Google Chromecast: One of the Best Google Product Desperately Need A Major Update!

Chromecast is gradually becoming invisible in the market

Google Chromecast is a technology that was launched when television softwares were not advance like today. Chromecast is a device that plugs in the TV HDMI port and then connects with the smartphone or pc. These hardware are used as remote to stream any movie, video, web series on the tv screen. It is a one-time purchase device that doesn’t require any sort of subscription.

Google Chromecast is tech which requires an updated version. Although google gave an update last year to the device but it is not getting the attention. Chromecast is gradually becoming invisible in the market. And there are two reasons, first is there are now better alternatives available in the market and another is there are no frequent device updates or promotion of Chromecast by Google.

Google’s annual hardware event recently took place successfully. The event highlight was Google Pixel 4 launch. But the company also introduced other new products at the event which includes the Pixelbook Go Chromebook that is a portable version of the original Pixelbook and Pixel Buds 2 that are also the update of there previous version.

We can expect Google to give Chromecast attention and give it an update that can evolve the bridge technology of connecting television to other smart devices.  Similarly to its other products and their successors.

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