India’s PM has shown the life-changing and far-sighted vision of digital India and took the historic step of demonetization.Mobile wallets and e-wallet apps are a great tool in making this vision a reality. It is true that we Indians worked more on papers that give the lead to corruption and scams. But the situation is now transforming with the increasing use of paperless government departments and e-wallets. This article will revolve around the mobile wallets in India as we are listing the top 10 E-wallet apps in India. E-wallet is the term basically used for mobile wallet app that allows you to digitally transfer your amount using a mobile phone. These digital wallet apps are the applications designed to run on all the platforms.

While young India is carrying a digital wallet in their smartphones, those fifty crossed population is still thinking over the use of mobile wallets.There could be many reasons for this resistance towards the mobile wallet like doubtfulness regarding the effectiveness of transactions, security aspect, the threat of loss or simply they do not want to accept the change or try to adopt the mobile technology. Whatever is the reason for its opposition, but these wallets have laid the foundation of digital India and their trend is growing fast.

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Best E-Wallet Apps For Android

We understand that when it comes to digital transfer of money there is always a risk involved but indeed risk is everywhere as physical wallets can also be lost. Citing the importance of e-wallet apps, even the small tea stalls and canteens are accepting Paytm money.So now instead of standing in the long queue to pay for electricity bills or your loan EMIs, try out the below mobile wallet apps.

Best E-Wallet Apps For Android In India

Mobile wallets in India have been introduced years ago but its usage is tremendously increased since past few years.These mobile wallet apps not only make money transfer quick and easy but also reduces the headache of carrying wallets in your pockets.Discounts, cash-backs, and attractive offers are some advantages of using mobile wallets over physical ones.In this way, using e-wallet apps a profitable deal for shopping lovers.


Paytm is the well-known name in the e-wallet world.After the super success of its wallet app Paytm is transforming into a virtual bank, Paytm Payments bank allows you to open a savings account. It offers cash back and promotions along with performing a wide range of transactions for you. Paytm savings account is quite different from the one in your neighborhood as it removes the formalities of keeping minimum bank balance, zero charges on online transactions, free virtual debit card etc.

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It has an inbuilt QR code scanner that can scan all types of QR codes.Paytm also supports BHIM UPI for sending and receiving money instantly.Paytm makes your entertainment, traveling, shopping everything cheap with its attractive cash back offers. Paytm allows you to invest in digital gold which later may convert to physical gold of your choice.


In line with having fabulous digital wallets, mentioning PhonePe is a must. It is the super payment assistant for you and assist you in UPI payments, recharges, money transfers, online bill payments and many more. It is the safest and fastest digital wallet. The ceiling limit of the single transaction via PhonePe is one lakh. PhonePe communicate in many languages, so you may choose the language that you like.

This mobile wallet is actually powered by YES bank and works on the principle of UPI platform.Just like adding money, you may retransfer your sum to your bank account in few easy steps. It is accepted by the major shopping websites and accepts UPI of 40 around nationalized banks in India. With PhonePe you may split your bills and settle your dues.

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Oxigen is one of India’s leading payment solution providers that brings Oxigen wallet for sorting your digital payment issues. In today’s digital world, people think about mobile payments for their recharges, bills payments, gift cards, credit prepaid VISA or for simply sending or receiving money and Oxigen mobile wallet is the good option for this. You may recall all your activities say payments, orders or cash back points from the sleek dashboard of the app. You may transfer money between Oxigen and bank account.

This e-wallet is secured with encrypted code. Get easily helped by your friend or family in case you run out of money within Oxi wallet.Make your beloved’s day by gifting them Oxi gift card and let them buy something of their choice.It forms the good choice for digital wallets.


Mobikwik is the e-wallet app that offers all those features that one can expect from his android payment app.It is one of the fastest mobile payment apps.For shoppers and digital payers, it supports all the popular online merchants like Zomato, MMT, IRCTC, and FoodPanda. It maintains the minimum balance so no more to worry about falling short of money. It allows you to transact up to one lakh per month. Payers can connect their mobikwik wallet with their debit card, credit card and even net banking.

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With its amazing features and quick transfers, it stimulates people to join the cashless campaign in India.For the metro users, mobikwik open the option of recharging their Delhi and Mumbai metro card so that to get rid of the hassle of standing in the long queues and thereby save their precious time.

Recharge, Payments & Wallet
Recharge, Payments & Wallet
Developer: MobiKwik
Price: Free


With the FreeCharge digital wallet, sit at your home and pay all your financial commitments. No need to waste hours by standing on payment windows instead pick your phone, unlock your mobile wallet and pay prepaid postpaid DTH bills, power bills and many more such things.Free Charge is unique among other mobile wallets due to its best features. “Data lifeline” feature is introduced for prepaid users that help than in case of data shortage. With this, you may get the free 3G data of 100 MB in exchange of FreeCharge coupons.

Adding money to FreeCharge is very quick and easy. You may connect your FreeCharge account with social accounts like Facebook and Google+ and refer your friends to earn rewards. FreeCharge is the customer oriented wallet app that gives 24×7 customer support service.

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Recharge, Bill Payment, Wallet
Recharge, Bill Payment, Wallet

Jio Money Wallet

Jio Money e-wallet has been launched in India in the recent year which is an initiative by Reliance providing the cheapest 4G internet connection. This is not just a smart app but a smarter one that gives the secure digital payments anywhere to anyone. Jio is that viral name in the telecom industry that not only quickly grabs the attention of digital Indians but creates a digital platform for many non-digital mobs of the country.

Jio money is a digital payment app, that makes you pay phone bills, mobile recharges, book tickets, shopping etc. You can directly transfer any sum to any mobile number using Jio money wallet.As it is a Reliance product, you may earn loyalty points using Jio Money over other reliance outlets. This is one of the simple and secure digital payment apps.Jio has proved its tagline to be true – “India ka Naya cash“.


Last on our list but not the least mobile wallet in India is PayZapp. It is the digital wallet app developed by HDFC bank ltd. It empowers you to initiate any transaction with just one click.It has customer support service round the clock. Users facing issue may approach the PayZapp team either through a call on 18001029426 or email them to their support address.

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PayZapp is very particular about the security of financial information of the user and for that reason, it conducts 3 level security checks. Apart from the above functionalities, PayZapp is featured with all the abilities that should be possessed by mobile wallets.We really like to quote the words of developers here, “Don’t just pay. PayZapp it!”.

Recharge, Pay Bills & Shop
Recharge, Pay Bills & Shop

Mobile wallet apps work best in real time with a high-speed internet connection.All the mobile wallet apps described here is safe and secure and free to download from the Google play store or apple app store.For effecting transactions digitally using digital wallets, you need to download the mobile wallet app and add digital money to your e-wallet app.


Statistics about the usage of e-wallets or mobile wallets have shown that people are increasingly relying on these digital wallets for their regular payments like paying power bills, TV, and mobile recharge. In the era of smart mobile technology, everyone is holding a smartphone in their hands. Where these smartphones are decorated with various apps and games, wallet apps are also joining the app family. If we keenly observe the use of technology around us, everything is getting digitalized then why not our wallets? Indeed! the development of payment apps is the best use of digitalization and that day is not far when your milkman will ask you to pay via mobile wallet app.

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Despite the huge benefits of using e-wallet app, still, the hardcore cash is rolling in the economy. We have pointed out the positive side of mobile wallets in India but mobile wallets will fail to work without the fuel of internet. So it is very important to note the fact that digital wallet requires the active internet connection on both the receiving and paying device otherwise the situation would be complicated.

Pick any of the above e-wallet suitable for you and initiate your digital payments from today. Share your feedback on effecting digital transactions. You may also let us know about any queries or issues while using mobile payment apps. We will get back to you with the best remedy available.

So what would you like to pay first from your newly installed e-wallet app?


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