Simple Steps To Factory Reset Your Android Phone Without Losing Files!

As the capabilities of our mobile devices have increased, so has the discussion on what effect Smartphones will have on our daily lives.” You probably agree with this saying as think about the moment when you do not have your phone; you start to feel incomplete right? And the same problem comes when our phone stop working properly. If such a problem persists, one best solution is to perform factory reset that will return your Android device in its original form just like it was bought from the company.

Restore factory settings for android doesn’t harm your device, it is like bringing it back to its original form without any performance issues or malfunctioning. We always take better care of our Smartphones, but whenever we open those websites or apps that contain viruses or malware which ultimately reduces the efficiency of our phones and affect the smooth working of our phone as well, we can solve these issues and reset our android phone in its old form after performing the process of factory reset settings on android device.

How To Factory Reset An Android Phone

There are several reasons why we have to factory reset our android device like when selling an old phone it is advisable to reset all the settings and wiping it clean of any personal data or your Android Smartphone is not responding properly or too slow to complete your important work, hanging issues or you have forgotten your phone’s password, don’t panic! The simple yet powerful option is to reset your android phone and make your Android device a new one for you.

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How To Factory Reset An Android Phone

If you’re facing the same issues and don’t know how to factory reset your android phone then you’ve landed on right place as this article will show you how to do it with an easy step by step guide specially designed for those not satisfied with their phone’s performance.

Steps To Factory Reset Your Android Phone From Setting Menu

  • Open the menu opens and then “settings” of your device, you will find the gear shape mono in the menu options.

  • Look for the option “Backup & reset” in the settings menu, the option may be different as it depends on your mobile handset.

If you are performing the factory reset on Samsung device, you will find the reset option in “General Management”.

  • Once you find the option of “ Factory Data Reset”; just tap on the same to continue the process.

  • Then Click on the “Reset Device” The reset function clears all the data from your phone and it depends on you which type of factory reset you want to perform, if you want to erase all the data on your phone then press “erase everything” and don’t forget to remove memory card as there are chances that the data of your memory card will also get erased.
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  • If your phone is protected through any password or screen lock then the phone asks to unlock it, type your password or draw a pattern to unlock it.
  • You have to tap on “erase everything”. When you tap this option all the data on your phone will be erased and now your phone is ready to set up just like you’ve purchased it from the showroom.

If you own a Samsung device, just press “Delete All”.

We have described the process of how to factory reset your android phone with the help of setting option in your android device. Now there is another process you can perform to reset phone settings by going in your phone’s recovery mode and the process is as mentioned below in few simple steps.

Steps To Factory Reset Your Android Phone Via Recovery Mode

  • To reset your phone and to open recovery mode first you need to switch off your Android device.

  • Now you have to boot your device in “Recovery Mode”. There are so many steps to complete this process and it differs from device to device as we have shown here, just Press and hold the device-specific button combination while your phone is powered off. For other devices, you can complete it using the combinations shown in next steps
  1. Nexus devices – Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power
  2. Samsung devices – Volume Up, Home, and Power
  3. Moto X – Volume Down, Home, and Power
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The most common process of booting your device is to press Volume Down and Power. But few devices have different interfaces, so you can use Power and Home buttons.

  • Once your device reaches recovery mode, find the option “wipe data/ Factory reset”, to scroll through the option volume down button is used.

  • Place your navigation on “wipe data/ factory reset” option and then press power button which instantly starts the cleaning process.
  • Then tap on “Yes” to confirm and continue the process of factory data reset.
  • Now the final step, just press “Power” button, then the process of reset start and quickly formats your android device to its factory settings.

If you’re going to restore factory settings on Android and worried about the internal configurations then we want to clear that it will not delete the device’s operating system (Android) but restore the phone to its original set of apps and settings. You can also perform the factory reset multiple times as there is no harm in doing it.


Our Smartphone is a device without which we cannot live, If our mobile stops working properly then we get scared as our dependence on mobile today has increased so much that we have a habit of storing everything like personal pictures, private videos, our important contacts and digital copies of all important documents in our Smartphone.

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But in case our phone crashed and we start feeling like helpless, but you can restore the factory settings of the android phone and backup all your saved data from the simple options available in this post. Also in the case when you replace your old phone with a brand new one; the mandatory procedure is to restore the device to default factory settings. This process not only protects the original owner but provides a new-phone feel to the second owner.

We can perform the process of android factory reset to fix all the performance and malfunctioning issues or to remove a file or virus that is causing a problem in the proper working of your android device or you can clean your ram and cache memory with the factory reset the android phone. With the help of this article we have explained you the process of factory reset if you find this article useful, then please share this “Around Android blog” with your dear and near ones.

Simple Steps To Factory Reset Your Android Phone Without Losing Files!
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