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The Viber apk has over 200 million active users in more than 190 countries due to its easy user interface and amazing features. The Viber messenger is not just confined to chatting but is also providing a platform of entertainment to people all over the world.

Description of Viber App

Viber app is a fast and secure messaging application. You can send messages, make video calls, share voice messages, location, and media, use gifs and send stickers just with the internet connection. It is a preferable option in instant messaging apps due to its excellent quality of calls.  Gaming, group chats, doodling, and hide chat options make it different from other instant messaging applications.

Viber apk

Viber App Update

Click on the Viber app download button to install the latest version of the Viber apk on your device. Make sure you enable the “unknown sources” from settings before Viber download.

App NameViber messenger
Size52.4 MB 
UpdatedMarch, 2022 
Latest Version17.2.0.9 
User Rating4.46 
Total active usersMore than 1 Billion 

Download Viber APK

How to start the Viber apk?

After you are done with the installation process mentioned above follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Viber app, and skip all the screens.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number.

Step 3: You will receive an OTP on the same server you have entered in step 2, enter and verify.

Step 4: your profile is set, add friends and enjoy chatting.

You can operate Viber on PC as well. Although you need an android emulator to run this on the PC.

Additional App Information

After downloading Viber, you just have to enter your mobile phone number and the application will automatically detect the OTP. Once the OTP is received, your Viber – safe chats will be activated. It will sync your contact list to Viber.

Viber also allows making phone calls to Non-Viber Users. it has a special feature of making Low-cost calls. Apart from this, Viber messenger allows international calls as well.

Usage and features

Some features of Viber download are

1. Hide Viber Chat

You can hide your personal messages by setting a 4- digit number or characters as passwords. You can also switch to a pattern password for hiding your personal chats.

For hiding chats, open the Chat screen > Press long on the hat you want to hide, a box will pop on your screen > select “hide chat”. Now set the password and it’s done.

2. Turn Off Notifications

You can turn off the notifications of Viber hidden chats, groups, or any personal unhidden chat. To turn off the notification go to setting > Viber> notification and disable the option.

3. Create Customized stickers 

You can customize the stickers from the sticker market. You have to open a chat window, select the add button in the sticker section and then click on create stickers. You can choose the shape and size according to your wish.

4. Share Location

You can share your live location with your friends and family. The apk shares the location using google maps. You have to open a chat window, click on three dots in the bottom right corner, and select ” Share Location”.

5. Secret chat Feature 

This is a feature for those who want secret privacy with some special contacts. You can turn a normal chat into a secret chat by downloading Viber. For this, you have to, open a chat window and select “open Secret Chat”.

6. Audio and Video Call 

You can make a video or audio call to any Viber contact just by an internet connection or wifi, it uses less amount of data and gives quality on calls.

7. Doodle any photo 

You can create doodles on photos of Viber media. The option is available in the chat room.

8. Set Message Timer 

You can send the timer of a particular chat window. Select the time after how long your messages will disappear.

9. Viber Games

Along with chatting, you can enjoy amazing games. You will find all the games which you generally download on your tabs and other devices.

10. Build a community 

You can create a community and add people as per your choice. You can chat, play games, share files or go for group calling in the community.

Viber v/s Hike Messanger

What made Hike messenger unique?

  • Hike messenger was widely used by people to communicate with their special someone because of its monopolistic feature of hiding the chat. The blue icon on the top left corner would blink every time you receive a message on hidden chat.
  • Hike message became a popular platform for a virtual date. You could easily share a screen and watch a movie with your friend, partner, or anyone on your hike contact. The app allowed the user to play any video either from the youtube app or the file manager.
  • Hike had more than 20 thousand stickers in more than 40 languages which made it a – popular entertaining application.
  • Another reason for the popularity of hike messenger was, the news updates in languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.
  • Hike messenger allowed transferring the of money to friends and contacts by a feature called Blue packet.

Failure of Hike Messanger : 

Hike failed in the market when it stopped working as a chatting app. despite having so much monopoly, it shifted its focus towards gaming and launched itself as “hike Rush ” on 14 January 2021.

Why Viber?

Hike messenger was a tough competition for Viber, after its intention shift, Viber replaced hike messenger.

Things that make Viber unique:

  • It gave a good platform for couples. It allows to hide chat and disable the notifications when not needed.
  • It has a special feature of chatting along with video calling. It feels like in-person communication when you are far away.
  • The notes feature is a great saviour to those who cannot remember things. you can just note down the things and keep them to yourself without installing a specific application for this purpose.
  • You can join channels of popular celebrities, cricket channels, or news channels for all the live updates.


Viber is outshining because of its amazing features like international calling, low-cost data, safe chats, hidden chats, and much more. You can switch to a dark theme during the night and select your choice of background.

Viber apk is safe to use and is ruling over the chatting market. You just need good internet service and you can use its amazing features to enhance the way of your chatting pattern.

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