Framaroot APK Download to Root Your Phone with Just One Click!

Rooting your device is now easy at just one click. Framaroot apk makes it possible this. It is the best rooting app to root your device without any hassle. Framaroot download is free to use without taking any burden in your pocket. Framaroot app for android is not available on play store so this post is helpful for you to gain all the details about framaroot apk for android. The free framaroot download does not need any PC or computer or laptop for rooting.

Framaroot apk has its own complex exploits which vary from device to device according to its cheapest model and android version. Unrooting is also easy in framaroot apk. In latest framarooot version, you can unroot your device as easily as it can be downloaded. Framaroot can root devices without the computer but your device should be compatible with it.

framaroot apk

There is number of rooting applications but framaroot apk is one of the best apps that supports the huge number of smartphones. It supports almost all types of smartphones except some rare ones. So if you are looking to download any android root software, you are at the right place. This post is written especially for all those users who are eagerly waiting to root their devices but unable to do so due to any reason. We are sure that this post surely ends your search.

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Continue to read about how framaroot apk can be downloaded to your phone, its installation details and other associated essential information.

Download Framaroot APK

As we have already mentioned in our introductory para that framaroot is just a one-click application that can be downloaded to your phone without any complexity or do not require any change is settings on your phone. Below is the link for downloading framaroot for Android to your phone. Click on the link and it comes to your phone

Framaroot apk

Click here to download.

Here are the details for this particular framaroot app provided in the above link.

This application is developed by XDA developers. It is absolutely for free. You are not required to pay any amount for this. This is a latest version of framaroot 1.9.2 and it is compatible with android 2.2 version and above. This is not a very big file that cannot be fit on your mobile. It is only of 1.3 MB.

Once you had downloaded, you have to enable the apk installation on your device. Just go to settings-security – enable “Unknown sources”. Now you could install the app.


If you have already downloaded framaroot apk file from the above link, you may go ahead with the installation. Below mention steps should be followed to install it on your phone.

  • After completion of the download, a file will appear on file manager folder of your android phone.
  • Tap on framaroot apk file from file manager of your android phone.
  • Now tap on install button.
  • Once installed, you will see an icon in app drawer of your android phone.
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Downloading and installation of framaroot apk file on your phone is not only enough. This is basically to root your device and to complete rooting your phone, please go ahead with the below write up on rooting your phone using framaroot apk.

Rooting Android Phone with Framaroot

Assuming that you have successfully downloaded and installed the framaroot apk file on your android phone. Moving ahead with it, below are the details of rooting procedure of your android phone with it.

  • Open framaroot from the app drawer of your android mobile phone.
  • It will show you available exploit which can root your android phone.
  • You will be shown three options then. Read further to know what to do with these options.

The 3 Options Are

Install SuperSU

If you want to root your device, you should go with this option. It will install an app on your android phone called as SuperSU which manages all Su permissions to different root apps. There are different possibilities if you select this option, that is either Success or failed or maybe app got hanged.

If success then, you should be happy that your android phone is rooted successfully. Restart your phone and open SuperSu. Your rooted device is ready now to let you enjoy your all android apps which will work on the rooted device only.

Failure message interprets that this exploit was unable to root your android device. In that situation, you have to try another exploit and repeat the process.

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In case if your app hanged or crashed, simply close the app and retry the exploit or try another one.


As the name itself suggest that this option is for those users who want to unroot their device. There are many advantages of unrooting the android phone. If you choose this option, it will delete SuperSU app and its binaries. To unroot, just select unroot from the drop-down menu, select any available exploit and then it will delete SU binaries and SU app too from your phone.Your phone will be unrooted successfully.

Execute Script

This option is a rare one and is for advanced users only. It is not recommended to use this option. Attempting so may lead to breaking your device also. Hence good to avoid the third option.

There is another possibility for the users when they open framaroot from their app drawer. It might show an error that ”Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in framaroot”. If you are getting this error, then framaroot will not work on your android device. To resolve the issue of error, the very first thing you should do is to try another exploit and repeat the process for rooting. You may also try another version of framaroot apk. If you still face error then, it can be understood that your device is not supportable and you cannot root or unroot your device using framaroot apk.

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Though rooting won’t do anything to your personal files like videos, wallpapers, pictures or like but as a precaution, it is better to backup all your android phone data to the computer or make us of any other backup method.


Framaroot apk is one of the best rooting apps available for the android phone. Framaroot app for Android helps you to root your android phone without any computer or laptop at just one click, provided your phone should be compatible enough with it. As it was developed by a community, not an official development it is not available on Google play store. If you stuck with the error while installing it on your phone and the possible solutions didn’t work, you may try alternative apps like framaroot say Kingroot, Towelroot or iRoot. There is many other android rooting software that can be a good alternative for you.

We hope that this post will help you to reach your desired search and finish with getting useful results. Please put your reviews, comments or questions if any regarding framaroot apk download, framaroot apk and free download framaroot below this post. We will be happy to know your feedback that helps us to make it the better experience for you next time. Appreciation from the readers will be taken as the reward.

Framaroot APK Download to Root Your Phone with Just One Click!
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