Technology is growing rapidly and the Android operating system is the best to justify this. With the extension of technology, the threats to data security increase as well. This is the reason that Android device manufacturers provide the phone lock and privacy settings. Using these settings, you can only lock your phone but not your apps. We have today listed best app lockers for Android for you to let you know about some of the app lockers that will lock your apps individually. How to lock apps on Android is no more a question to worry about, because in the below list there are some of the best app lockers for android for you. These are the app lock new version and displays the best of its features for your use.

Data privacy is of utmost importance nowadays, whether it is about your personal WhatsApp messages, intimate pictures, confidential emails or your bank details. For intruders, even a second is enough to catch your data that will entangle you in some serious trouble. An app to lock other apps is desperately needed for all the smartphone users to lock their apps individually along with the phone lock. Imagine a situation where you have left your phone to unlock for just a minute, your phone is open and anyone enters into your apps and files.

Best app lockers for android

To get our smartphone users and app lovers out of it, this post will bring Best app lockers for android devices and phones. These app lock app free download are the very advanced apps lock that will secure all the apps, gallery, emails, contact etc. It will convert your phone into your locker where you can keep sensitive and private data without taking tension of compromising it.

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The 7 Best App Lockers for Android in 2018

Do not wait to read about these best app lockers for android to know how to lock apps on android.

App Lock

App Lock

The top of the list is AppLock for android. There are many ways to lock your app using AppLock like protection with a password, pin, pattern lock even fingerprint lock if your phone has a sensor in it. AppLock is so popular among the users that it become the most downloaded app in its category.


  • Ensure security and privacy.
  • Invisible pattern lock that keeps you secure from the peepers around you.
  • It can lock any app including WhatsApp, Facebook, gallery, contacts, messages and lot more.
  • It will hide pictures and videos.
  • Prevent unauthorized access.
  • It takes a selfie of the intruder that will help you to know from whom you need to be beware.
  • Retrieving password or pattern lock option in case you have forgotten it.
  • Different themes to choose from.
  • Includes power saving mode to prevent drainage of battery.
  • Easy and fast to use.
  • Perfect app for locking your applications.

AppLock is available on the Google play store to download so you do not need to explore any third party website. Open your play store, search AppLock and secure your apps.

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Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

Make your Android device secure with Norton app lock that locks all your apps from invaders and external threats. Many of times you cannot refuse to lend your phone to your best friend or relative but at the same time, you also concern about your privacy, with Norton app lock you are now able to maintain privacy and secrecy of your information and data in your phone. Look at its features below.


  • Protects your social media accounts.
  • Keep your browse history private and confidential.
  • Keeps you secure, in case of loss or theft of your device.
  • You may choose which app you want to lock and which are not.
  • It won’t let your device to dial automatically while driving or other activities, as now your app will be locked.
  • Parental controls are also there.
  • Safe to use in any Android device version of 4.1 or later.
  • Lock more than one app with the same password.

Norton lock app will not eat up your battery, unlike other apps. This app will reduce your load of keeping an eye on your phone. Your all apps will be locked with Norton app lock and secure your data stored in those apps.

Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

Hexlock App

Hexlock app will relax your mind when you share your Android phone with anyone because now your apps are locked and secured. This app lock gives you the opportunity to customize your device protection as well as your app protection. Check out what it has for you.

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  • Safe and secure private messaging using WhatsApp, facebook messenger and etc.
  • Hide your private files and folders.
  • Lock your games if you want to play it one-handedly.
  • Tracks suspicious activity by viewing pictures of those who try to enter into your apps without your permission.
  • Lock your gallery to maintain picture privacy.
  • Auto lock your apps.
  • Generate security logs that will help you to identify your suspect.
  • The pattern will not be visible so that no one can easily judge it.

This app is available to download from the Google play store and is absolutely free app. Hexalock app is a very lightweight app that will not occupy much of your device space. In short, it is the good app to secure your apps and data. If you are bothered by ads, you can remove ads by in-app purchases option.

Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault
Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault

Keepsafe App Lock

This is the very simple to use the app on our list of best app locker for android. It’s simple and unique features make it attractive to the android app users. This keepsake app lock not only locks your apps but schedule it as well. Let’s dig into its features.


  • Protects all the apps from contacts to social messaging.
  • Simple to use.
  • You can select the app to lock or unlock.
  • Set the time of re-lock the app.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Easy user interface.
  • In-app purchase option to remove ads.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to your private apps.
  • Lock your gallery that secures your photos and videos of disclosing to everyone.
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Keep safe app lock is the best option to lock your apps if you just want an app that simply locks your app to prevent access by everyone. You can keep safe both of your official and unofficial data with it. It works just like its name.

CM App Lock

It is actually not fair to call CM app lock just an app lock application for Android because it will not just lock your apps but apart from this feature it performs many other functions for your android device. Below are the details features and functions of CM app lock by which you can judge the utility of this app for Android devices.


  • Lock your apps.
  • Take a snap of the person who tries to unlock your app.
  • It has a number of different styles and themes.
  • You can customize the app.
  • Snap of the intruder will be dispatched to your email register within the app immediately. This will work like a security alarm for you.
  • Facility to link CM lock app with your Facebook account that makes you manage privacy from the remote area as well.
  • There is the option of wallpaper changer that will daily change your wallpaper to have something new for you every day.
  • Notification reminder.
  • Anti-theft protection
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The efficiency, customization and security vision of CM app locker makes it popular among the Android smartphone and tab users. Please note that you need to allow certain permission to this app in order to take benefit of its all functions. However, it is totally safe and secure app.



Another name in the list is MaxLock. This app is similar to other app lockers but there are certain features that distinguish it from other like apps. This app works well with device administrator permissions. Following some of the features that should be looked upon to check its usability.


  • Free from ads.
  • Available free of cost.
  • Per app locking feature
  • Multiple locking types like fingerprint, pin, and
  • It protects to uninstall the app through device admin permission.
  • UI customization option
  • Hide or unhide notifications.
  • A limited number of attempts to unlock the app.
  • Good designing of the app.
  • App shortcuts.
  • Timely availability of updates.

Apart from the above regular feature, Maxlock offers various premium features as well that makes your app lock experience even better.

MaxLock - Xposed app locker
MaxLock - Xposed app locker
Developer: Maxr1998
Price: Free+

Smart App Lock

Smart App Lock

This app is available in the Google play store and is the good option to lock your apps using this. This is although the last name in our list of exploring best app lockers for android but not the least one. This app also performs that same basic function of locking your apps from external threats and intruders. Have a look at its features.

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  • Its elegant and professional look make it attractive for use.
  • Lock apps, incoming calls, settings, games, and shopping apps.
  • Multiple options for locking your phone.
  • Less use of memory.
  • Autostarts after the device reboot.
  • Ability to launch the app without the need for a password within the app.
  • The app will unlock for a fixed time after which it will be an auto lock.
  • Forgot password option if you have tried for more than 3 times.
  • Ease to use the app.

The common drawback of such apps is that if the app locker itself uninstalled then the apps will no more lock. Keeping this in view Smart app lock requires device admin permission to uninstall this app. This is possible through changing the settings of this app. So your privacy is safest now.

Please note that these best app lockers for android will lock only your apps and not your full android device. Using the above app lock new versions, you may customize your device and choose the stuff which you like to show to others and the particulars which you like hide from others. We have shared this informative post to let you know about Best app lockers for android free download to make best of it.

Technology is just like the sword with two sharp edges. On the one hand where it is possible to save every detail on our android smartphone devices while on the other side it is equally needed to keep it secure. Apps are becoming the prominent part of our lives where we are getting dependent on apps for a maximum of our work. In such scenario, it is high time to check the security accessibility of your apps. The above listed best app lockers for Android are the useful apps for you to secure your app access and choose whom you want to share it with.

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These app lockers are different with other in terms of the features and functionalities it offers so you may pick up any of the above as per your preference and need. App lock free download facilitates premium features also. App to lock other apps demonstrates some advance apps lock that keeps you away from nosy friends and people around who are always interested in whom you are texting or what you email. If you are fade up that your kids always change your app settings while playing with your phone, try out any of the above apps that tell you how to lock apps on android.

We hope that you find the above write up useful if you are looking for the best app lockers for android. For any question, confusion or further details for the above app lockers, contact us in the comment box. We will be happy to assist you. Do take time to share this post to let others also know about these amazing app lockers for android.