Dream11 APK – Play Fantasy Cricket Game Online & Win Cash Prizes!

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This is the referral code “NEERA33078ST” for the game called DREAM11. Dream 11 app is one of the most interesting and the greatest fantasy cricket app which enthuses you to utilize your cricket skill to the core and create a team which will compete against another team; under the virtual money budget of 100 cr. INR. This same team decides your victory and failure. This is the Dream11 cricket app in which you might win or lose but in both the scenarios you are definitely going to love the game. It not just offers recreation it also offers riches. Hence do not miss out on this dream 11 cricket app apk download and look forward to the further post to know more.

Dream11 APK Download For Android

Dream11 app is the game which hones your cricket skills and lets you win the money with regards to the same. It is one of the ways in which you can monetize your skills and let excitement make you earn. Dream11 apk is the app which is not available in the play store but is available for both the operating system i.e. Android as well as IOS. Hence there is a Dream11 fantasy cricket apk download link and you can click below to find the link.

Download Dream11 Apk from Here

Above is the Dream11 fantasy cricket download link and with the use of the Dream11 referral code, you get your way to the download with a lot of ease and with some reference cash added to your dream 11 accounts. This is indeed true that if you use the Dream11 reference code at the time of download you get free money in order to be the part of the league wherein you can make the team and win the game. 

What is Dream11?


As mentioned above the Dream11 app is the fantasy cricket and football app that cannot just virtually but also in real-world alter your life. With the use of a Dream11 app. Dream11 fantasy cricket app is the game which lets you create your own team and make it compete against the other teams and if you win you get the money which you can later get transferred to your bank account. So by fantasy and your sports skills, you can make money. Hence stop nowhere go ahead and find the Dream11 online APK link below and IPL on Dream11 let your cricket dream get fulfilled and economized.

Dream11 fantasy cricket is the app which lets you enjoy the cricket and gives you the chance to make your own team and let them hit the ground for whatever series you like to play of your own choice be it ODI or T20 or One-day matches. This fantasy cricket app lets you earn money not just virtually but also in the real life. How and when might be intriguing your heart and mind but wait no more follow the post below and know the rest?

How To Register On Dream11?

The Dream11 app is a great fantasy cricket app and involves real simple steps of registration, so wait no more for the Dream11 register and follow these simple steps to have the Dream11 sign-up and to create the Dream11 account.

  • In order to create the Dream11 account you will have to first download the dream 11 apk link from the here:
  • Well since dream 11 is an apk file it is not found on the google play store hence one needs to download it from the link given below and for that one needs to undertake the following operations in their android devices:

Settings > security settings > enable download from unknown sources.

  • After you download the dream 11 from the link mentioned above now let us head up to Dream11 register.
  • For the registration process one needs to open the Dream11 app and then a dialogue box will appear asking do you have the promo code. Touch the yes bar and enter the NEERA33078ST as the referral code. This is the Dream11 referral code part of the league only after which you can form the team and be the part of the competition.
  • Now that you have entered the promo code you will get 100 rupees in your Dream11 account which got automatically created.
  • Post the entering of the promo code you have to also mention your credentials these will be your name and your email address.
  • They will also ask for the phone number and will also verify the email account so that there is no hassle at the time of transfer of money to the bank account.
  • After the data entry of the credentials here is your chance to make the team which can compete with the opponent. You can at max create 6 teams.

Note: You have to be the part of one league in order to form the team which will help you to win the match and gets the money into your bank account.

How to Sign In To Dream11

Now that you have created the Dream11 account you can also have the Dream11 sign in into the same with the help of your name and the email address which you have mentioned at the time of the registration process.

How to Play Dream11

After the download of the Dream11 app it is of chief importance to know how to play Dream11; as we all know Dream11 fantasy cricket league is all about cricket and teams, hence follow these steps and start the game:

For the playing of the dream 11 you need to know how to create the Dream11 cricket team:

  • After you have the Dream11 login you will find the matches to be played today displaying on the screen choose one amongst them which you feel you can play and then choose dream 11 team.

  • In Dream11 fantasy cricket league, you can choose a maximum of 11 players from both the team and how are going to do this?
  • The Dream11 cricket team is the fantasy cricket team that can help you win the game and also makes you score a point after every 100 scored by the team member.
  • The screen once you log in displays the matches which will be taking place today and tomorrow after the selection of the same click on the create team option below.

  • Then make the Dream11 team by selecting the members of both the team you cannot select more than 7 members of the single team.

  • After you have selected the team amongst those you also need to select the captain and the vice-captain. Choose them wisely as they have 2x or 1.5x more points as compared to all the Dream11 players.

This is how you make the Dream11 cricket team; after the team is being made it is also of chief importance to be the part of the league and this is how it is done.

  • After you have created the dream 11 team you need to play Dream11 cricket and that can be done after you click on join amongst the provides options to choose from and if you will win the game the amount will be provided in your Dream11 account.

Hence this is the way you have selected the team joined the league and if your players win you can the amount to your account.

How To Win In Dream11

Who doesn’t like to win, most of us usually play the game with the purpose to win and when money gets involved into it who would want to miss it for the world. What if we say that we can make you win with the help of the dream 11 tips and Dream11 tricks? Considering this as yes we can make this happen with the help of this Dream11 fantasy cricket tips which are following:

Have A Good Knowledge Of The Players, The Vice-captain, And The Captain

Because the greatest Dream11 player will be the only one who knows his game well and his players as well. Hence it is important to know the players which will help you win and have an edge over and this can be one of the Dream11 winning tips the other players.

Know The Pitch

This is an important Dream11 tip that one needs to know the game zone really well that is the pitch and accordingly, one can choose to either bat first or ball first.

Download Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Tips App

This is the pp which will give you the clear information of the dream 11 tips and Dream11 tricks that can help you in playing the game well and winning it.

Create Multiple Dream11 Teams

Since in order to know how to win money in Dream11 you have to have the options to create as much as six teams you should create at least 3 teams and that two different strategies of winning for each one of them.

Do Not Play Impulsively

This is one of the Dream11 tricks which can be implied to all the games of the same genre; as you need to think and act wisely in order to win plus there are always ups and downs some days you win and some days you do not; impulsive decision in such a case can be harmful.

Hence these are the few Dream11 winning tricks hope this will be of some use to you hence keep playing and hope you win.

How Dream11 works Or How You Can Earn Money From Dream11

There is no denying to the fact that the Dream11 is an entertaining and interesting concept and an amazing is you can have the Dream11 money if you play this game then this money can, later on, get transferred to your bank account and act as a ready money for you at your disposal. This is possible and we will show you how!

You choose the team and you play the game to earn Dream11 points, after that the Dream11 points calculation takes place. The points are then converted to Dream11 money and we will tell you how to withdraw money from a Dream11 account. Not just this it is also possible with the help of the referral system wherein you send the referral code to another friend who when downloads the app you get the money also the one-third of his money is transferred to you when he enters the cash league.

And hence this money gets transferred to your bank account after you enter a few personal details for the account. And hence you become dream 11 winners where in your points gets transferred into money and this is way how to win money in Dream11.

How to Withdraw Money From Dream11 To Your Bank Account

After the making of the Dream11 points, we should get it transferred to our bank money so that we can have the Dream11 withdrawal process and for the same, we will need;

  • Bank account details
  • PAN card

And with the help of which the email id verification will take place, this will also require your phone number and hence post the verification and authenticity approval one can withdraw money from Dream11 and hence can convert Dream11 money into real money.

Is Dream11 Legal?

It has been mentioned that the dream 11 can be of great interest to any professional or rookie player and even enthusiast or anyone who is fond of entertainment and amusement. Hence it is of the peculiar importance to know whether Dream11 is legal or not and is Dream11 real or fake.

So let us first look into the issue of the Dream11 real or fake it is also known that this is third party app which can be downloaded outside the play store, also there are various sites available for the download of the dream 11 which might dupe you , but we can give you the answers is Dream11 real or not hence it is of chief importance that

This app should be downloaded from the download link mentioned below just so that no one can call Dream11 illegal hence that can assure the safety of the game.

Also, this game is very real and so is Dream11 safe not a scam because you actually get the amount transferred to your bank account as per the dream 11 points. Also, this is just a game and not bet hence is Dream11 legal and is not governed or accused by any of the government bodies and the law and order.


Hence we have known about the Dream11 apk download which can help you in getting the recreation as well as the riches you want for yourself. So who knows your managerial skills and the cricket acumen can get you achieve if not great heights but can definitely get you good money.

Hence if you are confident about the skills and your awareness towards the sports gear up for the game and monetize all your skills and capabilities. This can be called as one of the practical and learning lessons as compared to the useful adventure and RPG which are so much in trend. Well, we wouldn’t deny the trending level of a Dream11 app as it is Dream11 free apk download and is also easy to play but quite tricky to win. So do tell us, share and comment if you like the game and happy gaming!

Dream11 APK – Play Fantasy Cricket Game Online & Win Cash Prizes!
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