Facebook’s New Meme-Making App ‘Whale’ Rolling Only for iOS

Facebook has now created and Last week launched a new meme creation app called Whale. The app is only available for iOS users and is ready to download only in Canada for now.

It is an undeniable fact that the internet is getting the expansion of new trending memes regularly. Facebook decided to have own meme-making app to contribute to the meme too, along with other social platforms of messaging, picture posting, etc.

Whale users can edit the images from the library or edit their own photos then share the created meme to a gallery or social media like Instagram, WhatsApp or any.


The new whale application is created by Facebook’s internal NPE team (New Product Experimentation). The team was formed last year to get new ideas and develop experimental Facebook apps. The same team previously made some of the unique applications like Aux, a group listening app for people who want to listen to the same songs and Bump, a chat app to connect with people.

This Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team is developing the application for the younger target audience like users of TikTok and Twitch. Also, Facebook introducing TikTok-inspired features on Instagram also confirms its target audiences.

Talking about the Whale app, this will be a fun application with a lot of space for creativity. It is a combination of text, emojis, and filter and a freeform drawing tool.

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