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(112) apk enables the player to control a worm that tries to eat away all coloured balls that cross its path. No matter how easy it might sound, eating up all the worms isn’t an easy task. Remember that your opponents are also trying to defeat you.

Your fellow players will be able to control their worms because you’re all on the same mission. Regardless of the size of your worm, you always get a chance to defeat your enemies in For winning against your opponent, you just have to get their worm to butt heads with your worm’s body. apk

Download APK for Android

You can easily download on your mobile device from the given link. Once the Slither io download is complete, the next step is installation. Go to the settings on your device and look for the Slither io online APK file.

Click on this file to get directed to the installation page. Once the page opens, hit the install button and the game will get installed on your device in a few minutes.

APK information
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 or higher
Operating systemAndroid

Download APK

Features and Gameplay

  • Zoom in and out at your convenience
  • Join/create a party and play online with friends
  • Press B on the keyboard to open the Help menu
  • Chat online with fellow players
  • Make invisible skin of your own
  • Customize your skins without any hassle
  • Use the Bots feature for auto-play
  • Reveal your current location to fellow players
  • Keep a track of the FPS with the FPS counter feature
  • Follow the IPs of a fellow friend’s/opponent’s server with your IP
  • Join a friend’s/opponent’s IP
  • Fix the low-end system with a normal background
  • Help the low systems with reduced flow
  • Graphic mode feature for the convenience of your selection
  • Directly connect to the servers to play with your buddies
  • All settings and nicks are saved
  • Server selection is available
  • Snakeskin rotator for turning the rotator on/off
  • The background changer feature is available.
  • Turn the HUD on/off at your convenience
  • Reset zoom and speed burst with the Shift key
  • Brand new user interface available

Tips to play with advanced features 

  • You can control the snake with either one finger or two fingers.
  • Follow the trail marks of the snake for boosting your performance.
  • Focus on protecting your bounty from that of fellow players.
  • Once you get familiar with the game, chase the glowing objects that float.
  • Whenever you see a big snake, try to make the best use of that opportunity.
  • Use the coil trap to escape if you’re surrounded by a bigger snake.
  • Focus on getting bigger in size to increase your chances of winning.


The game slitherio is fun and interesting. When you defeat an opponent’s worm, your worm can eat its worm and become bigger. A decent strategy is to keep following other bigger worms and patiently wait for them to get defeated.

This entire game came up with a fun concept. It doesn’t have a soundtrack but its amazing features make it worth a try. Give one shot at this arcade game and enjoy the exciting gameplay.


What is APK?

It is an online multiplayer game that lets you control a worm that wants to eat away all the coloured balls that cross its path.

How to Download & Install APK?

Download from the given link, go to Settings on your device, click on the APK download option, and then hit install.

Is APK safe?

It is safe to play on your mobile device. However, it is not recommended for playing on PC.

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