Google Pixel Launcher for Android To Customize Any Android Device Like Pixel 2!

In a cell phone, there is a world of things, the internet is at a single touch and click has assimilated almost everything and one of its subparts is android. Android comes interface specific to each version but that keeps evolving with the passage of time, apparently, we do not change our cell phone devices as often as the technology does hence there is a pressing need for android launchers as a pocket-friendly approach. The technology has answers to almost all our miseries, with the presence of Android launcher apps one can completely change the presentation style of the UI and widget setting etc. Amongst these launchers some of them are available at play store and the others are launchers apk files.

Launcher apps are available for different kind of UI settings for there is an availability of ZEN UI, smart launchers, Nova launchers and various others. But Google pixel has been the latest fad in the same category, we are talking about the finest user interface for android cell phones. Google pixel calls itself the wand which has Google at its fingertips and is an outward technological advancement which everybody wants to incorporate. Hence is the need of the Google pixel launcher for the normal android devices to give a Google pixel touch and feel.

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Google Pixel Launcher For Android

The Google pixel launcher developed by AmirZ is the rootless solution to make your android phone look like a Google pixel phone that too without having the need for an updated version of Android. Google pixel android works for any version greater than Android 5.0.

Google Pixel Launcher For Android

AmirZ before the advent of android oreo version discovered that there was a Google Pixel launcher available at the play store but with restriction of few features available only for Google pixel phones and to fix the glitch he came up with third-party Google pixel launcher apk download. Let us now look at the ways in which one can download Google pixel launcher 3.1 version and that too rooting free.

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How To Download Google Pixel Launcher?

One can download Google pixel launcher without having the need for a Google pixel device fully fledged with all the features of a Google pixel 2 that too rooting free due to the progressive efforts of an editor, AmirZ. This is a third party downloading option not available on Google play store but at GitHub. For downloading this Google pixel launcher one has to change the downloading setting to download from unknown sources for easy downloads.

Since we are talking about 2 apps.Therefore, we will describe the features of both the apps, the one that is available on google play store and the other third-party app.

Google Pixel Launcher

  • Circus charlie Pro Screenshot
  • Circus charlie Pro Screenshot
  • Circus charlie Pro Screenshot
  • Circus charlie Pro Screenshot

The previous version of Google pixel launcher is available at the Google play store.

Features Of Google Pixel Launcher:

  • QSB with a transparent rectangle, Google Pill and Date/Weather.
  • Filter Google wallpapers and voice search from the apps list.
  • Different colors of notification dots.
  • Google Now feed on the left of the normal workspace.
  • Device profiles, margins, manage counts etc.
  • Google calendar app with the date.
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Pixel Launcher
Pixel Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Pixel launcher 3.1


And the newer version of Google Pixel launcher 3.1 has an addition of a list of new features to make it better and appreciative for a better user experience.It is a third-party app so the download link is given below.

Features Of Google Pixel launcher 3.1:

  • Pull down for notification of nougat devices
  • Oreo theme backported to older OS versions with Pixel Blue accent
  • Notification dots backported to Marshmallow.
  • Automatically prompts for notification access so you won’t have to dig through settings menus.
  • Fix Android 8 checks so Nexus devices can use all new features.
  • Show icon shapes on Android 8 without developer settings enabled.
  • Pressing the date widget opens the default calendar app.
  • Keyboard properly closes when returning to the home screen from any app.
  • Symmetrical hot seat.
  • Filter Google Now Launcher from the apps list.
  • Pinch to overview.
  • Samsung Secure Folder compatibility.
  • Backport of circle icons.
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The above mentioned is the method by the way of which one can get an access to Google pixel launcher and have a vivid experience of owning a Google pixel UI without having the need to buy a Google Pixel device. These features are craftily assimilated to have a user experience which is new, dynamic and better.

For the aforesaid features, new age facilitation and charm of this UI you get hands down the experience of sheer excellence and technological intervention at a par beyond avenues. But again without having the need to own the Google pixel smartphone but only with the Google Pixel launcher.

So, give your normal much predictable settings of smartphone UI a head start and move towards a newer experience and better tech savvy output. Also do not forget to comment, share or review our post for a welcoming response.

Google Pixel Launcher for Android To Customize Any Android Device Like Pixel 2!
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