As you read the subject line, today we write upon best budget apps for our Android readers. Before knowing the budgeting apps or money management apps, it is good to know why we should make budgets? The words of Benjamin Franklin, “Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink the ship” are alarming for us. Money is easy to earn but to manage it is a big deal and its management takes a lot of things into the picture. We all have many monetary promises to meant for whether it is university fees of our children, bank EMIs, either it is rent of the house or planning for buying the one; there needs a good planning for accomplishing all your financial targets.

To save more money, there are two ways either earn more or spend less but the balance of the two is ultimate. Understanding the importance of financial planning, we are introducing you to some of the cool budgeting apps that will simplify your budgeting activity.Budgets help us to decide our financial priorities and eliminate the unnecessary expenses. In the absence of financial planning, there would be no check over irrelevant expenses that in turn even result in bankruptcy or insolvency; a business situation where assets fall short of liabilities.

Budget Apps For Android

There were days when a separate Almira was needed to kept the bill, invoices and files containing financial papers but today everything is digitalized and so as the important factor of life, money is also not untouched with the android breeze.There are a lot of free budgeting software for businesses that will help them to manage their business funds and channelize them in the best possible way.

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Android has developed spending tracker that can be used by anyone from housewife to college boys.If we divide the expenses into four different categories as obligations, needs, wants, and luxuries. Obligations have to be paid within the deadlines while needs are equally important to survive. Wants and luxuries are something that can be ignored or postponed. It is very important to properly include these four categories into budgeting apps.

Best Android Budget Apps For Money Management

Google play store is filled with many budgeting apps out of which we have picked the best budget apps that will sort out all the money matters for our readers.So if you wonder your empty pockets at the end of the month, try out the undermentioned budgeting apps and money management apps for free. We are sure the results will be an eye opener for you.


Although there is no order or ranking of the apps on our list of best budget apps, we start with Mint App.Mint can be the wise money manager that reminds you of your financial obligations, when to pay them and from where you can save the money. This is best spending tracker in the sense that it will calculate your credits score as well. It pulls together all the sources of your financial information say your bank accounts, bills, investment details and credit card details.

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Check out what else it has for you:

  • Get all your financial details in one frame.
  • Know your payment liabilities and the answer for how much to pay, by when to pay, and what left.
  • Get savings tips according to your finance level.
  • Save time by accessing all the details at one place.
  • Create feasible budgets that you can achieve within the set timeline.
  • The desktop version is also available on
Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance
Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance
Developer: Intuit Inc
Price: Free


You may think that what is the need for budget apps or budge tracker, where we can make the list of our expenses and incomes in the phone notes section. But that’s not so cool because these budgeting apps will give you much more than preparing a list of expenses and incomes. So here is one of the best consider free budgeting software or application is Monefy.Monefy has been designed with the far vision of managing money hence you just need to enter the amount of the expense against the correct head and the rest of the job will be done by it.

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Here are its features for you:

  • Convenient user interface.
  • Since it carries sensitive financial information of the user, it is safe with multi-factor authentication.
  • Quickly add or delete the expense head to sort out it properly avoiding the unnecessary expenses heads.
  • You may add your own expense categories if you do not find the one already.
  • Manage your money in your preferred currency.
  • Default calculator will better assist you.
  • It supports multiple languages.
Monefy - Money Manager
Monefy - Money Manager
Developer: MonefyApp
Price: Free+

Money Manager

Not less important than others in this list is money management application. It’s good rating and a high number of downloads shows its utility for thousands of Android users around the globe. The name of the app itself is pretty indicative of its functions for android financial planners. It not only manages your finance but records all your transactions and prepares a summary report at the end. It follows the principle of the double entry bookkeeping accounting system.

Look at its features once:

  • Review financial data at various frequency; daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
  • Set a passcode to keep secure all your data.
  • Take back up of your app data in excel files and save them at the alternate secure location.
  • Check your expenses listed into various categories so that to set priorities for expenses along with study your expense trend comparatively.
  • It can also prepare accounts for you.
  • It has many other small tools like a change of starting date, calculator, sub-category, and bookmark function that better coordinate with your financial functions.
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Money Manager Expense & Budget
Money Manager Expense & Budget


GoodBudget or we can say budgeting is always good. GoodBudget is the good budgeting app that will assist you well with your personal expenses. This will never let you put in the situation when you run out of money at times of need. It is the dynamic android spending tracker that keeps a record of every buck you earn and spend. It even facilitates you to reconcile your cash and bank transactions so that to identify the missing transactions if any.

It offers following features for you:

  • Prepare cash and bank accounts and you may check the balance whenever needed.
  • Split transactions.
  • Add and edit accounts.
  • Set your own budget period.
  • Editing of the budget.
  • Roll over the balance into the next month.
  • Synchronize with other devices up to five.
  • Supports email.
  • Hold transaction history 5 years long. This would help in the comparative study of the budget.


AndroMoney is the good rating budgeting app available for free to download under the finance category of Google play store. It works not only as your spending tracker but keeps accounts as well. Developers have kept its name AndroMoney as it is one of the best android money management app.It helps best to manage your wealth using its varied functionalities. In terms of accounting as well it offers to manage multiple accounts, checking account balance and balance transfers.

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AndroMoney has the below features for you:

  • Manage all your data and store it in your cloud storage say Dropbox or Google drive.
  • It is possible to synchronize it with other devices.
  • Password protected.
  • Take back up of data to excel files.
  • Analyze your budget with pie charts and graphs for the relative study of expenses and incomes.
  • Get the summary report of your financial transactions.
AndroMoney ( Expense Track )
AndroMoney ( Expense Track )
Developer: AndroMoney
Price: Free


Your next budget assistant is Wallet app. This is the free Android app that offers to manage your money and track your finances. Planning well with wallet app, you will attain your money goals.Among many android budgeting apps, the wallet is the one that has simplified the user interface and makes navigation within the app quickly.Wallet helps you to manage your money to lead toward a rich life.There are graphs and charts to analyze your money trends in depth.

Salient features of Wallet app are:

  • Generate a report for all your financial details.
  • Flexible financial plans.
  • Synchronize Wallet with your bank account to get more precise details.
  • It is 100% secure budget app.
  • You may take cloud backup of all your wallet data.
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Set limits for your expenses. Expending over the set limit will highlight it with red color which is a sign of alert.
  • Screen widget is available for this app to easily resume over.
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Fast Budget

Earning money is not only enough, it should also be invested wisely to get increase it over a period of time. To know; how much we can invest and how much is needed to meet up the daily expenses, fast budget will help you. With fast budget, one can not only keep a control over expenses but improve savings. You can synchronize fast budget up to five devices. Fast budget features with the overview window that presents all the relevant budgeting details at a single glimpse.

Highlights of Fast budget includes:

  • Normal and hidden accounts.
  • Separate section for managing credit cards.
  • Create transaction templates.
  • Schedule your expenses in order to fix the preferences for payments.
  • Check daily, weekly, monthly and yearly profits and cost incur.
  • See the cash flow summary.
  • You may color your pages to highlight any particular one for easy recognition.
  • A set reminder that will remind of entering daily transaction so that to compile accurate financial data.

So if you are planning to get rid of a heavy debt or upcoming marriage in a family or simply wanted to start a new business, take help of these money management software and they will improve your expense habits.Today the measurement of success is very much depending on how rich you are? So try this best budgeting software and improve your financial health.

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We work day and night to earn money for satisfying self and family needs and wants, but saving money is a good habit. To encourage this habit of our readers, we plan to write about best budget apps that will help them to control their expenses and increase savings. It has been assumed by many of us that money management and budgeting requires lots of expertise in financial planning and so they think it a professional’s job. But the above mentioned seven best budgeting apps allows you to resolve your money matters on your own. Now as you are aware of such fantastic budgeting apps, there is no need to spend hours in preparing budgets or expense planning. These fabulous money management apps and spending tracker will automate your task of budgeting.

Practical insight is that today, the axis of everything is money and it is really essential to managing money affairs. With the listed money management apps, this becomes quite simple and automated for you.Let us know if you face any issue while navigating in any of the above budget apps, we will get back to you. Go ahead to share your feedback.


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