How To Fix “Google Play Store Authentication Is Required”? Error On Your Android Devices!

Errors are always irritating but if look upon positively, they could be solved easily and with this positivity we’re today compiling the methods to overcome the error that say “Google play store authentication is required”. Google is the wisest search engine we ever had but still, there are instances when the users face Google play store error while installing apps or updates.

It’s naturally frustrating when we stuck on a silly authentication error while doing something really important. Google play services blow life to our Android devices. From Google play music to Gmail applications everything gets easy but this ease converts into trouble when we face authentication error.

How To Fix “Google Play Store Authentication Is Required”?

We often observe issues like “Google play store authentication is required” but since nothing ends, we’ve sorted out few probable solutions to resolve Google account authentication.

If you too receive the message on your phone screen reading “Google play store retrieving information from server” or your play store bothers you, pushing Google play store error then you must’ve gone through this article upon how to fix authentication problem.

How To Fix “Google Play Store Authentication Is Required” Error?

Google is much more than a search engine today. It gives us a new horizon to do our jobs in most simplified manner, Google translates & Google drive can be taken as an example here. You guys must’ve heard about G-suite. Despite such super qualities, even Google is not free from errors after all it depends on technology.

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One of such error is Google play authentication error and in this post, we’ve brought all the possible solutions our Around Android readers to get rid of it.

Method 1 – Remove And Re-Add Your Google Account

As you must know that Google play store synchronizes with Google account, it may show an error saying “Authentication is required” because of issues occurring in Google account synchronization. In other words, you can not avail its services without having any Gmail account.

Such Google plays authentication error encounter on your phone screen usually due to Google account sign-in issues or might be your play store is not updated. If this would be the case, try out removing and then re-adding your Google account once. Here is how you can do that.

Steps To Remove Google Account

  • Go to the settings of your Android phone.


  • Under personal settings, enter into Accounts settings.

  • Out of the list of various accounts, choose the Google.

  • As you tap the Google option, you’ll be shown all the Google accounts linked to your Android phone.
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  • Choose the Google account for which you’re receiving authentication error.
  • You’ll see the new screen that will show you the details of information synchronize with this Google account. On the top right corner of your screen, look at the three dots.

  • Tap on it and choose Remove account. (Remember removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from the device.)

  • Confirm to remove Google Account.

Steps To Re-Add Google Account

  • Again go to Settings on your device.
  • Under personal settings, enter into Accounts settings.
  • You’ll see the list of all accounts linked to your phone. In the end, see Add account option.

  • Tap it and select the Google from it. Then it will ask to enter the Email ID

  • Confirm to re-add Google account.

As simple as that. Readers, please note that the above-mentioned steps are in accordance with Samsung Android devices. However, the steps will slightly vary in other Android devices like Asus or Xiaomi.

Method 2 – Clear All From Google Play Store

The method specified above generally works in the first place. In case, the Google play authentication error still persist, clearing store data is the good alternative to try. Read the steps below that let you know how to fix authentication problem by this method.

  • Go to Settings.
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  • Then Applications. After that Application Manager.

  • Dig into Google Play store.

  • Select Storage. Tap on storage. There you’ll find the option of Clear Data.

  • Tap on Delete to confirm.

Having done all this, you’ll clear all the play store data. Readers should keep in mind that by this action all of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases etc. This method may help you to get out of Google play store error.

Method 3 – Try “Uninstall Updates” For Google Play Store

In the above two methods, we’ve focused on the sign in issues but it may be happening that there is a problem in play store itself. To resolve this the best thing one can do is to uninstall the store updates.

Check out how you can do that.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then Applications.
  • Further, go to Application Manager.
  • Enter into Google Play Store.
  • Select Uninstall Updates.

  • Tap Ok to confirm.

Upon uninstalling updates, your Google play store will be replaced with the factory version. Meaning that you’ll be resume to the version that comes pre-installed on your phone.

These were the few steps that could try to fix the Google play authentication error. These are the effective methods of smooth running of Google play account though if it doesn’t work, you may also factory reset your account. Reiterating the fact that all the above-mentioned steps are according to Samsung devices and may minutely change with other Android manufacturers.

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Google play store is the one-stop solution for all types of app requirements but this may also fail when Google play store authentication is required. Google play authentication error is when your store stops working and displays a pop up indicating “Play store authentication is required” or “Google play store error retrieving information from server”. In most of the cases, this authentication error is due to Google account sign-in issues.

This tutorial has shown you all the viable key to get out of Google account authentication with high success rate by the users. We hope that now our Around Android blog readers will not be interrupted by Google play authentication error. All the above methods are tested in similar situations and are trusted as result oriented.

If you’ve found the above methods workable then take time to share this post with others to let them enjoy uninterrupted services of Google play account. You may also write your comments and feedback in the below box.

How To Fix “Google Play Store Authentication Is Required”? Error On Your Android Devices!
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