How To Move Apps To SD Card To Free Your Device Internal Storage Space!

Hello android gang! Today we are going to talk about a very hot topic and a major issue facing most of our Android readers. In this post, we will let you know that how to move apps to SD card or how you can transfer apps to SD card. Android mobile phones come with two types of storage, internal and external as you must have known about it.

Every day we download new apps to our phone to experiment something new with our android phones but these apps saved by default in the internal storage of your android device which is generally very limited in the android phones if we except some premium products. Around 4 GB space is consumed by RAM and other files, nearly 3 GB is covered by system apps and only rest of the few MBs are available as free space. Now if we consider the android phones that offer only 8 or 16 GB memory, then users are left with no space to download additional apps for their use.

How to Move Apps to SD card

Move apps to SD card is possible but again it is important to note here that it is not possible with all the apps we download. There is no option like install apps on SD card available on the Google play store or offered by Android devices to download apps to SD card directly. We have the option of expanding the external memory up to 256 GB but this is so unfortunate that we cannot use this expanded memory for saving apps.

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In other words, we can make a huge collection of photos, music, videos and much more on our SD card but cannot utilize this space for keeping our useful and favorite applications. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot move apps from internal storage to SD card.

How To Move Apps To SD Card?

Our motto of writing this post is to let our Android readers know how to transfer apps to SD card or how you can move files to SD card.

Method 1: Transfer Apps to SD Card

The simplest and easiest way to free up your internal storage and to install apps to SD card is to move apps to SD card. Not all the apps can be transferred to SD card but many of them give the option to change the storage location. Following are the step by step process to move apps to SD card. Please note that these steps are in accordance with Samsung device, however, most of the android devices have the similar settings to change apps to SD card.

  • Open your Samsung android phone. Go to settings.
  • Look for the storage options in the settings.
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  • Open storage settings.
  • You will see two options there one is Internal storage and other is portable storage showing your SD card.

internal Storage

  • Tap on internal storage and go to used space option as you can see from the below image.

Used Space

  • Entering into the used space, go to the applications option.
  • There opens a list of all the applications stored in your internal storage.
  • Tap on the application which you like to move to SD


  • Like for an example here we are selecting a video player app, MX player to transfer to SD card.
  • Tap on the MX player app. You will see details of MX player app storage as you can check it out in the below screenshot.
  • You can easily notice the option of “Change”. Tap on this option to your preferred storage location for this app.

MX Player

  • When you select SD card option to move app to SD card, it will export MX player to external storage as and when you tap on the move option.
  • Your app is then started moving to your SD card within few seconds.
  • You are done!


This is how you can transfer apps to SD card but there are few things which you need to keep in mind while transferring the app to SD card. Do not remove SD card while transferring the app and the app which you are transferring will not be available for use during the process of transfer.

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Method 2: Using the Application to Transfer App to SD Card

There is a number of apps available on the Google play store that claims to move apps to SD card. These apps are free to download and install from the app store. Some of these apps works and some of them might not be as efficient as they should be. These apps, however, do not move apps to SD card, for which the option of move app is not available. This is completely dependent on the Android device which you are using. Most of the mobile phone manufacturer does not allow to transfer app stored in the internal storage to the SD card.

As you have witnessed that the above process of moving apps from internal storage to SD card is very simple and the matter of seconds. Conclusively it is possible to transfer apps to SD card but with the limitation of availability of change storage option. If your device provides you the option to change the app store, you can do it by following the above guiding steps. In case if the option to move app to SD card is not available, there is no alternative to it at present.

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So if your phone is showing that you are out of the storage space then you can try to free up space either uninstalling the apps that you do not use or clearing the cache data. We need to catch the user’s attention to the fact that some of the system apps like YouTube, Facebook, messaging app, Calendar or other such apps cannot move to SD card. There is also no exception in the form of an application which facilitates to transfer the system apps to SD card.

We hope you got your answer on how to move apps to SD card or how to transfer apps to SD card and tried to put all the relevant facts that will avoid any misconception for changing the storage of apps to SD card. We are happy to assist you with any other query or question still raising in your mind. Please let us know about your reading experience in the comment box below. We love to hear from you.

How To Move Apps To SD Card To Free Your Device Internal Storage Space!
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