How To Remove Preinstalled Apps And Bloatwares From Your Android Devices Without Rooting!

Unwanted things are always unpleasant, whether it be unexpected rain or preinstalled Android apps. Android phones come with many such preinstalled applications out of which some are useful, some are not.

You might know it by the name Bloatware. In simple words, those apps that are already installed on your Android device and that you can’t uninstall it are Bloatware.

How To Uninstall Preinstalled Apps On Android

We need apps for several occasions but due to lack of storage space, we fail to install many such apps. Preinstalled Android apps kill a lot of space on your phone apart from hindering your device performance.

How To Uninstall Preinstalled Apps On Android Without Root

In this post, we’re answering how to delete preinstalled apps on Android devices or how to remove bloatware. Once you delete installed apps on Android, your phone performance and speed will boost up and you may create space for other useful apps.

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Method 1 – Force Stop Of Applications

As we’ve discussed that uninstalling preinstalled Android apps are not as straight as other apps. The first suggested step is to try force stopping the app. This’ll prevent it to run the app in the background.

  • Go to Settings.

  • Go to Applications.

  • Select the App that you no longer needed.

  • Tap on Force Stop. It’ll pop up with the message “If you force stops an app, it may cause errors” but that should be ok.

  • Again tap on Force stop to confirm the uninstallation.

This’ll uninstall the system app facilitating reinstallation at later point of time. These steps are in accordance with Samsung Android device. The process of force stopping the app may slightly vary according to the specific settings.

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Method 2 – With The Help Of Third-Party App

Thankfully Android app developers have designed an app that helps in removing bloatware. You need to root your device for using these bloatware remover apps. Rooting lets you access Superuser permissions on your device but voids your device warranty. The best bloatware remover app so far is System app remover (ROOT)

System App Remover (ROOT)

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The self – explanatory name of the App indicates the purpose of its creation. Using this application, users may uninstall the system apps and move apps to external memory. As we’ve mentioned above, it works on the rooted device. Its easy user interface and simple functioning make it a good choice to uninstall preinstalled Android apps.

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Here are the steps that’ll help you in removing bloatware from your Android phone.

  • Download system App remover from Play store.
  • Open it.
  • Select Apps that you want to uninstall.
  • Hit the uninstall button and confirm it by tapping yes.
  • You’ll observe the screen showing the progress of uninstallation.
  • Get the popup saying Done, once the app uninstalled.
System App Entferner (root needed)
System App Entferner (root needed)
Developer: Jumobile
Price: To be announced

Along with bloatware remover, the app also manages apk files on your device. This app supports all the Android devices.


Preinstalled Android apps eat up significant internal storage of Android phones. Most of the preinstalled Android apps are untouched in our phone rendering it slow and eating up the space that could be used otherwise.

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If your phone is rooted, there are numerous ways to remove bloatware but here we’ve mentioned the two best ways that will resolve your query of how to delete pre-installed apps on Android or how to remove bloatware.

These methods are perfectly fine and safe to apply. We hope that this one will work for you and you’ll get rid of un-useful applications on your Android phone. Let us know if you face any issue while removing bloatware. You’re free to post your comment, feedback or suggestions if any.

We keep posting such wonderful contents for our Around Android readers. So, how much space you’ve free up on your phone?

How To Remove Preinstalled Apps And Bloatwares From Your Android Devices Without Rooting!
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