We all know that our smartphone works with the battery. Without a battery, it is just like a metallic box. No matter how smarter your phone is, but battery power is what must be needed to run it. Today in this post we aware you about the best battery saver apps for android, that will work as battery saver or battery doctor for your smartphone.Mobile phones are not only the medium of communication but undergo a drastic change that converts it into a smartphone with lots of android apps for almost every activity of life.

The battery is, therefore, become very important to save for keeping phones alive for a long time mostly while traveling or at a place where you do not have the option of charging. We have listed some of the battery saver apps below that will assist you to boost up the battery life of your phone.

The average smartphone sustains for 7 to 8 hours but this span can be stretched up to 10 hours with the use of android battery saver apps. These battery saver apps have designed keeping in view the wide use of smartphones these days. Battery saver downloads improve your smartphone usage experience by optimizing your device battery life.

There are many reasons for battery drainage like android apps running in the background but with the help of android battery saver apps, you can increase your battery percentage. These apps can alternatively have called battery doctor for android as it improves battery performance by treating the battery temperature. If you are among them, who are suffering from the heavy battery consumption in their phone, then you must read this post to know about the best battery apps for android.

Best Battery Saver Apps In 2018

Improve your battery performance with the below battery optimizer for android or battery saver download. There are many battery savers available in the android market but we are listing only the selected battery saver apps that will stop draining your battery. Read ahead to know the details.

DU Battery Saver

Du battery saver is the old battery saver app for android. DU battery saver app is the android app that claims to extend your device battery life up to 80%. It’s simple working and one tap functioning makes it popular among smartphone community. This app keeps power consuming apps sleeping that boosts up your battery power. It alerts the users about the high battery consumption. DU battery saver app acts like battery doctor by identifying the battery temperature and fixing it for improving battery performance. Along with battery boost up feature, it also scans Wi-Fi networks to protect your phone from network attacks. Overall it is the good lightweight app to manage your battery issues.

Avast Battery Saver

It irritates when we are working important on our phone and it gets off. Avast battery saver is the one tap use application that speeds up your device and extends your battery life. This app informs you about the battery percentage left and the number of apps consuming your battery so that you can set priorities for calling, texting, sending emails and other apps usage. Limiting the consumption of app ensures the longer battery life and Avast battery saver app notifies you time to time about the battery draining apps.

You can set the preferred profile from the different options according to your need. It offers five profile setting option i.e. smart, home, work, night and emergency. Emergency profile extracts the most of the battery life.

Battery Saver

Battery saver app is the widely used app in the year 2017. There are different modes that save battery in different ways like saving mode adjust functions like phone brightness, reduce the standby time etc. Sleep mode keeps the device in the flight mode where calls and messages are turned off, low sounds and also off the vibration mode. On the other hand, customization mode allows you to customize the battery usage according to you. This android battery saver changes the device settings to power saving mode in just one tap. It reminds you the low battery status to limit the device use and stop the excess functions like Wi-Fi, GPS, social media etc.

Batterie - Battery Saver
Batterie - Battery Saver
Developer: IVYMOBILE
Price: Free

Battery Doctor

Like doctors save human life, battery doctor saves phone life. Battery doctor is the fast charging and battery saver app. It takes care of your device battery health and starts saving power consumption as and when it drains. There are many apps continue to run in the background even if we do not use them, battery doctor removes all such apps from the background. You can also judge the estimated time that how long your battery would last. This is the light app that can easily fit into your device without consuming much of the space and battery power. Battery doctor is the simple way to keep your battery alive for the longest time along with controlling battery temperature and killing the apps during screen offs.

Clean Master

Clean master is a very similar app for battery saver app. Along with space cleaning and battery-boosting clean master keeps your phone clean from virus and junk files. This app is used professionally to scan viruses and free up space acquired by unnecessary cache data. There is also the feature of Wi-Fi security that detects fake network connectivity and secures from public Wi-Fi. This app not only shows the current status of battery percentage but also prevents overcharging of the device since overcharging proves harmful to the health of your android device. Android users can try this app known as battery builder, space cleaner, and antivirus app. This is easily available to download from Google play store.

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

As its name suggest that this app not only optimize the battery consumption but also cleans the unnecessary stored data to speed up your device. This app display features like speed booster, data monitor and battery saver. It enables your device to sustain for the full day that will not let you down in a situation when you need your device the most. Junk cleaning, cache cleaner, deleting duplicate media and removing unnecessary files are some of the prominent functions of this app apart from its basic battery optimizing task. It lets you extend your battery power for hours to relax you in the crucial situation where you need your device most.

Mobile Booster & Cleaner
Mobile Booster & Cleaner
Developer: McAfee LLC
Price: Free

2 Battery

In line with listing the best battery saver apps for android, 2 battery application is worth mentioning. 2 battery app is the very flexible app for the android users which is easy to use as well. This app will never fail to warn you about the full charge of the battery or low battery power. A very smart feature that must be highlight about 2 battery app that it will auto turn off the screen when you put your phone upside down on the floor or table or keep it in your pocket.

Display battery usage, showing battery status, estimated time for remaining battery power, battery temperature, battery voltage and home screen widgets are its other amazing features that make it a good choice for choosing among the various battery saver apps.

2 Battery - Battery Saver
2 Battery - Battery Saver
Developer: Sam Lu
Price: Free+

The battery is the lifeline of mobile phones without which it is useless no matter how smart, featured or costly your phone is. There is the immense need for battery saver app or battery optimizer for android in the present situation where the smartphones are filled with lots of apps continue to run in the background.


The above-listed android battery saver apps make it easy to stretch your device battery life to walk little far with it. These battery doctors are fast charging and battery saver apps that not only saves your battery but boost it up along with many other cool features. Battery saver download alerts you when your battery is about to die and stop apps running in the background which you might even not using them.


Understanding the fact that we people are very much dependent on our phone from checking time to watching movies and playing games, we feel the need to compile this post that will not only let you know about the best battery saver app for android but also open you with options to choose the best battery saver app suitable for your device. We have tried to be precise while writing about battery doctor for android or android battery saver so that to educate you only the relevant details and avoid the unnecessary stuff. You are suggested to update battery saver apk to make use of the latest updated features of these battery saver apps. Please note that all the listed battery saver apps here are available to download for free from the Google play store.

So if you have visited enough sites but still searching for the best battery app for Android, then this page is the end for you. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. We would appreciate you taking time to share your feedback.

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