How To Calibrate Battery Of Android Device That Will help To Charge Your Phone Faster!

Technology is a separate world in itself; the world which somehow or the other has changed our world as well. Hence it is not that we use technology today we live technology, one really popular and successful technological intervention has been the android phones. Gone is the time when we had to read newspapers to get the news, watch television to get entertainment, had to go to the phone booths to make international calls, go to the market to buy stuff. In totality, interact with people in the real world and not behind the screens. But that’s so old school these days; that needs real world when everything can happen behind screens.

Well like they say only impermanence is permanent so is the case with the android technology; there are glitches in everything man-made and even natural and cell phones are no exceptions. Be it Android or IOS they run on a powerhouse called the battery. An android battery is nothing but something which stores the power and discharges. On the usage, the battery is bound to drain but can be recharged again, well what if we see the battery is charged but it actually isn’t, felt like someone saying aadhar card is for your complete security and privacy. Anyway technology thankfully is no position holder government servant hence we can expect improvements and flaws can be resolved.


But we should first know what the problem is; if one has frequent battery drainage issues or getting the phone switched off even before the battery hits 30% then this is the problem of battery ineffectiveness and that can be resolved by a few steps, one of them being the battery calibration. Before we get to the solutions of the battery problems we should know how the calibration works and is calibration the solution to the battery problems.

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Calibration is actually nothing but a kind of rejuvenation done to the battery of your phone which you have been using for years. Over the years just like most things wither out so does the phone battery; it does get into the mode of draining out too soon or getting switched off way to quickly than needed. Discarding the entire phone can never be an option as there are alternates available.

Since your battery usage happens too quickly it does not strictly imply that phone battery recalibration is needed if the battery is swollen it can be replaced with a new fresh battery of the same brand or a trusted third party use will even do.Otherwise, if there is no swollen battery still there are problems of battery drainage then that device might need recalibration. So let us know how to calibrate the phone battery.

How To Calibrate The Phone Battery

There are two ways by which the android battery calibration is possible one is by rooting and the another is without, we will go through both the ways and hope that these processes can help you get the original capacity of your Android battery restored;

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The Without Rooting Process


The without rooting process is a bit cumbersome and lengthy but is easy to do you need to follow these steps and the phone calibration starts:

Step1. Utilise the battery completely until the screen gets turned off.

Step2. Once the phone gets turned off turn it on again and you will see the booting happening that simply implies that there is battery remaining, again repeat the process till the battery completely dies and the screen booting is stopped.

Step3.  Now that the battery percentage for the android device is completely nil you can plug in the charger without switching on the phone and keep it plugged in for at least 6 hours. This is done so that the battery attains the 100 percentage.

Step4. Once the phone is kept like that for the next few hours you can switch it on and let it work normally.

Repeat the same android battery calibration process in the next week to ensure the best results and to bridge the gap between the software meter of the battery (the one that showed that the phone is still charged) and the actual charge which made the phone go zero and switched off. This can be one of the simple methods of phone calibration.

Another method by which one can extend the battery life or use it to its full capacity is a bit different from the first one and is even more lengthy and cumbersome. let us now know the process :

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Step1: As directed the first step in the above-mentioned method.

Step2: After the first process since the battery is fully drained out now you have to charge the phone again without switching on the phone to its 100%.

Step3: Now when the battery gets fully charged switch on the phone and you will see that some percentage of the battery is drained out, then you need to again switch off the phone and make the battery 100%.

Step4: Repeat the process till you get sure that after booting when you switch on the phone you happen to have the nearest you can get to the  100% battery thing.

Step5: After this use the phone to its full potential again and repeat the process.

Hopefully, this will be the method by which the battery will attain its 100% efficiency. Unlike the previous method which can be performed once a week it is advisable that this method has to be undertaken in every three months well even after that if the problem still isn’t resolved, you might need to go for the rooting method.

The With Rooting Process

This is another process to calibrate phone battery which is just an extension of the above-mentioned process and it is advisable that this method should be taken only when the above-mentioned methods are not fruitful. let us now know the process

Step1:  Fully use the phone and discharge it then let the phone remain switched off and recharge the phone while the power is off.

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Step2: When you see that the battery is completely charged; switch on the phone and you will notice that a small percentage is used up; recharge it and repeat the same process for phone calibration.

Step3: After sometime when you feel that the battery is now at its best and cannot be charged further install the battery calibration app and then restart the phone.

Step4: Post the recharge ensure that the phone is at its 100% and then immediately launch the battery calibration app for phone calibration. and recalibrate the battery

Step5:  After the recalibration process; use the phone battery to its full potential and bring it down to zero.

Step6: Then recharge the phone and the calibration gets started.


These are the above-mentioned steps that will act as a battery optimizer for Android; they are some of the cumbersome but simple steps to undertake and can extend battery life for android cell phones.hence whenever you feel that the battery is drained without a second thought switch to phone calibration.

Also, do share and comment on where these steps useful on how to save battery on android cell phones and are their methods if any suggest us the methods and we will try and inculcate in our future.



How To Calibrate Battery Of Android Device That Will help To Charge Your Phone Faster!
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