We all must have gone through that time when history used to be the most boring subject in school and the period of history seemed the worst of all. History is all about past but it let us know where we have an origin and how were the people before us, Isn’t it? Hence we are presenting some of the Best History Learning Apps here. Reading from books can be boring but using technology, it will be fun to read it through world history apps.

With the advent of technology, where the shops have turned into shopping apps and the letters have been converted to WhatsApp, Android also has History apps for you. These history apps are among the best of history channel that will give you accurate and authentic information. We all should know about the past events around the globe.

Best History Apps For Android

It is true that it is next to impossible to memorize such a vast and diverse history but the below listed seven free history apps for Android will allow us to know the facts in a single tap on your android phone screen.

History inspires us to not only wonder about the past happenings but also to learn from them and perhaps this is why the Historians bring it to the world. While selecting the best history app for Android, we tried to include all types of apps that results in better understanding for our readers.

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Best History Apps for Android 

We all are running fast to keep pace with our lifestyle. In such a scenario we always look for the information of our interest ignoring the rest of the stuff. Hence we are elaborating the features of every history app in the bullet form so that our readers will get what they are looking for and avoid the irrelevant junk. If you want to read and know about history, then this is the best place where we are telling you about history apps.


You must be aware of this well-established name in the web world. Yes! Wikipedia is our best android history app. In fact, it would not be justified to call it just a history learning app because it is the full fledge encyclopedia. Just type the word of your curiosity that you like to know about and read all the answers to your questions.

Features of Wikipedia:

  • Content over Wikipedia is in extreme detail most of which you find irrelevant and this is the reason that it is highly customizable in order to sort out information from different contents.
  • You can adjust the color theme of the app so that to make it easy for reading.
  • Enable the voice search option to relief your fingers.
  • It supports any language. Select your preferred language for better understanding.
  • Check the article without really visiting the page with the help of link preview option.
  • It has a table of contents that will quickly take you to the topic skipping those that you do not want to read.
  • Get the definition of any word from Wiktionary (A personalized dictionary of Wikipedia).
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Price: Free

Today in History

Today in history is the history channel app that will let you know the fun facts about history along with the useful information about past happenings. It can also be called as history learning app.The facts presented here are always authenticated from the best sources available under license. Its trifling size is the added advantage to the fast working of the app.

Features of Today in History:

  • Most up to date information is presented in this history app.
  • Amazingly entertaining with pictures.
  • Extremely useful for the one who is interested in learning history or academic students.
  • It supports all the devices including tablets.
  • Content available here in more than 50 languages.
  • You may search anything even in offline mode and that is one of its superb features.
  • Readers here have the option of creating their own personalized collection of dates and events and save them to retrieve at any later point in time.
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Today In History
Today In History
Developer: Downshift LLC
Price: Free+

History in Pictures

Pictures have a profound effect on our brain, that leaves the long-lasting effect about the facts that we have read or heard about it. It brings the latest pictures of the happenings around the world. It fetches the information and facts not from the single source but from diverse sources so that to take everything into the scene.

Features of History in Pictures:

  • Thousands of photos of various events from the past. All these photos are kept in different categories for quick search.
  • You may download this photo and save them on your device.
  • Choose the theme of your history app as you like; light or dark.
  • Tap for zoom in the picture.
  • An easy and gleaming user interface where everything is displayed at your behest.
  • So much of help for the historians in order to add to their history collection.
  • Share them with your social pals and let them wonder with your beautiful history picture collection.
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History In Pictures
History In Pictures

World History Timeline

It is imperative to mention this app when talking about world history apps. That’s because these apps give us the best answers to the “Wh” questions like what, when and where for any event. It tells us the past events in a sequence so that we can connect them with each other.

Features of World History Timeline:

  • Presents the synopsis of the world history events.
  • Enfold all the entire historical events from 21st Century to ancient history along with the evolution of life.
  • Vast content highlighting the history of our ancestors.
  • Outline the events like wars, leaders, political events, economic developments etc.
  • Available filters within the app help are sorting out the information limited to particular region or time.
  • History from various subjects like science, art, music, and literature.
  • It also depicts the history of famous personalities from their birth date till they die.
World History Timeline
World History Timeline
Price: Free+

Learn World History

One can interpret from its name that it is a world history app. This app is absolutely free to install from the Google play store. This free history app can tell you history since 1900. If you are preparing to participate in any history quiz, this app could be the best destination to learn the order of events and when did it happen.

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Features of Learn World History:

  • This history app is basically meant for the purpose of learning history with the two quizzes that will help you in reminding the respective dates of the events
  • Such quizzes can be assigned a date range that limits the questions within that period.
  • There are three subjects for the quiz – warfare and politics, Science and Exploration and Arts and culture.
  • You may set the difficulty level to better test your lessons.
  • Prepare yourself before appearing for the quiz. You may take lessons from the history browser.
  • Its full version is free from ads and has more events than the free version.
Learn World History (Free)
Learn World History (Free)
Developer: JoeMorris
Price: Free

India and World History Hindi

This history learning app is targeted for Indian readers, who like to know about the history for the sole purpose of preparing themselves for the civil exams. It has everything that you like to know about the ancient, medieval & modern history of India. You can also read in context with world history.The uniqueness of the applies in its Hindi language.

Features of India and World History Hindi:

  • Readers do not need to have internet connectivity to study the historical facts.
  • This app is specifically designed keeping in view the aspirants of IAS, IPS, PSC and other such civil exams in India.
  • The app is divided into the four broad chapters on world history, modern Indian history, medieval Indian history and Ancient India.
  • Games to test your learnings by fun.
  • Bookmark option in the app is useful.
  • It is the free history app that works offline.
  • Around 1.5k MCQs for each topic.
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Location History

This is the last but yet occupy an important position in our list of free history apps. It is in the sense that this history app is different in the sense that it will let you know your own location history. With location history app, you will now see where you were a year ago or 5 years ago on a particular day. It has a lot more to do with that you can check out from its features below.

Features of Learn World History:

  • Locate the places where you visited on the map.
  • Can check your location history along with the time, distance traveled and address of the place.
  • Make use of calendar for quick navigation from places with dates.
  • Shows logs containing the detailed information for your locations.
  • Download the history for free for reviewing anytime later.
  • Share your location and routes with others.
  • Track yourself and your family too.
  • Graphical presentation makes it even easy to have an overview of your tracks, routes, and locations.
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Location History
Location History
Developer: LocationHistory
Price: Free+

History is something that keeps on increasing itself with times so it is very essential to have a history learning app. We have also included world history apps and apps like today in history app so that our readers get global history exposure. These free history apps and history channels will help the teachers as well.


History is the vast subject that has many dimensions to study upon.Either you are a Historian or just like to have lightweight knowledge about history, these Best History Apps will aid you to learn about it. All the listed android history apps are available for free to install from your official play store. Knowledge never ends and so as the History.

We hope that the listed android history apps here will help you to resolve your purpose for which you are looking for history apps. If we have left or missed something, please let us know. We love to have your feedback on the topic.So with the help of these history apps, know what happened before you came into this world.


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