13 Things You May Not Have Known Google Photos Can Do!

Hello, Photo freaks! Today we’re writing for our shutterbugs to let them know about Google photos app. Well! Taking photos is nothing new as still we all have that one reserved shelf in our Almira where all our dear memories are laminated in the albums. And why not? Every picture tells a story. In this digital era, everything is online and so as our photos. So guys! that shelf is now replaced with Google cloud photo storage.

Every moment is cardinal to retain but that could be cumbersome with the limited storage space on our phone or laptops. Google has figured out this and introduces the spacious and artificially intelligent Google photos feature that reduces your clutter & keeps your memories alive forever.

Google Photos

Google photos are the lovely offering from Google that auto backup your photos & let you access them anywhere on the earth without running out of storage. This App is the new destination for your photos that self-organized by what matters and searches for what you remember.

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Google Photos Features You Need To Know

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We’ve listed some of the unbelievable and smart features of Google photos app that’ll keep your eyes open. Readout Google photos app review here, on the basis of its amazingly designed features that’ll aid you to manage & organize your Google photos surprisingly better.

Recognize Your Pets

Google is now wise enough to recognize your pets. It automatically groups the photos of your pet together and labels them. This makes it easy to search the picture of your furry family anytime. Update Google photos app and enjoy the pics with your pet.

Easily Hide Photos

Keep your private pics secret with Google photos app. Avoid vulnerability while lending your phone to your friend or colleague. Hiding photo in Google photos app is simple. All that you need to do is select the photo you want to hide and send them to the archive folder.

Fast Sharing Of High-Resolution Videos

Share your moments with your near and dear ones. Google photos allow quick sharing of high-quality videos and photos in seconds. You actually don’t share photos instead grant access to the person whom you want to share your photos. This’ll avoid uploading and downloading so many files.

Auto Backup

The most basic benefit of linking your gallery with Google photos is to auto-create backup of your gallery at regular and frequent intervals. You don’t need to upload it to drive instead it’ll synchronize with your phone as and when you take any photo or record videos from your camera.

Immense Storage

Google photos app gives you the leverage of removing photos from your device once it is backed up by it. This’ll result in creating space on your Android phone. You may then utilize this storage for another significant purpose.

Bring Life To Your Photos

Create movies, collages, animations and panoramas from your photos with Google photos app. Alive your photos, adding life to Google plus photos review. Users can also see, store and share photos in motion.

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Search And See

Why write the name and tag each photo when everything is done by Google? Yes! You can now search and see your photos by people, places, and things. There is no need to geotagging or name any album. Everything will be organized by the Google app itself.


Polish your photos with the intuitive editing tools of Google photos app. With just a few taps, apply more than 14 editing options and makeover your photos. Adjusting lightning effect, contrast, color, and many more such editing features are there.

Download Photos

Google keeps your photos years long safely and securely. You may download any photo any time having active internet connection on your device and relive your moments.

Undo Deleted Photos

If you’ve deleted your photos from Google photos app accidentally or willingly but change your mood, later on, you may find the photos of past 60 days under the trash folder of the app. Hence you may undo your choice within 60 days.

Rediscover Your Day

A birthday, anniversary or simply a well-spent day with loved ones carry a lot of memories and special moments. Google photos flash your memories and rediscover the day in the form of photo collage that you took a year ago.

Upload It On Youtube

Record videos and share them on Google photos app. Uploading videos on YouTube are quite easy and can be done directly from your Google photos.

Chromecast Support

Stretching legs, sitting in a comfortable chair and watching your photos on your TV screen. This scene could be real with Google photos casting feature. Google photos can be viewed on TV with Chromecast support.

Google Fotos
Google Fotos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google photos are the great photo backup app. Make sure to update the Google photos apps to enjoy the recent and newest features introduced by Google. Your photos are safe, secure and private with Google photos app.


Google photos are the awesome app with breathtaking features for photo lovers. Google photos download is possible for free from Google play store. We’ve presented the Google photos review and without doubts, Google photos app review is positive and totally in favor of users. The app displays all those features that are needed in any photo backup application.

In case, if our readers on Around Android are facing any issue with Google photos app, they could let us know by reaching out to us in the below comment box.

Share this post upon Google photos with your friends & family and let them enjoy the unlimited storage along with the outstanding feature. Don’t miss to click and capture the beauty around you!


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