How to Change App Icons on Android To Customize Your Phone’s Look!

This is the era of change and dynamism; we all believe and somehow propagate the fact that change is the only constant thing in the world.  And running on the similar principle is our Android devices; the benefit of the devices which we get over the other versions of UI is technological intervention and up gradation. One such benefit could be the liberty to change and alter or redesign our icon collection or themes of the interface or storage setting etc as per our whims and fancies. It makes our cell phones our favorite toy as it allows us to play around and change app icons for android, download icons for free, apply icons and reach to an app icon maker or an app icon generator.

Today we are going to discuss how to change app icons on Android devices. With the advent of the internet being a superpower is a blessing which allows us to customize our own world; we can always put it as per facilitation and taste. Such is the case with icon changers, Android gives the choice to download icon different from the standard ones available.

How to Change App Icons on Your Android Phone

The availability of android icon generator always makes the work easier as they are free of the hassles of the previous icons which are most bizarre or with weird graphics or strange color themes.

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How To Change App Icons on Your Android Phone

With the default user interface for our android device, the icon changer option is not available hence on our journey ahead on how to change app icons for android we will talk about two methods to do the same. These could be applied to all the android devices for desired results. Below is the detailed description of both the manners in which one change phone icons for android devices.

Method One: With The Use Of Android Launchers

Android launchers are the user interfaces which allow us to customize our home screens, launch mobile applications and operate our Android devices as per our taste. These launchers are available for various functions one of them being the icon changer for our applications. There are various android launchers available for our Android devices which can totally transform how our android screen looks; following are the examples of the same.

Nova Launchers

Nova launcher defines itself to be highly customizable, reliable and easily accessible launcher. This proves to be the best amongst the lot for it is very popular and least criticised.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher is another launcher which let a user have a customized approach to wallpapers, themes, pictures etc. If one owns the Microsoft account it gets easier to get all the calendar, data etc synced to the personalized.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
Price: Free

Google Now Launcher

Google now launcher is It’s very own in-house launcher available for the jellybean version of the Android and which has been now upgraded to the Google pixel launcher for the marshmallow version of Android.

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Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

These launchers can also act icon changers, as they have to be downloaded from the Google store and have to be then installed on our Android devices.

The Android device will then ask for a change in the interface, make launcher as the default setting for the device.

After downloading the launcher download from the best icon packs available for the android devices. After the icon changer download, when you go for a change in settings for the home screen you will find an option to change the icon from its icon collection. A list pops up you would see the icon collection which you have downloaded, tap on it to apply the same.

Some of the launchers like Nova Launcher come with the facility to set an image from the gallery as the icon image. They also offer the facility to download the icon for only a few applications and offer the customized issues.

The android app icon generator also facilitates the apps and create a shortcut to the apps with the icon changer with the help of a shortcut menu and choosing an image from the gallery.

Note that this won’t change the apps drawer it is only an icon changer setting for the shortcut of the app.

Method Two: With The Use Of Google Play Store Apps

To change just the icons, one needs to download app icon maker or android app icon generator and not switch to the entire new android launcher.

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Some of the best icon packs available for Android devices are:

Icon Changer

Icon changer allows you to change the icon without having to root or go for a new launcher –interface, it doesn’t come with any hassle of restoration because it only creates the shortcut to be available for the home screen without having to go for finding for the apps amongst the bundle of them present.

Icon Changer free
Icon Changer free
Developer: Juyeong
Price: Free

Awesome Icons

Awesome icons is somehow similar to the above in its chief function being an icon changer but is somehow distinctive in it its extra features for it also provides the customization of the label of the app and transform its appearance completely.

Awesome icons
Awesome icons
Developer: Momo apps
Price: Free+

Here the icon changer will only change for the shortcut of the app and not the default icon of the app.

One can go for free icons download to change the icons and create a shortcut of the app with the customized icon this can be done in following ways

  1. Open the app you want to change the icon off and tap on the screen
  2. This feature will let you change the app, create shortcut or bookmark the app
  3. You will then get the pop-up dialogue box suggesting a change to assign a different icon—either an existing icon or an image—and tap OK to finish. You can change the app’s name as well if you want.
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Above is the list mentioned of the best ways on how to change icons for android devices. These icons customized for your phone applications gives it a new vibe and kills boredom and monotony of every day with the same phone or the same app. Thanks to the interventions and myriad of new applications flooding our play stores and other such portals, one gets to be introduced to icon changer, android app icon generator, android launchers etc.

This icon changer idea not just add quirkiness to our apps also makes our lives simple and sorted with the type of logo or image or picture we want our apps to get associated with. It makes us outdo the rest of a zillion people using the same device.  When we apply icons different from the rest it keeps us sort from the farrago of a dozen of apps and identifying each of them swiping from our home screen and finding that one app.

We would advise you all do go for this great experiment to treat yourself with a life of more simplicity and soberness, gear your hands to the play store and get android app icon generator or best icon packs for android or android launcher and outshine everybody else in the lot, also do write, comment or share our post and scribble the reviews for we are happy to help and eager to improve.

How to Change App Icons on Android To Customize Your Phone’s Look!
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