, click on install and wait for a few minutes till the game gets installed on your smartphone.

App Info

App NameHello Neighbor
File Size5 GB
AndroidAndroid 4 and above

Download Hello Neighbor APK

Game Features

Game with controls adapted

The game writer made this game with the intent of providing advanced controls that make the player’s experience more realistic. This multiplatform game has controls that enable a player to sneak into the house of their strange neighbor.

Suspenseful horror gameplay

The sneaking feature of this game lets you get through the closed windows of your neighbour’s house to check if there’s any character in danger. The trap shelves are designed in such a manner that the horror graphics become more interesting while playing.

Constantly evolving experience

Since you’re competing against advanced AI, it can counter your moves and learn from what you are doing. Regularly playing this game will teach you how to sneak into a neighbor’s house without making a mistake and without being noticed by the AI.

Sandbox-style gameplay

You’ll find a lot of physics and environmental interaction applied in the Hello Neighbor game. The colourful graphics are a representation of the bright colors of nature. This official video game has a plethora of hidden secrets that players have to reveal while playing.

Hidden security cameras

The security cameras will help you discover some horrible secrets of your crazy neighbors. But, you also have to stay alert to the hidden security cameras as this feature can also enable your opponents to keep an eye on you.

Roles of players

There’s a feature that enables the players to take the role of an invader while they are sneaking into a neighbor’s house. This gameplay feature helps you by luring the neighbor away with certain noise. A player will be allowed to interact with almost everything in his environment.

Escape if you’re caught

A very interesting feature of Hello Neighbor allows you to run away if you’re caught by the AI. Such a moment can be physically intense for you but you can get away with the help of dynamic pixels. This feature makes it one of the most popular horror games in recent times.


As the plot of Hello Neighbor apk says that you’ve to sneak into a neighbour’s basement without getting noticed, you might want to sneak in from their backyard window. Focus on getting to the front door and waiting for any bear trap. As the level of the game increases, you’ll even have to hide from security cameras.


What’s the plot of Hello Neighbor?

You have to sneak into a neighbour’s basement without getting noticed by the AI while playing the Hello Neighbour game download.

Is Hello Neighbor APK Safe?

Yes, despite its genre, it is safe to play Hello Neighbour download on an Android device.

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