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Snapchat APK has tons of features, you can click pictures, videos, avatars, locations, stories, and much more. The modified version has its own set of privacy settings that enhance the safety of the app. You can download Snapchat for android devices. It is completely safe and malware-free.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is the swiftest mode to share your captured moments with friends and family. Google has listed Snapchat as one of the top 60 apps. The main reason for the increasing Snapchat download counts is the varied chatting options that let users express themselves better.

Stay in touch with long distant friends by sharing funny filtered images, live videos, cute avatars, and much more. If you have a close circle of your friends, send group stories or even start a video call with up to 16 people at once. The developing team, Snap Inc, was a group of college students at Stanford University.

Snapchat apk

Another cool feature allows you to go back a year and re-watch all the images you had taken on that date. All the images and videos and stored within Snapchat’s gallery but you can export them to your external storage. Bitmoji is an inbuilt feature that lets you create avatars and send cute and funny Bitmojis to friends.

As you open the app, the camera pops up so that you don’t miss your favourite moments. The emoji button next to the snap button has all the fun and attractive lenses and filter that also has voice changers.

Download Snapchak APK for Android

You can download Snapchat APK from Google Play Store or any other legitimate app store. Search for the app and tap on the install button. It will take a few minutes to launch on your smartphone.

However, if you want to download Snapchat latest version apk, then tap on the download button below. Before downloading, make sure you have granted permission to download apps from a third-party website.

Installation: After downloading the APK file, search for it on File Managers or Download. Open the file and click on the Install button. It will take a few minutes to launch the app.

APK Info

App NameSnapchat APK
File Size83 MB
Operating SystemAndroid

Download Snapchat APK

Snapchat Features

Snapchat has tons of features that make it preferable when you want to share moments of your life because intensify your experiences.

Express yourself better: Chatting experience gets better when you can express yourself in creative ways. When you open Snapchat, the camera opens. With a single click, take a snap or press and hold to take videos. You can also chat, share gallery images, voice notes, fun filtered selfies, stories, and do live videos. The disappearing messages are the most loved feature on Snapchat, keeping the chats secured.

Attractive filters, lenses, and Bitmojis: There’s a new lens and filter for every single day. After opening the app, swipe right to scroll through the trending filter and lenses or you can search for it. Bitmoji is an inbuilt feature that lets users create their animated selves. There are varied options to change, starting with the skin colour, hair, lips, eyes, brows, clothes, and whatnot.

Memories: Snapchat creates stories from these old memories so that you can share them with friends and family. You can edit and send them to your friend or just save them in the external storage of your phone.

Stories: Stay in touch with your friends by sharing your day in stories. There is an option to share group stories, which means only the group member will see your story. Explore live stories from the Snapchat community based on your preferences and connect with them.

Streaks: Streaks are a thing on Snapchat and users take this very seriously. They share images or just random clicks just to maintain the streak.

Friendship profile: Snapchat aims to make friendship special through this app. There are exclusive Bitmojis created just for you and your friend.

Map: See what your friends are up to on the map. If they have turned on the location, you can see what they are doing. Similarly, you can share your location with friends or stay in ghost mode.

Spotlight: Spotlight is similar to the short videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels. If you find something interesting, share them with your friends too.

Public Accounts: You can subscribe to public accounts of your favourite celebrities and stars and see what they are up to. Many influencers and content creators are active on Snapchat to build connections with their audiences.

Private Folder: It is annoying when people peek into your phone while you scroll through the Snap gallery. This feature allows you to create a separate folder that will stay hidden when you open Snapchat. Add any images or videos you want to keep private.

Block unknown users: Snapchat added this feature so that users can block any other stranger who may be stalking, harassing, or bullying.

Anti-ban feature: The anti-ban feature will protect your account so that you don’t get banned by the official team.


Snapchat APK lets you share glimpses of your lives through images, videos, Bitmojis, and more. You can stay in touch with friends and share old snap memories when you feel nostalgic. Click the Snapchat download apk link above to save the file and before you install the app, check if the device has sufficient space.

You can download Snapchat from this site. This application will be best for those who enjoy connecting with friends, taking selfies, and sharing stories. Select your favourite filter and start snapping!


Is Snapchat for Android free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. Download the Snapchat app from the download button above.

Does Snapchat for Android have filters?

Yes, Snapchat for Android has filters. Open Snapchat, click on the search button and search for your favourite filter. Click the smiley button next to the snap button to browse through the trending filters.

How to install Snapchat for Android?

You can download Snapchat and then open the apk file and click on the install option.

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