How To Change The Boring Fonts of Your Android Device For Better Reading Experience!

Have you ever been scolded for bad writing from your teacher? Perhaps many of us have faced it but these are the stories of past. Since the era is changing now and the keyboard has come in our hands instead of the pen, then our way of writing has also changed. We all write for many reasons, for texting, emails and millions of such other purposes but have you ever noticed your android fonts? May or may not be but after reading this article you are definitely going to enjoy the different font style for Android devices.

Android devices come with some default fonts pre-installed which are good to get your work done but it is not that they cannot be changed. Android device is amazingly designed with great ease of flexibility to customize your phones entirely the way you want to look it and while doing so you can even change fonts. There are millions of font style for android that will reshape the look of your text and make it presentable.

How To Change The Fonts On Android?

Fonts play the same role as the cover of the book. It gives the first impression to the readers on your writing idea. If we talk about the default Android fonts, they can solve your purpose but to make your text spick and span and interesting, you may choose to change fonts for Android. Fonts have their own language and mood that provoke the readers to go through the words.

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With this tutorial telling you “how to change the font on android”, you can makeover your fonts by changing the boring look into the stylish and dashing glance. We have explained the three best possible methods below that will allow you to shade your fonts in various styles and let you personalize your font style for android phone or tablet.

If you are forced to use the default android font just because you do not know how to change the font on android, go ahead to know the following methods using which you can optimize your android fonts.

How To Change The Fonts On Android?

There are many methods to change font both for rooted and non-rooted android device. Rooting your android will render your device vulnerable to threats that might not prove good to its health. This is the reason we have selected the three easiest and simple methods that will answer you how to change the font on android without any need of rooting your device. These methods will work well on the non-rooted android device. Here they are –

Method 1: Stock Android Method to Change Fonts For Android

The first method is the stock Android method. In this method, you need to do nothing but just go for altering some system settings of your android device in order to choose from system fonts. There are some pre-loaded system fonts on every android device which varies according to the device.

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See how you can change fonts in this method –

  • Unlock your android device.
  • Navigate to the settings.

  • Scroll down to look for “Display settings”.
  • Tap on it. You will find various display settings.
  • Tap on “Fonts”.

  • Choose from the available list of fonts like “Felbridge” or “Syndor”. It will depend on Which Android Phone you are using.
  • Check in to the selected font to set it for your device text.

This method will slightly change according to the device you are using say Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, HTC or Sony but the crux of modifying the settings is same in all. The above steps can be followed for Asus Android phones in order to set default android fonts. This is the most convenient way to change the font without any external support but it has some minus points that stimulate the users to switch on other methods. Changing fonts for android using stock android method will make you choose from the limited number of fonts for the phone.

Method 2: Use the Launcher to Alter Your Font Style For Android

Next method to change android fonts is downloading the launcher. The launcher will not only change the font but offers other display features also. There are many launchers available online but here we are choosing GO launcher app to install fonts for Android.

  • Install GO Launcher from the Google play store.
  • Now go to fonts in the go launcher settings.
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  • Open Go launcher fonts app and pick the font that you like to set your device and download it.

  • Check the font option.
  • Select your chosen font out of the list of fonts.

Your font is ready! It will be changed without restarting the phone. There are other font installer launchers as well, you may choose any one of them.

Method 3: Use Apps to Change The Font Style For Android

Android has app for everything you can think except the one that makes coffee for you. There are font changer apps for the android phone that will make your font changing task easy and quick. There are free font styles for android to download from these apps. Here we are explaining how to change the font on android using Stylish Font, android app. Take a look –

  • Install Stylish Font app from the Google play store.
  • It is the lightweight app that will easily fit into your Android device and will hardly take few minutes to get installed on your phone.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • You will see 4 options (Fonts preview, Settings, More and close) at the menu gate of the app.
  • To change your default font, tap settings.
  • Choose the font you like to set.
Stylish Fonts
Stylish Fonts
Developer: Simprosys
Price: Free

Your font styles will change without rebooting your device. As simple as that. There are many other font apps available in the play store that you may explore as an alternative to Stylish font app.

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Using various styles of font will keep the readers and writer both interesting. Choosing different styles of fonts to say formal or funky will add up to your mood and a new look to your android phone. We have drafted the three methods to change fonts above, that will work as font changer for android phone. Enhance your Android phone usage experience by changing android font styles taking advantage from this article design for the android lovers. Android can change every default setting then why not font styles? Above methods give you the liberty to change the default Android fonts and style your phone.

Readers will find all the three methods easy and convenient to execute in order to set fonts for an Android gadget that even a layman can do it following the guided steps. So How to change the font on Android is no more a big question to answer. Now change not only fonts but add color to them for Android and that too for free without the need to root your android device.

Do you think that the words should be dressed up? Yes, of course! So choose your personalized font style for android to dress up your narration taking help of the above methods.

How To Change The Boring Fonts of Your Android Device For Better Reading Experience!
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