How come if someone tells you that your phone has been stolen or lost? What will you do? Whether you rush to the police, cyber cell or simply go back to the places you visited in search of your phone. It was just a hypothetical situation that made you sweat but imagine what if it would be a reality? Guys, our Android phones are not just a telephonic device to communicate but does much more beyond our expectation and thus it is very crucial to keep it safe and secure. We are here listed some of the best find my phone android apps that assist you in locating the lost android phone. With the increase in the functionality of Android phones, investment to buy a phone also gets hike but more than a loss of the device, loss of personal, confidential, financial and professional data loss is more painting. The device could be recovered but data can’t.

Loss of contacts, banking information, logged in email and social networking accounts makes you vulnerable to unethical threats and may drop you in serious danger. Using phone finder apps will help you to locate a phone that has been lost or stolen and save you from such threats. Phone locator or phone finder acts like an angel to get back your lost android phone indicating its current location on the Google map and keep tracking your android lost a phone every moment. Find my phone apps will come into the picture when your phone locates at the distance from you.

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Best Find My Phone Apps For Android

The below mentioned finding my phone android apps will not only track your phone but offers many another task that will make it easy for you to carry on your routine activities. Phone locator apps save your expensive Android handsets and the crucial data stored in it from getting in wrong hands.

Best Find My Phone Apps For Android

There are many phone finder apps or apps to locate the phone on the official play store but that will make you confuse to make a good choice among them. To sort it out for you, we have drafted the list of some of the best find my android phone apps to give you the selected options to pick from.

Wheres My Droid

First of all, let’s talk about Wheres my Droid”.  This is the “find my phone” app available for the android users to install on your device so that to track down the status of your lost phone. This app makes use of the GPS activated on your device so that to locate phone accurately. The app is free to grab from the play store. If you are more particular about the hazard to lose your phone, you may opt for the premium features as well.

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Know it’s features

  • Choose your attention word to find the android
  • Prevent with passcode so that to keep a check on intruders
  • This app auto turns your volume keys active and ring or vibrates your phone.
  • Get notified when the SIM card changed.
  • Ability to mop the data remotely.
  • Save your app from being uninstalled.
  • Hide your app icon.
  • Motion alarm, Geofencing, auto theft detection and location history are some of the premium elite features.
Wheres My Droid
Wheres My Droid
Price: Free+

Family Locator

The reason for including family locator app on our list of best find my phone apps is the versatile nature of this app. It not only functions as a phone finder but also allows you to create a circle of people, which is better call family to chat with them anytime. Jump on to the below bullets to know more about its features.

Features of family locator

  • See the exact location of the circle members.
  • Works on both Android and iPhones.
  • Make your plans more happening with the family locator by tracking their location.
  • Family locator keeps a record of all the visited places and quickly reiterate the way to it when needed.
  • Track any phone from the circle.
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • The app needs certain permissions to your android phone for easy working.
  • Create a private map for your circle.
Family Locator - GPS Tracker
Family Locator - GPS Tracker
Developer: Life360
Price: Free+

Find My Phone

As you have understood by its name, this app will locate the phone in case if lost or stolen. Even if you have lost your phone or somebody have stolen it, do not worry as you have a phone finder assistant in the form of “Find my phone” app. Not just track your phone but it works for you in many other ways.

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See how

  • Find android phone, iPhone, and
  • Locate phone for you and your spouse and kids.
  • Get the accurate and real-time location data by coordinating with cellular companies.
  • Easy to retrieve the loss.
  • Push detailed location history.
  • Free to download and install and log in to the web in the event of a loss.
  • Tracking gets quick and convenient on the app map.
  • The map gets updated expeditiously as soon as the device move.
Find My Phone
Find My Phone
Price: Free+

Prey Anti-Theft

This android finds my phone will not only locate phone but also act as a recovery tool. The app gives you the detailed information about your device in the form of reports. The report contains the complete information extracted by the app like GPS coordinates, nearby active connections, user information and click pictures.

What else it has for you, have a look

  • Make ring your phone even in silent mode.
  • Wipe the data.
  • Block your phone at remote locations.
  • Fetch the Mac address of the device.
  • Locate location on the map.
  • Hide the app to keep it secret from malicious users.
  • Capture the intruders silently with camouflage security.
  • Retrieve all your hard work put into creating your personal or work files.
  • Mass action and multi-device management feature are accessible in the pro version of the app.
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Get back your device with Cerberus. It does a lot more than just a phone locator and needs device administrative permissions to locate the phone. It works quite intelligently with its wise features and functionalities and auto-reacts on certain actions like send an alert text when the SIM get changed. Cerberus has many features that make it a perfect choice to safeguard your device.

Features of Cerberus

  • Hide the app and keep it away from the eyes of every one.
  • Record audio with the help of microphones.
  • Know about the information on the cell phone and Wi-Fi network connected to the device.
  • Cerberus records videos and pictures sometimes screenshots also to follow the thief.
  • Makes your device ringing even in the silent mode.
  • Code your device to keep it safe.
  • Ability to remove the data remotely.
  • Users can make an edition in the “Auto-task” section of the app to set their own rules.
  • You can lock the power menu so that the device cannot be shut down.
Cerberus anti theft
Cerberus anti theft
Developer: LSDroid
Price: Free+

Find My Device

“Find my device” is the Google’s product and thus good to use without any second thought. Users can give a try to this app to find Android devices if lost or stolen. You do not need to worry if you have forgotten your expensive android device or android wear somewhere. Be calm as it is safe if you have installed find my device. Check out the below-mentioned features to judge its usability for you.

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Features of Find my device app are

  • Your device will play an alarming sound if located nearby or around you.
  • It is the trustworthy app and keeps your data safe and secure from evil’s eye.
  • This app needs certain permission to your device so that to display the location of your device on the map.
  • Push a notification message on your screen when locating the phone.
  • Users have reviewed and rated it well thereby making it a good suggestion if you are searching for the find my phone android
  • You may find many apps with identical name but what we are briefing here is developed by Google.
  • Google will not charge you to download the app from its play store.
Find My Device
Find My Device
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Find lost Phone

At last, we are ending our list of android find my phone apps with “Find lost phone”. Though it is placed last in the race of finding my android phone apps but do not consider at least in any way. It will tell you the current location of your phone in just one single SMS or text. It has the long list of its features that will make it competitive among other similar apps and tools.

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Here are it’s finest features

  • The working mechanism of this app is very easy.
  • The organized user interface of the app.
  • Lock you lost phone remotely.
  • Detect SIM change via text to the alternate number already entered and immediately lock the device.
  • Track your employees where they are roaming during the work hours.
  • Along with tracking your own phone, you may also track your family phone or that one of your friend.
  • Phone buzzing feature on silent mode that will let your phone speak itself.
  • Use of security code locks the device from unauthorized use.
Find Lost Phone
Find Lost Phone
Developer: Maha Apps
Price: Free

It is true that Android has threats but it is equally correct that there are remedies also, developed for the android users to help them in finding a way out it. What you all need to do is go to the Google play store and download any one of the above Find my phone app that will act as a phone finder in the event of loss of the device.


It has been said that “prevention is better than cure” and we all care our precious assets including our android phone but a mistake can be done by anyone no matter how alert you were. To face this situation, find my android phone comes into play and helps you to get back your lost android phone. Android has spoiled us, where we had a habit of noting down the telephone numbers at times now we just save it on our android device. So it can be imagining how disastrous it will if you are alone and lost your phone.

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Having find my phone apps will be such a relief that time. As you have read in the above list of apps that how android fine my phone apps are useful for you in different ways, we expect our readers will judge the utility of these phone locator apps and make the best out it. Every country has laws to punish the thieves and malware and it is best to seek their help but find my mobile apps about which you have already read above will help you in collecting the evidence against those intruders.

We hope that readers will go back with the very useful phone locator app on their Android phone from this page. To know more about finding my phone apps, ping us in the comment box. We are committed to serving the best of all the android contents around the web and hence your feedback plays a very important role in doing so. Share this article upon “find my phone” apps with your friends and family to guide them to recover their lost android phone.


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