How to Clear App Cache and App Data in Android Devices!

We usually curse our android mobile phones for not working properly or getting hanged frequently or for diminishing storage space but we failed to understand the reason behind it. Let’s talk about it today in this article and discuss upon the way to get rid of such issues. These problems occur due to cache data on phone. In line to bring exciting android apps for you, today we have decided to explain about the burning topic how to clear cache on android phone. But before that, it is important here to know what is cached data first of all.

Cache data is the information related to your browser like images, scripts, links and such other related stuff. Cache is basically a storage app on your mobile device. When you use an app for the first time or browse a website then it will automatically create a cache data on your device storing the cache cookies there.

How to clear Cache on Android

The logic behind this is that when you next item uses the same application or browse the same page again, it will restore it from the cache data without the need to load it again. There are two sides of cache data good and bad both. Good as it lets you fast browsing of your regular visited apps and web pages but bad as it kills lots of the storage space on your device.

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The purpose of this post is to aware our android readers about this cache data element. To ensure the fast functioning of your device, it is very important to deleting cache data regularly from your device. The downside of this cache data is that it interrupts the functioning of your device as well as fill your device memory.

For finding the answer for how to clear cache on Android, we request you to go through this article in full and surely you will be successful in deleting cache data. Solution to wipe cache android data lies on your device only. We will show you how. To clear cache data, you do not need to keep any a headache. Deleting cache data is very simple and easy.

How to Clear Cache on Android?

We have designed this post to answer for you what is cache data and how to clear cache on android phone.

Cache Memory

Let’s take an example. Have you ever observed that when you open your Facebook application for the first time, it takes a lot of time to load but when you open that again on your phone it significantly takes less time? Do you know why? because there is a cache memory present in our phones which keeps pieces or elements of the applications so that whenever you open the app again, it reloads them faster. Cache is there in the system, and also present in the browsers. When you browse any website in the browser it takes some time to load, but when you access the same website through the browser. It takes less time to load, all thanks to the cache memory.

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Why should we clear Cache Memory?

In the above paragraph, we got to know about the Cache memory and its advantage. But as we all know that everything has two aspects positive and negative. Cache memory also has some cons.

What are the Cons of Cache memory?

The cache stores a lot of data in the browser so that browsers don’t need to access new files from the server as it takes a lot of time. But because of cache memory. Sometimes browsers take a lot of time to access websites. The speed of the browsers gets slow if we don’t clear the cache.

How to clear Cache Memory of your Phone?

Clearing Cache is not a rocket science. Once you clear the cache you will observe better performance on your smartphone. For your convenience, we have listed few simple steps to clear cache.

Step 1: Go to the settings menu.

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Step 2: Find System Apps or Installed Apps, then find the app that you want to clear the cache.

Installed Apps

Step 3: Now hit the clear cache and clear data option, this will clear all the data including your saved passwords and app setting.

clear cache

How to Clear Cache Memory of Browser?

Now we’ll learn how to clear Cache memory from our browser. Let’s clear the memory of Chrome.

Step 1: Tap the triple dot menu present on the right top.


Step 2: Select History option present on the menu.


Step 3: Now tap on clear browsing data

Browsing Data

Step 4: Now select Cached images files and Cookies and site data and now hit clear data.

Clear Data

If your phone is getting bulky in short span of time and you wonder about it, then I am sure that after reading this post upon wipe cache android you will first check your cache data. There is nothing wrong if you are deleting cache data for releasing storage space. To clear cache data is very simple as you have already seen in the above steps of wipe cache android. You can’t prevent to create cache data on phone but you can clear cache data from your phone.


The logic behind deleting cache data is simple that greater the cached data on phone lesser the speed of RAM and diminishing memory. In simple words cache android keeps your app alive on your android system somewhere and whenever you get back to the app, it starts quickly for you. Deleting cache data will not do that instead it will load everything all again and will take few extra minutes of you. As we have already stated that cache data has its own merits and demerits but it is always suggestive to clear cache data since it will affect speed, performance, and memory, however, it is not a big deal to restart the app over the question of storage. It is recommended by the tech experts to clear cache data from your device time to time.

We have tried to cover the complete lesson about cache data in this post. You will find everything related to the topic here say what is cache data, how to clear cache on android phone and about cache cookies. If you are searching for the answer for how do I clear the cache on my phone, then we have answered you via this post for sure. Let us know your reading experience about this article. We would appreciate you taking time to share your valuable feedback. We will also be happy to answer your further inquiry in this regard.

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How to Clear App Cache and App Data in Android Devices!
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