5 Best And Simple Ways To Bypass Android Lock Screen Pin, Pattern & Password!

We often caught in a situation where we forget pattern lock of our Android phone and don’t know exactly how to unlock an Android phone. In that case, we’ve brought this tutorial for our Around Android readers to give them the master key to bypass Android lock screen without losing data.

Since we hold important and confidential information within our Android phone, it’s essential to keep it locked. It could be imagined that how awful it would be when we forget password or pattern.

How To Bypass Android Lock Screen?

It’s like losing the key of valuable treasure. To get you out of this situation, we’re presenting the perfect five methods to bypass Android lock screen. The question might seem a boring and technical topic, which it is but definitely needed and useful in the present Android era.

How To Bypass Android Lock Screen?

So spare few minutes to educate yourself with this fabulous information that’ll aware you about how to unlock an Android phone.

Method 1 – Bypass Pattern Lock Using “Forgot Pattern” Option

This is the very commonly known idea of unlocking Android lock screen. All the Android devices are consisting of an option of “Forgot password” if you failed few consecutive attempts to unlock your device.

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Let’s see how to unlock an Android phone with the help of “Forgot password” feature of Android phones.

  • After guessing wrong for five times hit the forgot pattern/password on the bottom of the screen.

  • It’ll take you to another screen giving you two options either to enter the security question or enter Google account details. Choosing Google account details is an easy and quick way to bypass Android pattern lock.
  • Tick your option and tap Next.

  • To unlock, sign in to your Google account. (Enter the email and its respective password).

  • You’ll be leveraged to draw a new pattern then.

This is the quickest way to bypass pattern lock or bypass Android password. However, this requires active internet connection on your Android device.

Method 2 – Go To “Find My Device” Website By Google

You may also use your Google account credentials to bypass Android lock screen PIN. Below are the simple steps that’ll help you to bypass Android lock screen without root using Google’s find my device feature. You need to start with visiting the web page of Android device manager. Readers are suggested to make use of PC instead of mobile browsing for a broader interface.

Please remember that your Android device should already be logged in to the Gmail account.

  • Open your browser go to google homepage type “Find my device”.
  • Tap on the first option with the address (https://www.google.com/android/find)
  • Input the password of your Gmail account already signed in to your Android phone. As you enter the correct password, you will be able to see your device Name and details.
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  • At the left side of your window, click on the Lock option.

  • As directed, type the new password and then confirm it, retyping the same. (Recovery message and phone number is an optional field that you may leave blank).
  • Doing this, click on green colored Lock button.

You are done! You’ve now reset a new password for your device which you can use to unlock Android lock screen. It is to be noted that this process might demand several attempts. If you’re using Android version later than 4.0, the process goes smoother than butter.

Method 3 – Samsung’s “Find my Mobile” Service For Unlock Android Lock Screen

Probably today Samsung devices are in 7 hands out of every 10 Android devices. This method is specifically for Samsung users to let them know the bypass pattern lock or PIN. Here you go.

  • Sign in your Samsung Account.
  • As you successfully signed into your device, you’ll see a screen full of various options like Locate my device, Ring my device and like.
  • Click on Lock my Screen option.
  • Set the new PIN.
  • Fill the rest of the field.
  • Hit the Lock button.

That’s it! You would then able to unlock Android device with the new PIN you’ve set. It amazingly works with Samsung S series phones and tablets.

Method 4 – Try Android Lock Screen Removal Software

Android lock screen removal is the third party software that needs to be installed on your windows or Mac PC or laptop. It is one of the most effective ways to bypass Android lock screen without resetting your phone. Positively, it is the safe and secure way to unlock Android lock screen.

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Have a look how you can use it.

  • Install Android lock screen removal on your PC.
  • Launch it.
  • Connect your Android phone to PC. (Make use of USB cable)
  • You’ll see many options on your screen.
  • Click on Unlock option.
  • A Start button will be shown to you with the message “Remove the screen lock from your device”.
  • Choose your Phone Brand to say Samsung, device name and device model.
  • Click on Confirm button on the displayed by pop up.
  • Move to download mode. The below sub-steps will let you know how to transform your phone into download mode.
  1. Switch OFF the phone.
  2. Press Power button, Home button & Volume Down button altogether at the same time.
  3. Now finally press Volume Up button to enter into Download Mode
  • It’ll autostart downloading recovery package, once you enter into download mode. Keep patience to complete the download.

With the complete download of the recovery package, your phone lock would be bypassed successfully. In this way, you can bypass Android lock screen without root. After doing all this, you would be able to access your Android phone without having need to enter any PIN, password or pattern.

Method 5 – Reset Your Phone To Bypass Android Password

In the least cases, it happens that none of the above works to bypass Android lock screen. If this would be the case with you, the last resort is factory reset your phone. This will mop all the data on your phone. While factory resetting your device, you should take care of the correct key sequence to execute the hard reset. Read out the steps to reset your device.

  • Switch OFF your phone.
  • Press & hold home, volume up, and power button together.
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  • Enter into recovery mode.
  • Android bootloader will flash on your screen.
  • Select Recovery mode by pressing the power button.

  • Among the list of various options, select Wipe data/factory reset option. (Make use of volume button to select the option)

And your device will be reset and bypass Android lock screen. We’ve referred Samsung galaxy device in this tutorial. This may slightly differ according to the device. Though resetting your device render fresh, you may apply Android data recovery software to get back your data.


In the present technological world, nothing is impossible. As you’ve read that there are possible ways even to bypass Android password. All these methods are simple and easy to execute and interestingly will not add any cost. Don’t fear about crashing of your device or loss of data as with the above five methods, you may easily bypass Android lock screen without losing data on your phone.

We’ve scanned the five best ways to bypass Android lock screen without root so that you may unlock Android lock screen anytime without much hassle. Every lock has a key, even your phone could be unlocked with duplicate keys in the form of above bypass lock screen methods. Let us know if you’ve more questions or queries on the topic.

5 Best And Simple Ways To Bypass Android Lock Screen Pin, Pattern & Password!
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