Hello android artisans! We have Drawn is not just an art but the idea of expressing your imagination and shale it on canvas. Drawing is sacredly elaborate your thoughts on the piece of paper that do not need any language to communicate but just a vision. I think we all have ever tried this art whether it is to make trees and mountains on a paper or play on the canvas with color. Today we set up a drawing learning class on our Around Android school. As I personally remember how I used to remind my mother of keeping my drawing book while packing my school bag. It’s time to revive our abandoned child art with the below listed Best Drawing Apps for Android.

The list comprises of free drawing games and free drawing apps. This article featured with best android drawing app is useful for everyone;  kids, professionals and for your leisure interest. All the under beneath drawing apps for Android are free to download from the Google play store.

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Best Drawing Apps for Android

Drawing is not confined to the boundaries of hobbies but this is a growing profession. You must have heard about many sketch makers and painters who are not the only livelihood by selling their art but has earned fame as well. Art lovers, of course, would understand my words better.

Good drawing programs help you to develop your art professionally if you are really good at drawing and painting. For some people drawing is stress relieving and for others it is passion. No matter in which category you fall in, android drawing apps will be worth installing. Google play store has the long list of drawing apps but we have mentioned the best drawing apps for Android in terms of their rating, a number of download and user reviews.

Best Drawing Apps for Android

Today we have picked the seven best drawing app for android that works for all personalities. Generally drawing apps are not pre-installed on android phones or tabs, so if you like to draw and want to have free drawing apps on your Android device, read ahead to finish this article.


ArtFlow helps you to explore the inner painter within you with its various drawing tools. With this wonderful drawing app, your Android phone screen becomes your canvas where you can throw your fantasy and make it colorful. The other features of ArtFlow are:

  • Various tools like smudge tool or gradient fill along with around 80 brushes.
  • Color adjustment feature.
  • Export your drawing to PSD, PNG and JPEG formats.
  • Various geometrical shapes and guide help you to draw body parts like faces.
  • Select your high-resolution.
  • It has everything that can replace your physical drawing pen and paper.
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ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook


PaperOne is one of the good drawing programs that will not only let you display your creativity but helps you to learn many drawing tips also. Draw the perfect picture of your imagination with various stylish paint brushes and colors. Its features include:

  • PaperOne is the android drawing app that stimulates your drawing art irrespective of the place.
  • Recognition is very important and PaperOne helps you to recognize your art by leaving your signature beneath the painting.
  • It has everything that should be around you while drawing like a paint brush, ruler, pen and eraser. All within the app.
  • PaperOne allows you to add text, graphics, and backgrounds to your creation.
  • PaperOne is the learning drawing app for Android.
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PaperDraw:Paint Draw Sketchbook
PaperDraw:Paint Draw Sketchbook
Developer: Colorfit
Price: Free+

Simple Draw

As its name suggests it’s the simple drawing app for Android that allows you to sketch your idea without having the need of pen and paper. You do not need to worry about taking care of it over years as it is digitally saved on your android phone forever. Have a look what else it can do for you:

  • This app does not require unusual permissions to your device.
  • Quite simple with limited tools permitting the quick drawing activities.
  • Share your art with social networks and via emails.
  • Draw anything and color it to make it more lively.
  • This drawing app is totally ad-free.
  • Open source application. 
Simple Draw
Simple Draw
Price: Free


This android Sketchbook is nothing different than your school sketchbook. Only, the appearance is changed. It is open for all ages to use to draw their feelings, emotions and whatever in their mind. The list of SketchBook features is huge, but we are mentioning some of its essences:

  • 100 plus different brushes and tools help you to draw exactly what your eyes are visualizing.
  • Predictive stroke predicts what you willing to draw say draw a random circle and it will make it a perfectly round shape circle.
  • Transform your paper image into a digital sketch with scan sketch feature.
  • It will never let you suffer a loss of your work with autosave and limitless undo option.
  • Countless sheds of a single color will make your crazy which one suits the best to your creation.
  • Simple and stylish user interface.
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SketchBook - draw and paint
SketchBook - draw and paint
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Price: Free+

Color Me for Kids by Extreme Animation

Colors have its own language that fills us with joy. Coloring animal pictures, flowers and alike are among the favorite creative activities of kids. This app has been specifically designed for the kids up to 5 years of age. Today where everything is stored on a small android device then why not the favorite activity of kids. Here are it’s features:

  • It helps to develop the color sense among small kids.
  • It is a learn by fun drawing app.
  • Participative user interface.
  • Since it is specially targeted for the kids, characters and images are funny and provoking.
  • Totally free to download without any in-app purchases.
  • Cool background and soothing music keeping in mind its target user.
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Color me for kids
Color me for kids
Price: Free

Paint Joy

Paint joy is the amazing drawing app which is full of colors. Using this app will really give you the pleasure of playing with brush and colors all around. The app will let you to not only draw your world but add animating effects to it. With this feature, you may even make a short story of your drawing activity. Here are it’s other features:

  • The app has its own inbuilt gallery that saves each and every line you draw.
  • Pick any brush out of the vast choices of different styles.
  • Easy zoom in and out with just pinching the screen that helps you to observe your art minutely.
  • Let others know about your artistic abilities by sharing it over social accounts.
  • Make your drawing movie in the “Movie” mode, of course, it would be a short movie.
  • If you like to draw on the image saved in the phone gallery, it would let you do as well.
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Paint Joy - Color & Draw
Paint Joy - Color & Draw

Drawing Scenery Guide

Beauty is not in the object but within the sight of the viewer. Beautiful natural scenes are always eye-catching. This drawing app lends you the opportunity to create your own scenery and save them as long as you want. Let’s see its features:

  • Timely tips that will guide you for better creation.
  • This app is small in size and easy to fit into any android device.
  • Free to install from the Google play store.
  • Good performing application.
  • Images are in high definition quality.
  • Get the feel of the real.
Drawing Scenery Guide
Drawing Scenery Guide
Developer: zahrapp
Price: Free

These free drawing apps would help our readers to stimulate the hidden artist within them as well as using these good drawing programs would be a fun and a healthy pass time activity.


All the drawing apps listed here are the best figure out in light of user-friendliness and functions it offers. The fact is that crayons and sketch pens will never go out of fashion but the drawing apps mentioned here allow you to enjoy drawing at any time anywhere. Android drawing apps will take out the true artist out of your simple art of sketch. It is true that drawing app for Android will not substitute the fun of drawing physically on the sheet of paper but still, it gives the competitive pleasure of drawing your thoughts. We like to reiterate the fact that all the above-listed drawing apps are absolutely free to download from the Google play store.

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There are many other drawing and painting apps available on the Google play store but we have picked those which are suitable to use for all users. Now as you must have installed one of the above best drawing apps for android, do not hesitate to introduce yourself as an artist among others. Save the beauty of your thoughts by reflecting it digitally over these drawing apps. Get ready to color your thoughts with these drawing apps!


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