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NameAdobe Photoshop Touch
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Size47. 39 MB 

Adobe Photoshop Touch is an advanced application for editing images on mobile devices. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. Programs (like inserting objects into pictures, creating advanced art effects, and changing the color of objects) that were previously only available on PCs, are now accessible on smartphones through PS touch APK.

This application also consists of toolbars that enable users to carry out complex editing steps very easily. You can use the Adobe Photoshop PS touch APK for quick access to photo editing and bringing out smoother brush strokes digitally.

PS touch apk

Download Adobe Photoshop PS Touch APK

You can download Adobe Photoshop PS touch APK from the download link given here. Once you download this on your device, click on the icon with the file name PS touch APK download. This will direct you to the installation page. Hit the install button and wait for the next few minutes till this application successfully gets installed on your device.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK

Amazing user interface

The user interface of this application is created in a manner that supports all kinds of devices. From Android and iOS smartphones to tablets and PCs, you can use easily the Adobe Photoshop Touch APK on any device of your choice.

Change colours at ease

Users have access to change the colours in any picture they wish to edit. You can change the colours without affecting any of the objects. Simply click on the area where you want to change the colour and adjust the colours accordingly.

Add or remove objects

This application gives you the access to add or remove any object that you can think of. From simple objects like a chair, a table lamp, or a tree to a group of people, you can add or remove whatever you wish to have or let go from your picture.

Add texts to pictures

This photo-editing application enables you to insert texts into your pictures. You can use this text feature to wish or congratulate your friends/relatives. You can even change the size, colour, and font of the text at your convenience.

Final Words

The official developer of Adobe Photoshop Touch APK built the application with features like colour adjustments, dramatic filters, edge features, filter brushes, and several other features with awesome effects.

This advanced photo-editing application enables the user to insert colour effects while editing to produce high-quality photos. The photo-editing tutorials available in the application help you get better at editing pictures. The Adobe Photoshop Touch APK is definitely worth giving a try!


What Is Adobe PS Touch?

It is an advanced photo editing application with premium features like professional effects and megapixels for touch images.

Is Adobe Photoshop Touch APK Free for Android?

Yes, it is a free photo-editing application for all Android and iOS devices.

Is It Safe To Use The PS Touch APK?

Yes, users can use Adobe Photoshop PS touch APK worry-free on iOS and Android devices.

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