How To Play YouTube In The Background To Enjoy Our Favorite Music Without Draining Our Battery!

Fond of YouTube audios and videos? …But unable to access them once switch to another screen or opened another app and even if we turn off our screen.We often want them to continue playing even if the mentioned hindrance occurs. YouTube has created its own place on the necessity list of the android users. Now almost everything gets seen, once you visit Youtube and look for the desired tutorial; on a particular topic, you will be able to watch n-number of suggestions and you can choose the one which you think is the best one or you want to follow any of them. For any confusion now, YouTube is the solution.It provides with multiple videos and tutorials on any topic you search for. YouTube is available for free and in most of the android phones, it is already installed out of the box.

YouTube app is one of the most used apps by any Android user in almost every day. We often watch videos, music, and videos of various categories according to our interests. Videos are something we are most attracted to. If we want any sort of tutorial for any subject whether it is related to studies or cooking or any sort of subject we get it on YouTube easily.

How To Play YouTube In The Background

We usually like watching videos and audios continuously without any disturbance and feel like there should be features to play youtube in the background so that we can enjoy even though the screen is off. But we do encounter many problems, like when we are watching any video or tutorial and in the meanwhile, any call comes or we navigate to another app, our video automatically get paused or YouTube won’t play or even if some other app is opened, it gets paused. We are unable to see videos as they do not run in the background.

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As we know that YouTube does not support playing in the background or till we don’t resume it, the video remains to be paused. If we exit from the app or even we do lock our android device the video stops. We often wonder that there must be some method by which this problem can be resolved so that we enable to watch videos and play YouTube background music; YouTube should possess the playback support.

How To Play YouTube In The Background

Now with the advancing world and technology, we are able to resolve this problem there are various methods and apps available which enable YouTube background playback support. As many of us possess smartphones now and we all want that as smartphone possess numerous features so as our apps too should be equipped with. So for our smartphones, we assume that we should be enabled to play YouTube in background android.

Here we are describing some of the methods which will help you to play YouTube in the background.

Method 1: Firefox Browser

By installing Firefox Browser on your android you can have YouTube background playback support; for this, you need to follow the certain steps which are as follows:

  • Open the play store and search for Firefox Browser, you will find Firefox Browser fast & Private.
  • Install it on your android.
  • Open Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • As you open, you will find 3 vertical dots at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  • A drop-down menu will get opened.
  • In the menu, you will find-Request Desktop Site.
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  • Tap on request desktop site and check it.

  • Now you visit the YouTube website.

  • Or you can visit YouTube website, on the browser’s address bar, by typing
  • You will get its desktop version on the homepage of your android.
  • Now open and play any desired video.

  • Now tap home-button.
  • Swipe your screen down.
  • Select play button.

  • Now you are able to play video in the background, even if you are doing or handling some other tasks.
Firefox Browser fast & private
Firefox Browser fast & private
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

Method 2: YouTube Red

It is basically a paid subscription which is around $9.99 per month.This is mainly in use in Australia, Mexico, US, South Korea and New Zealand. You can get this by a sign in with your Google account by going to the YouTube Red landing page. You just have to sign in and pay the subscription amount and you can avail this subscription. By using this YouTube Red, you will enable ad-free YouTube and also get to run YouTube in the background. But if you have Google Play Music on your android, then you can have this YouTube Red subscription for free.

Method 3: Via Use Of Bubble Browser

Bubble Browser is another best and alternative option for playing YouTube app in the background. Brave and Flyperlink are the types of bubble browsers. They do float on the interface and they can be reduced or minimized in the form of an icon. It is a smart web browser and enables downloads from it. In that bubble you can do YouTube streaming and videos will continue to play even if you off the screen or you opened another app or doing a different task. All bubble Browsers are not the same in their function but basic feature is same.

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Method 4: Via Use Of Apps

Here we are describing two of the apps which support for YouTube background playback, there are many more such apps, the apps mentioned below are for an example and are mentioned below:

Torch Music

This is primarily a social music discovery app. It facilitates you listening to your favorite music or track. There is playlist and even you can search for your favorite music from the search box.

You just need to sign in to your facebook account and can listen to your favorite tracks. You can listen to unlimited music and it is available for free. The very appreciable point is that it does not contain any ads.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Floating Tube

According to FloatingTube, you cannot play the videos directly instead, a new window gets opened and you can watch the videos there .simultaneously, you can continue with other task and your video will continue to play without a pause even if you turn off the screen, still your video, audio etc, will continue to play and background music for YouTube will be no longer a dream. It’s a movable video player and videos play exactly in the front and can be re-sized using corner edge at the bottom. If you switch off the screen, video and audio continues to play but consumes the bandwidth.

As this audio and video continue to play, even when the screen is off. This can be said that the YouTube is been playing in the background, this supports the statement.

Floating Tube (Multitasking)
Floating Tube (Multitasking)

We often wonder, how this can be resolved or is there any way by which we can continue our search running even though we open up the other app or switch the screen; can this magic happen.Now there’s nothing as such to wonder about, technology has brought up with the ways by which you could access any of the desired things you want.

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As we all know that YouTube is free video sharing website available today. It shows free online videos. It possesses the videos and tutorials for various categories. We all are fond of the audios and videos and this is one of the very appreciable platforms for such things. There are many channels available on this website and even you can create one.

We often found that while we are switching between screens or even we shut the screen off, our Video on YouTube gets paused and YouTube won’t play. In order to view it, we again have to resume the video.

We are now available with the various methods by which we can have YouTube background playback as mentioned above by the use of which you could enjoy your favorite tracks or videos been continuously played over and give you an astonishing experience. Now you won’t be facing an enquired question as to how to play YouTube in the background. Your whole day will be flying in the world of music and you will find yourself relaxed and refreshed as there will be background music for YouTube videos running over. Have a try with these methods and let your so-called magic happen. We tried to cover all the aspects of as how to play YouTube in background android and hope we were able to do so. Still, if we have missed something please let us know, your suggestions are most welcome.

How To Play YouTube In The Background To Enjoy Our Favorite Music Without Draining Our Battery!
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