How to Backup Contacts List in Android? Step-by-Step Guide for Our Viewers

Google contacts android transfer and contacts backup are the kinds of technical support for Android and Google together to recover the lost contacts in any way. With this post, we want to educate our Android users on how to save contacts to google or How to backup Android contacts.

It is very funny that with the embark of mobile phones in our life we people are neither remembering contact numbers nor feel the need to write it on a paper for reference. Mobile phones have spoiled our habit with facilitating us to save contact numbers on our phone itself. But what happens if your phone has lost or stolen? Of course, we will be caught in the terrible situation because not only social contacts but people use to save their professional and official contact numbers as well and lose of such contacts may affect their business also. There is a way out of this in the form of contacts backup or contact transfer.

How to backup Android contacts

There are many situations where we have the threat to lose our contact list like theft of device or update device. To overcome this threat, there are many options available for contacts backup or you can sync. contacts android with Google. Contacts backup is not a very much technical task or involves much technical software.

Even you are not expert in operating the android system, our post on how to backup contacts will make it simpler for you. We have gone into detail to explain to you that how to save contacts on Google and how to backup contacts. So why to suffer from the lost contact situation, if we have options for contacts backup or contact transfer.

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How To Backup Android Contacts

There are many data backup apps available for Android phones using which you can take the backup of your contacts also but we are here putting two methods in-front of you that is the simplest and easiest way to take contacts backup. These methods are simple to execute and will assist you to take your contacts backup quickly at regular intervals.

Method 1: Sync Contacts With Google

To sync. android contacts with Google, you need to have a Google account. However, it is very basic to have a Google account if you are using android device hence we are assuming that you already have Google credentials. Generally, contacts stored on your device are automatically synchronized with Google account for the first time when you start your phone and sign in with Google account.

If you have not setup your contacts to synchronize with Gmail account then, follow the below steps that will help you to manage and backup your contacts with Gmail. Please note the synchronizing contact with Google means, saving your contacts on your Gmail account.

Start backup of your contacts by following these easy steps mentioned below –

  1. Installed Gmail account on your device.
  2. Go to your phone settings.
  3. Search for the option of Accounts & Sync”.
  4. Enable this option.
  5. Choose your Gmail account from email account options.
  6. Enable the Sync. contacts
  7. Tap on the Sync. now
  8. Your contacts will start the sync. with Gmail account. This might take some time depending on the contacts in your list. Wait till it done.
  9. Move on your computer or laptop and sign in to your Gmail account.
  10. On the upper left side of your Gmail account, you will find Gmail written on Google with a drop-down
  11. Click on the arrow.
  12. Choose contacts from there.
  13. You will see all your contacts along with their name and number.
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Once you have sync. your contacts, you can also edit those synchronized contacts from the web browser also. You can change the settings for saving your contacts and trace the duplicate contacts as well.

So this was our first method on the list which is the easiest and convenient way to save contacts to Gmail. This method will not let you down. In case of loss of contacts, you may recover contacts at any time with Google contacts android on your new device.

Method 2: Export Contacts To Your Device Storage

As you have read that method 1 for contact transfer would link your contacts with Gmail account that you would help you to retrieve Google contacts android from anywhere. Method 2 is little different. In this method, you would not save your contacts online but can import or export your contacts to your device internal or external storage. This file is created in .vcf file format and can be transferable from one device to another. VCF stands for vCard files.

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Have a look how you can create this .vcf file.

  • Open your Android device or smartphone.
  • Go to contacts.
  • On the upper right corner, you will see More
  • Tap on it.
  • Go to settings.


  • Under this contact settings, you will find various options to manage your contacts.
  • Out of the all, the first option is of Import/Export contacts. Tap on it.


  • You will be shown two options, Import contacts, and Export contacts.
  • As we are looking for the backup of contacts, so we go with the option of Export contacts.


  • Tap on the button of Export contacts. This will further give you a choice that where you want to store the exported contacts. The available options include device storage, SD card, and SIM card.
  • Choose your preferred option and the contacts will start exporting on the selected location on your phone.


That’s it. You have successfully exported your contacts. You may share this contacts backup file to any of your backup devices so as to retrieve it in a situation of contact loss. This method is very simple and takes hardly a minute to create contacts backup.

If you are on edge of searching how to save contacts to Google or how to backup contacts, then we must say that this is the perfect destination to end your search. We have selected only two methods of contacts backup yet useful for you and easy to execute. Loss of contacts is a disaster if you do not have any backup of it.

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Recollecting the lost contacts would be a serious hassle and sometimes result in a permanent loss, specifically when that contact is the only medium of connecting you.To avoid this situation, the above-stated methods of creating a backup for Google contacts android or sync. Contacts android with Gmail or Import/export of contacts will definitely let you have a breath of relief. You will find the answer for how to save contact to Google or How to backup Android contacts in this post along with the ready steps of execution to do so.

We are sure that with these two methods of sync. contacts android with Google and contacts backup to your device will help you out to resolve your issue of how to backup contacts. If you are still struggling to back up your contacts, leave your query in the comment box so that we can follow it and will get back to you soon with the possible remedy. Readers are welcome to put their suggestions about the post. If you found this post worth sharing with others, please go ahead to let others also help with contacts backup.

How to Backup Contacts List in Android? Step-by-Step Guide for Our Viewers
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