Fix Unfortunately The Process Android.Process.Acore Has Stopped Error!

It is quite common to face the errors when we work technically. The same thing is for the android users. Android is the most reliable operating system and used by lots of users globally. The android users may face some bugs. When we attempt to make delete some old data or other such processing on our android device, our device shows an error reads as “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.”

This error message appears when your android operating system is crashed or if you are trying to make a call or delete your contact. This is, of course, irritating at times when you are working on some important things with your device. This may affect your device as well.


Android is reliable and popular operating system offered by branded device manufacturer but even it does not error free. A common error like “android.process.acore has stopped” occurs frequently in seconds on your screen. If you are facing error of “android process has stopped” or “android.process.acore error”, you are not going to use your android device easily and smoothly. The android process acore error is connected to mobile contacts list which mostly occurs when you are saving, deleting or modifying your contacts. There are different reasons responsible for showing this error.

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It might be possible that the software is not being installed properly or android version is incompatible with your device. If your application data or updates are corrupted, in that case again this error “android.process.acore has stopped”. When RAM on your storage device is not free for process and software update is pending on your Android device will also cause this error to appear on your device screen.

This is running in background process but if at that time if you are using your device, it will affect all your operations. This is very frustrating at times as it appears in every second on your mobile screen. This may lead to crash other apps also and your phone starts hanging. This issue encounters with almost every android version say Jelly Bean 4.3, KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0 and for Marshmallow as well.

How to Fix Android.process.acore Error?

There are solutions available to every error. Developers of Android are continuously working to make it a better experience for the Android users. Many solutions have been suggested since the birth of this error “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” Many blogs and websites come with the solution for fixing this error. Trusting those solutions is completely the choice of readers at their risk as many of them are misleading. The Android developer has also provided the solution for this error but it depends on the software.

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Here in this post, we are trying to cover some of the feasible solutions to resolve this issue. It is notable here that these solutions depend on the software and device.

Remedy 1: Clear Cache Data

The very first step suggested in the situation where you find the error like “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” Or “android.process.acore has stopped” or “android.process.acore error” is to clear your cache memory and data of your contacts. Before deleting cache, it is suggested to backup all your important data avoid any inconvenience. To take the backup, you may visit Google play store to find the applications for taking the backup of your contacts. Follow these suggested steps to clear cache on your device.

  • Open settings on your android device.
  • Go to application manager and find the contact application.
  • Tap on the contact application and select the clear data option.
  • In the application, you find the contact storage app and the option for clearing data.
  • In android Marshmallow, this option is available as clear cache and clear data in storage option itself.

Once you successfully clear the cache, restart your device.

Clear cache data

If still, the error sustains on your device, you may try to disable the contacts storage but do not forget to backup all your contacts to ignore hassle afterward. You may try for other solutions listed below as well.

Remedy 2: Update Android

If you are already clear all your cache data from your contact storage application but still not achieving the result, the very next step is to update your android operating system for your device. Check software updates available for your android version if any and update the Android’s latest available version of your device.

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system update

Update automatically fixes errors for android so make sure that your android operating system is up to date to avoid such errors.

Remedy 3: Clear Messenger Data

Messenger application is the application for sending a text to your contacts associated with your Facebook account. This application is synchronized with your Facebook account contacts and also your phone contact storage. To get out of this error, you have to clear data of facebook app. Disable sync for facebook messenger after clearing facebook data. Restart your device after this process.

 facebook messenger

It is possible that you are now facing the error but still, it continues to appear, we are putting here some more remedies for this purpose.

Remedy 4: Reset Application Preferences

  • For resetting the app preference open setting application on your android device.
  • Go to the application manager.
  • Choose reset app preference option and reset it.

reset app preference

This may also help you to fix the error.

Remedy 5: Clear Data of Google Play Services

This solution will give you desired results if the error is caused by google play service. Clear the data of google play store and google play service and restart your android device.

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google play service clear data

You may also update the google play store service for a better outcome.

Remedy 6: Reset your Android Device

The ultimate solution to your problem is resetting your android device if you have applied all the above remedies and still not getting results. It is suggested to backup all your mobile data before going for a reset. Factory reset process erases all your mobile data and application from your Android device. To factory reset your device, follow these

  • Open settings on your device > Find the backup and reset option > Click on factory data reset option.

reset your phone

Now your device is reset and it is just like the brand new device for you. All the errors are fixed now for you.

Let’s conclude It

Using android device and facing error like “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” Or “android.process.acore has stopped” or “android.process.acore error” is common among its users. There are many reasons for it like outdated android version or device incompatibility. We have tried to get you out of this error of “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” by listing some of the possible remedies and solutions. You might found it useful and successfully sort it.

If you still facing issues while fixing this error or fails in fixing it, please feel free to write back to us. Your feedback and comments help us to improvise.

Fix Unfortunately The Process Android.Process.Acore Has Stopped Error!
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