How to Print Images, PDF Files, Or Any Documents From Your Android Phone?

Do you like Print Anywhere? Spare few minutes to read our article that will educate you how to print from phone. Instead of finding the answer for what a smartphone can do, it is better to figure out what it can’t do? Yes, smartphones can do everything although cooking food by it, is still awaiting. Among the list of its abilities, print documents and photos from the phone is the one. Diverting from the personal usage of printing, going professionally printed documents has its own importance. The way of looking at the phones are also changed. There were times when phones were a villain at the workplace kept responsible for spoiling the efficiency of employees but today they are the part of work culture with its ability to the quick transition of information.

If you are tired of searching “how do I print from my phone”, not to worry because reading this post till the end, you will get all the ideas of how to print from android phone. Phone printer feature of the smartphone is nothing less than a blessing for those who are frequently traveling and totally depend on their phone. With phone printing, you can get print photos from the phone by connecting your Android phone with the portable wireless printer. It is true that we are moving to the paperless world but it is equally acceptable that printed papers still exist and has its own importance.

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How to print from your Android phone

We all are equipped with Android phones in our hands leaving some exception out of the race and we all want to make the best use of this technology device apart from the communication purpose. To do so, we plan to bring an article for you that will tell you the easiest way to print from mobile and helps you to turn your phone into a phone printer. In light of the above, it is clear that printing docs are essential and print from the phone is even needed. Continue to read how to print from the phone in detail.

How To Print From Android Phone?

To turn your android phone into a phone printer, you would not require bothering for setting up any device or something like that but just to follow the below quick and simple steps to get the answer for “how do I print from my phone?”.

  • Unlock your android phone.
  • Go to your file manager.
  • Open it.
  • Among the list of various folders, enter into the “Documents” option.

  • In this folder, you will find all your documents in formats like .pdf, .doc or .xls.
  • For Example, I have chosen to print a PDF file.
  • When you open the file, you will observe the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the file.

  • Tap on those dots to see the option of “PRINT”.
  • Tap on “Print”.
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  • Again take a look at the top right corner, where you will see the drop-down Tap on it to proceed with printing from android phone.
  • There appear two options, go with the second one to locate the available printers on your phone.

  • Connect the suitable printer near around you.
  • Press “Print”

That’s it. Your file will then start printing. It is very easy and as simple as that printing from your PC or computer.

Cloud Print For Android

With the facility of cloud storage, we get the privilege to store our important documents forever there. In situations like system crashing or unwanted removals of files, the role of cloud storage comes into play. We are here briefing on how to cloud print for android devices with regards to the Google cloud storage. In order to print document from cloud storage, read here –

  • First Open Your Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Cloud print” on search field bar.

  • Tap on the Search Button.
  • Select “Cloud Print by Google Inc.” and Install it.

In this easy and simple way, you can start cloud print for android phones and tabs. Please note that you have to carry on with the above steps each time when you like to add a new printer to Google cloud for printing from cloud storage.

How To Print Web Pages From The Phone?

Surfing the web pages, copying the content, pasting it into the word or excel document and send it to the printer, is the old practice. Now when we have the option of direct printing from web pages, then why to take such a long route. Reading below procedure will let you know how to get web pages print from android phone.

  • Start exploring what you want to print over the web browser.
  • On the right corner, you will see that three menu dots or lines, whatever. Open the web page menu.
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  • Click on the print option available from the menu.

  • Tap on the drop-down menu.
  • Then tap the printer where you would like to print.

  • And at last tap on the “PRINT” option.

It’s printing! As you’ve seen, how easy and simple it is to print any webpage from Android phones.

Printer Apps For Android

Another way to answer your question “how to print from phone” is to make use of printer apps for android. For the android devices, there are a bunch of printer apps available on the Google play store to download and install. These apps will let you print directly from Android phones or tablets to almost any printer. You can download printer apps for android for absolutely free without having need to pay a single penny. For unlimited printing options or make use of it professionally, you may purchase the premium features as well. Some of the top names in the search result for printer apps for android are a Mobile print app, Epson print app, HP ePrint app and a lot more such apps.

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Printer apps for Android can be downloaded from the Google play store for free on your android phone or tablet within few seconds. These apps are capable of synchronizing with all the documents stored either on your android phone or cloud storage. Readers are suggested to pick the apps after reviewing their features, downloads statistics, and reviews by the existing users from the store.


As you have read, we have tried to incorporate all the possible methods that will help you to print from android phones. Since printers have also undergone a vast change in its journey towards portable wireless printer. Printer apps for Android are another great way to experience the printing revolution via phone devices. Phone printer, cloud print for android and printer apps for Android have really simplified the way of getting urgent and important documents printed and all thanks go to the developers of Android and app developers. These phone printers and printer apps for Android has also cut down the cost to the business.

We expect that your question for how to print from the phone is now answered completely. Do share with us, if we could be of more help to you. We take your feedback positive.

How to Print Images, PDF Files, Or Any Documents From Your Android Phone?
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