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My Talking Tom Friends APK game includes Talking Tom who is the main character along with Hank, Angela, Becca, Ben, and Ginger. Talking Tom and Friends is different from the other versions of this game like Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and Talking Ginger.

Here you can interact with all these characters by just tapping on the character. For example, put on different outfits for Angela, tap on Becca, and take her to the garden or any other part of the house, take all pets on an adventure, and so on.

The interesting factor about this game is, you can customize everything in this world. You can modify the kitchen, decor of the bedroom, add new furniture, and much more. There are mini-games and gifts that make this game more fun to play.

My talking tom friends apk

Download My Talking Tom Friends apk for Android

This APK version of Tom Friends is completely free. Before you download, make sure you enable downloading from unknown sources. Here’s how you do: Open phone Settings -> Security -> Permissions -> enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

App information

App NameMy Talking Tom Friends APK
File Size139 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Android RequirementAndroid Version 5.0 or above
GenreVirtual Pet Game
Last UpatedToday

Download My Talking Tom Friends APK

Main features

Gameplay: The gameplay of talking tom friends is simple and fun. It is similar to the previous version of Talking Tom but with all his pet friends – Angela, Ben, Ginger, Hank, and Becca. Each pet has its own personality in the game. When they need anything, a symbol will pop, showing what they need. For example, when they need medicine, you will see a syringe.

Mini-Games: There are small games within the app for all your pets. For example, Becca wants to skate, so a mini-game will open where controls skateboarding in the air and collecting coins to win. Similarly, if Angela wants to play a puzzle, a mini-game to solve the puzzle will open.

Customization: The options for personalization in the game are what many players love. You can decorate your house, buy new furniture for the empty spaces, rearrange the home, replace the old sofa, and much more.

Graphics: The graphics of Tom Friends APK is simple, which makes it kid-friendly. The design and structure are clean and well designed. It has one of the best 3D graphics in the game.

Gifts: There are daily tasks in the game which you have to complete. Winning these daily challenges is fun because you earn more gifts. You get to win toys, coins, and cute stickers.

Store: Who doesn’t like to go shopping? The store has so many fun and interesting things. You can get food for your pets like cake, milk, snacks and you can get amazing costumes for fun fashions. It’s a one-stop-shop for all!

Adventure: Explore this world more by taking everyone to different parts of the city. You can take trips to town, play sporty activities, and start your adventure.


My Talking Tom Friends APK is different from Talking Tom and Talking Angela. This is an interactive and fun game where you get to go on town trips, adventures, collect gifts, sporty activities, and more. Interact with your favourite character and take them to any part of the house by just tapping and dragging. All of this is free of cost. We have provided a secure link for you to download and enjoy this popular game above.


What is My Talking Tom Friends APK?

Tom Friends game is an interactive game where you have Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Becca, and Ben under one roof. You can go on an adventure, customize the characters, earn gifts, and more.

Is this game free?

Yes, the mod version is completely free.

Is my talking tom friends apk safe?

Yes, My Talking Tom Friends is 100% safe. A safe and virus-free download link is provided above.

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