9 Best YouTube Dowloaders For Android To Download Your Favorite Music & Videos!

As we know that there are certain contents in the YouTube which attracts us a lot such as videos, music etc.But usually, we do have a difficulty that we cannot download them and keep so that we can see them whenever we want to. YouTube site does not allow downloading i.e., we cannot download the contents from the YouTube. We often want some of the contents such as videos to be downloaded with us but unfortunately, we cannot. But now there are certain best YouTube downloaders available which give you access to the desired YouTube videos or download any YouTube video.

They allow us to download the YouTube videos by their application. Some have their formats and some directly grant access to the videos or contents of the YouTube. After installing these YouTube downloaders you can see your desired videos even in HD quality. Many of these applications do not have ads so it’s quite good to use. So give a try to these YouTube downloaders to enjoy mesmerizing videos.

Best YouTube Downloaders For Android

Sometimes a question comes to our mind whether downloading videos from YouTube legal or illegal? According to YouTube’s policy, downloading from its site is illegal. If you do not have permission or you own a copyright from the copyright holder, you cannot do such things.

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Best YouTube Downloaders For Android

But still there are ways, there are some YouTube downloaders available which grants you access to the music and videos to be downloaded from YouTube. They possess certain key features inbuilt by which they enable downloading. Many of you must have a question in their mind as how to download YouTube videos on android using these YouTube Downloaders.The answer to this is every downloader is a little different from another but they are easy to use and have instructions on how to use these YouTube downloaders.


TubeMate is an app for downloading YouTube videos directly on your phone and you can enjoy the videos whenever you want because it will get saved on your SD card. The app is easy to use.


  • Downloaded videos by default are sent to SD card
  • Allows to possess your desired videos on your SD Card
  • It has different resolution options



It is the best YouTube downloading app for Android. You can download any music video in form of mp3 file.


  • Saves space in phone
  • Manage all video downloads at single place
  • No ads
  • You can pause or resume your downloaded video
  • No encoding process
  • Quick search bar
  • Pleasant and easy interface
  • Mp4 videos available in several resolutions so you can choose the HD 1080 pixels or small size 360 pixels.



It is the best application to download the videos from YouTube. From this app, you can enjoy different videos. It is easy to use and highly recommended app. Helps you to download videos in HD format. Once the videos have been downloaded, they automatically sets in the virtual library.

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  • You can download from default YouTube
  • Auto selection of the resource links for the videos
  • Before download, auto detection of the videos.
  • Can also choose the quality in which you want to download or see the videos.



It is currently the most famous app available to download the videos from YouTube, Instagram, and Metacafe etc.It actually offers different formats from several sources.


  • It possesses inbuilt download accelerator
  • Download from the YouTube
  • Inbuilt browser to browse
  • Multiple batch downloading
  • Download from thirty sites



YouTube Downloader is an interesting application for downloading the YouTube videos and also can see them when offline. If you regularly download videos then the desktop software is one of the very good options.


  • Can download videos easily
  • You can download video by name or album etc.
  • Can also search video by movie
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant interface


Advanced Download Manager

Advanced download manager provides high downloading speed with good quality speed.It can download the audio as well as videos.


  • Download up to three files simultaneously
  • Loader for images
  • Loader for programs
  • Smart algorithm for increasing the speed of downloading
  • Download parallel files in sequence
  • Save different files in different folders
  • Support quick download.
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Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager
Developer: DimonVideo
Price: Free

4k video Downloader

It is the most versatile video downloader. It is very fast and also very flexible.


  • Possess good choice of formats
  • Supports 360-degree videos
  • Supports3D
  • Formats including mp3 and mp4
  • It also downloads the playlist
  • Advertisement free
  • Does not include Extra software
  • Highly customizable
4k Video Downloader
4k Video Downloader
Developer: Rgamewallpaper
Price: Free

All Tube Video Downloader

This downloader helps you to quickly download videos. This downloader is much faster than other androids.


  • High-quality HD videos
  • Manipulation abilities of this app is amazing
  • Interface is such designed that it is very easy to use
  • Fully featured download manager
  • Fully featured for easy video access.
All Tube Video Downloader
All Tube Video Downloader
Developer: QLabz
Price: Free


This downloader is mainly focussed on downloading videos or contents from YouTube. It also supports portals and other social networks. With this, you can enjoy your favorite videos and songs without the use of internet connection.


  • This downloader comes with awesome material design
  • Good user interface
  • Allows you downloading of music in android
  • Supports other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • number of video services
  • also offers streaming music


Some of these apps allow subscribing the YouTube channel and viewing in apps itself. Some monitor your video channels and also allow you to log in into your account and some facilitate the auto-detection of files before being downloading, in some no encoding process takes place.

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Android YouTube downloader has facilitated YouTube video lovers to easily download the YouTube content such as videos, music etc.They have some specific features which enable downloading of YouTube files. YouTube as such possesses the feature of viewing its contents directly online. But it’s a human tendency when anything interesting is noticed by people then they often think of having it. This tendency and greed of humans has lead to discovery or invention of many great things.

There are now best YouTube downloaders available which grant access to download. These apps are quite easy to use and have a simple and pleasant interface, allows you downloading of music on Android, some of these come with downloaders with the awesome material design.

These YouTube downloaders, on the other hand, have a contribution in getting the important and interesting things with us available. This enabled users to view the contents later even in offline mode. Different downloaders have different modes of downloading. Once you download YouTube videos android you can download any YouTube video and have all the fun of the YouTube videos.

9 Best YouTube Dowloaders For Android To Download Your Favorite Music & Videos!
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