How To Block A Number On Android Phone And Get Rid Of Unwanted Spam Calls!

Want to block calls? Don’t worry, Android smartphones can do this for you. If you might have seen the era of landlines phones, people used to put down the receiver to get rid of unpleasant and useless calls. In today’s modern android era; where we are dependent on apps for every purpose, a method of block calls is also changed. All the android device manufacturer adds the settings to block unwanted call noticing the activities of many unsocialized creatures or promotional calls that can bother anyone.

How To Block Calls & Number On Android Phone

Calls connect us with our loved ones but few spam callers and wrong dialers spoil it. We understand this pain as this happens with everyone, so in this article, we are sharing the very useful information with you that will tell you how to block calls on android.We have tried to cover all the best possible methods here to block numbers on Android.

How to Block Calls & Numbers On Android Phone?

Along with briefing the stock method of android call blocker, we will suggest you call blocking apps as well. So if you are fed up of answering telemarketing and such other promotional calls, just spare few seconds to read below that will help you to block such calls.

Method 1: Android Stock Method To Block Unwanted Calls

Android phones are very easy to navigate and that is what makes it preferable to iOS and Apple devices.

For Samsung Devices

Samsung is one of the leading Android device manufacturers in most of the countries including India. Many of us are for sure holding android in their palms.To block unwanted calls on Samsung devices, just follow the below quick steps.

  • Unlock your Samsung android phone.
  • Go to phone menu.
  • Tap on more at the top right corner of your phone screen.
  • Go to settings.
  • Dig into call settings.
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  • Look at the options of “Block numbers”. Tap on it.

  • Add phone number you want to block and tap on the plus sign next to it.

Alternatively, you may also block number directly from the call logs. To do so, tap on the number you like to block then go to settings. Tap on the block option from there.This is how swiftly you can block any number on your Samsung Android device.

For LG Devices

Starting with electronic home appliances, LG has continued its name in mobile technology by establishing lakhs of users around the world. With the sleek user interface of LG devices, blocking calls is also simple. Here is how you can block number on LG G6 device.

  • Open the dialer app.
  • Go to your call log.
  • Choose the number whom you do not want to answer anymore.
  • Tap the menu from the top right side of your phone screen.
  • Tap on “Block number”.
  • A confirmation pop up will appear.
  • Again choose “Block” to give your confirmation.
  • And you are done.

As simple as that. Above instructions will exactly help you to block numbers on LG G6 handset. Though different LG devices have slightly different user interface due to which the above steps might little vary but you will find the way to call block somewhere in the phone app only.

For HTC Devices

Little All that you need to do is:

  • Open your phone menu.
  • Go to the phone app.
  • Go to the menu there. Unlike other Android devices, you will find the menu option at the bottom of your screen.
  • As you enter into the menu, you will see the option of “Block calls”.
  • Tap on “Add a call”.
  • There appears a pop up asking for browsing your contact list.
  • Check-in for the numbers that bother you.
  • Save it. The selected number is added to your block list.
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That’s all you need to do for blocking your unwanted calls on your HTC devices. We are iterating the fact that the above instructions may vary depending on the specific Android handsets.

For Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi devices are well-known for its budget fit fantastic features. Expecting call blocking feature is an obvious feature from Xiaomi devices.In other Android devices like Samsung, there are call settings from where you can manage what to do with the calls but Xiaomi devices generally do not have any such direct settings for calls. For this reason, here are some quick steps that will allow you to block your calls. If you own any Xiaomi phone and unable to block a number, just read out the following instructions to block unwanted calls on Xiaomi Redmi note 4.

  • Go to contacts.
  • Search for the contact you want to block.
  • Select the contact.

  • Select the “Block” option.

  • Your Xiaomi device asks for the confirmation to block the number. Tap on “ok” to confirm.

After the confirmation, selected contacts would be blocked on your phone. Those numbers would not be able to trouble you anymore. The instructions above are specifically for Xiaomi Redmi note 4 but it doesn’t mean that it would not work for other Xiaomi devices. More or less the method of block calls is similar as stated above in all Xiaomi devices.

For Other Miscellaneous Devices

Block number of android do not involve many lengthy processes or technical set up. It can be done with just a few movements of your fingers on your android device.We have explained the detailed steps to block calls on android for some specific devices like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Xiaomi however for other android devices also, this method is not very different from other Android products. Android users will find the option of call block somewhere either in the call settings or under phone app.

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      Method 2: Use Of Call Blocking Apps

The best part of using Android operating system is the availability of applications for every occasion. Just think of doing anything and there is an app for it on Google play store although the application that can travel you in time is still waiting but who knows the next one? Google play store has numerous call blocking apps for you that too for free. Just download any of them and block unwanted calls.

The list of call blocker android apps is too long to fit here so we are taking only one out of many and giving a brief description of it for your ready reference. To know more about such apps, it is best to visit your Google play store.

True Caller App

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True caller is one of the successful and trustable android apps for not only block number on android but it is also a caller ID app. This is the lightweight app that can fit into any android device. Users may install it for free from the Google play store however, there are some in-app purchases as well that may cost you some extra bucks. Look at its features.

  • Identify unknown numbers.
  • Share location of your number.
  • Autoblock spam callers and telemarketers.
  • Support dual SIM feature of your device.
  • Block calls by name and number.
  • Customize and apply the theme of your choice.

True caller resolves your multiple purposes within a single app. Choice of call blocking apps are quite wider and you have many options for android call blocker.

Method 3: Contact Your Carrier

While the above methods are a quick and flexible way to block numbers on Android, there is another method that helps you to block calls permanently. You may block all those numbers with whom you do not want to talk further by contacting your phone service carrier. Carrier is no one else but your mobile network operator in simple words. Your mobile carrier provider will block the identified numbers for you. You may also block callers whose number shows “Private” instead of numeric digits. Some carriers offer this service for free while some may charge. So if you wish to block any number for a longer duration, you may opt this service from your mobile network carrier.

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Android call blocker is a very useful feature of Android phones in order to block unwanted calls. Above mentioned method of block number on android will save you from repetitive marketing calls and sneakers bothering your girlfriend.The above three methods are the best, easy and convenient way to block numbers on Android. Call blocking apps are trending nowadays that are suitable to install on any android devices for free. It does not involve many complex technical tasks rather it is simple and free.

Once you block calls number on android, you may unblock them as well. To unblock any number, you need to follow the exact same steps on your Android device. We hope that this article will help you to block unwanted calls on your android device. In case if you face any issue in block a number on android, let us know. Since there is no lock without a key, we will surely find the right solution for your issues in this regard. You may also share our post to help others with their irritating calls.

So now that you know how to block unwanted calls; whether you fight with your love, troubled from street Romeo or irritated by loan officers. Don’t worry, just BLOCK them!

How To Block A Number On Android Phone And Get Rid Of Unwanted Spam Calls!
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