Do you want to see your loved ones living overseas? Can you make a call when you are out of balance? Or Is it possible to connect with more than one person at a time from a different location? The answer to all these questions might be no, a few decades ago but today it is blindly “YES”.  Making free internet phone calls is possible today. To give a call to your dear ones, you do not need to have money on your account but a good internet connection. While we are looking for the launch of 5G, it seems that telegrams, postcard and landline telephones remain in the history only.In the present android era, where everything is going easy with android apps then why not free calling apps.

In this post, we are letting our readers know about the top 10 popular free calling app and its features. To make a phone call online you do not require any heavy set up of devices but just an app on your android toy.There were days when we all used to give missed calls expecting the call back to save money. It seems really funny and time-wasting, today when we have the option of making free internet calls that do not charge us but only demands a good internet connection on your device.

Best Calling Apps For Android

You can not only talk but can see your caller as well. Gone are the days where there used to be a single landline connection in the town with the intent of free online phone calls. On one hand when I wonder for the technical brains that developed such an amazing idea of free internet calling while on the second thought I feel pity for those petty telephone booth operators whose business has been spoiled by these free online phone calls.

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10 Best Free Calling Apps For Android

Our elderly will never have thought of making free online phone calls where they were writing telegrams but today it is possible and who knows the next.By facilitating free phone calls with the help of free calling apps on your device, Android has established a record.So readers if you like to know more about free internet calling or looking for the best apps to make a phone call online, you are reading the utterly correct page.

Google duo

Let’s begin with Google duo, unfolding our roll of android apps to make free phone calls.Google duo has been solely launched to give the best experience to video callers.Google has entered into communication market with this product making available it on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Salient Features of Google Duo:

  • High-quality video calling app.
  • Easy and quick to navigate.
  • Facilitate cross-platform
  • If not video calls, then audio calls.
  • See your caller before you answer the call.
  • Encrypted for privacy.
  • Free to install.
  • Allows seamless communication.
Google Duo
Google Duo
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Moving ahead, next is Skype. With Skype, you may get connected with the world around you and see the one whom you care for. Skype has shortened the distances with its amazing calling and texting features.

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Skype has the following features:

  • New design, new features, and new skype.
  • Create groups to feel united.
  • Messaging with emoji, photos, GIFs, and
  • Not only skype to skype but make calls skype to mobiles and landlines as well.
  • Keeps highlight of your activity visible for 7 days to your followers.
  • Skype to Skype is FREE.
  • Updating the app to bring better every time.
  • Capture while calling.
Skype - free IM & video calls
Skype - free IM & video calls
Developer: Skype
Price: Free


Another way to make free internet calls is to make use of IMO android app. If you and your friend both have IMO, then it’s on! It is available for iPhone users as well. Check out its feature to better know it.

Features of IMO:

  • High-quality video and voice calls.
  • Call on any network 3G, 4G and even on 2G.
  • Smooth group video calls.
  • Huge range of free stickers, Emoji, and
  • No charge although data charges apply.
  • Totally free on Wi-Fi.
  • Instant video and photo sharing.
  • Attractive user interface.
  • One tap calling.
imo free video calls and chat
imo free video calls and chat
Price: Free+


Stay connected with your friends and keep on increasing your social gang. Start a conversation with exciting stickers, emoji, and GIFs. Kik has design for businesses also for video conferencing and chats in groups.Kik works on the username and so there is no need to bother about any number.

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Features of kik:

  • Kik goes beyond boundaries even internationally.
  • Video chats one to one or in groups.
  • It is fast, secure and free.
  • Kik is the all in one app. Offers text messages, photo sharing, video calls and voice calls.
  • Go for gaming if bored of chatting.
  • Free on Wi-Fi without carrier charges.
  • Real-time group chats and calls.
  • Change chat colors, add themes and multiply more fun.
Developer: Kik Interactive
Price: Free


Tango is the most colorful and tangy free internet calling app.It allows you to explore the new people around you along with keeping in touch with the old pals. With Tango, get started with the funny chats, making funny faces and see your dear one when you have a mood.Read the features of Tango to check its utility for you.

Features of Tango:

  • Personal and real-time
  • No charges, totally free.
  • Allow sharing contacts, documents, photos, audios, videos and voice messages.
  • Group chats.
  • Broadcast live videos in real time.
  • It works on both smartphones and tablets.
  • Customize apps look by setting wallpapers and background colors.
  • Add fun to your voice and video calling with stickers and funny faces.
  • Best of the quality video chats.
Tango - Live Stream Video Chat
Tango - Live Stream Video Chat
Developer: Tango
Price: Free+


Another Google product is hangouts. Although many people are not aware of this Google effort after so many like apps on the line those who taste this free calling app will stick to it. Study its features for those who like to make phone calls online.

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Features of Hangouts are:

  • Group chats up to 150 people which is, however, lesser than the other competitive apps.
  • Express yourself in the status bar.
  • Text to the offline contacts.
  • Calling from Hangout to Hangout is free but to others, it may charge.
  • Available to chat via web unlike IMO, skype or Google duo.
  • Facilitate voice mail integration by connecting with Google account.
  • A byproduct of Gmail.
  • Group video call.
  • Reach out more expressively with text, photos, audio, video sharing option adding fun with stickers and emoji.
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Growing with our list of free calling apps, Viber has established itself providing the competitive features over other similar apps. It allows voice and live video chats across the world anywhere instantly. Get a jump on to its features for a quick review.

Viber displays following features:

  • Connect with any other Viber pal around the world for free.
  • Create group up to 250 people and go live.
  • Keeps your conversation secure and safe.
  • Hide your chat from messaging screen to keep it secret.
  • Good quality long distance voice and video calls.
  • Delete a sent message from all devices like WhatsApp.
  • Be more expressive with funny stickers.
  • Send voice messages.
Viber Messenger
Viber Messenger
Price: Free+


Line is the first messaging app that introduces stickers and made a revolutionary change in the way of sending a text. Free internet call is the another added utility to it. It facilitates free online phone calls with the following additional features.

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Line is featured with:

  • Globally popular calling and messaging app.
  • Go face to face with line’s free video chat feature.
  • Polls will let you know what is going in your friend’s mind.
  • Best quality video and voice calls beyond the boundaries.
  • Shop stickers which you like.
  • Open the idea for other entertainment and lifestyle apps within “line” and connect with new apps.
  • Works smoothly when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Save your messages in “Line”.
LINE: Free Calls & Messages
LINE: Free Calls & Messages


Starting with the messaging and chatting app, Hike adds a lot more to its utilities. It is a quick and easy way to connecting with far and distant buddies, family and colleagues. Readout its features to know the reason why lakhs of people are addicted to this free calling app.

Chief features of hike are:

  • Control over your privacy and let others know only what you like to show them.
  • Over 20000 stickers to reveal the real you.
  • Hide your private chats.
  • Hike wallet lets you pay easily with UPI and blue packets.
  • Daily hike news and thought of the day.
  • Live filters.
  • Change and customize your themes.
  • Share on your wall.
  • Special feature for cricket lovers.
  • Look cool with hike selfie and go socialize.
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hike messenger
hike messenger
Price: Free


And finally, WeChat is the name that completes our list of top ten free phone calls apps. This free phone call app is the multifaceted app with varied functions to use by everyone. Let’s see what it has for the users with the help of knowing its features.

Features of WeChat contains:

  • Multiple modes of communication. Connect via SMS, in-app text, voice message, audio and video calling.
  • Group chatting and calling.
  • Calling not only WeChat to WeChat but make calls to the mobiles and landlines at very low affordable rates.
  • Search and grow your WeChat community.
  • Ability to translate messages into more than 20 different languages.
  • The desktop app is also available.
  • Takes care of user’s privacy.
  • No sense of asking your friend “Where are you?” with the real-time location option.
  • Go more interactive with the huge library of funny and animated stickers available for every occasion.
Developer: WeChat
Price: Free+

Installing such free calling apps, you are not only going to enjoy the long gossips with your friends or making your business plans with distant partners but you can also celebrate birthdays or festivals with all those who are near to your heart but living far away.


The mind-blowing combination of Android and internet has brought the revolutionary change in our lifestyle and is keeping bringing more. One of them is shifting us from landline and mobile calling to make phone calls online.Free online phone calls not only smoothen our telephonic conversation but add a lot more thing into the picture with its varied and diverse features as you must have read above.You may shrink your whole world within an app no matter where are you and circulate the instant and updated news anytime anywhere. Making free phone calls and quick texting and messaging is not makes us more socialize but lends many economic, political and demographic benefits which in turn lead to the development of the country as well.

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You guys are wrong if you are assuming that the above free calling apps are listed in any particular order or rank but all the apps have a competitive advantage over other. We suggest our beloved readers to pick the one which best satisfies their needs say for example if texting feature is not of much use for you, you should go with Google duo or Skype else WeChat and Hike are some of the apps that give you everything you imagine to have in your free calling app.All the above-mentioned apps have their own customized features and are the top free internet phone call apps. All the apps in context are for Android operating system and are absolutely free to download from the Google play store hence not only downloading is free but calling is also free.

So comrades, be together in the moment and treasure your priceless memories without having to pay any price.



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