How To Save Instagram Photos? To Access Them Anytime Anywhere!

Dear Insta igniters! We are pretty sure that you guys are really going to enjoy reading this article as we are answering you for the most emerging question in every Insta mind that how to save Instagram photos? Yes, you have read it correctly! Now it is possible to save photos from Instagram and that’s what our today’s article is all about.The Instagram is the fabulous destination to share your photos and videos and make a collection of unforgettable memories forever but it only lacks in ability to save photos from Instagram.To save Instagram photos, many people practice to take the screenshot of the pictures and then extract the one by editing but this is not the proper way to save a picture.

Instagram does not provide any sort of way to save the pictures directly although we are handing over you the solution to save photos from Instagram on your android and windows devices. Instagram saves all the photos and videos that you like until the day of judgment but to see them you need to have an active internet connection. That is why we think to make it easy for you by posting here the simple way of saving Instagram photos for your android devices.

How to save Instagram photos?

Talking particularly about android, there are countless android apps available on the Google play store to save Instagram photos in your phone gallery. All these android apps are free to download and install on your android device and is quite quick in saving Instagram photos. We will guide on how to use such apps to save photos from Instagram. Once you learn how to save an Instagram photo, you can repost and share your favorite photos anywhere or simply set the wallpaper of your phone. Saving Instagram photos for the purpose of reposting or keeping the memories of your best buddies however we do not support our readers if they wish to save pictures from Instagram for any unethical activity or anti-social purpose.

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How To save Instagram Photos?

Where Instagram offers the choice of bookmarking the photos and videos to check it later point of time still there is no such option to save Instagram photos in the android phone or tablet gallery to create our personalized offline snap folder of our friends and family to retain loving memories.This might be for the purpose of privacy and we appeal to the readers to take care of that while saving Instagram photos.

Now start saving Instagram photos with the help of below tutorial.

We will tell you two methods to download Instagram pictures. One is on the android devices and tablets and the other one is for the desktop. Both the methods require the use of the third-party application to be downloaded along with the Instagram app on your device. Check out both the alternatives to save pictures from Instagram.

Method1: How To Save Instagram Photos On Android Devices

This method for saving Instagram pictures online is for Insta android app users. Though Instagram does not let you save photos from Instagram itself, there are apps available on the Google play store that will let you do so.

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Here is how:

  • Unlock your android phone.
  • Go to the Google play store.
  • Search for the Color scheme of app icon that is very similar to that of Instagram.
  • Tap on the Install button to start installing it.“Inst Download – Video & Photo”
  • “Inst Download – Video & Photo”does not require login formality and is very easy and quick in saving Instagram photos.
  • Now, open your Instagram app and choose the photo you like to save.

  • You will see the three dots above the photo you chose. Tap on those dots and go for the option of “Copy link”. Your photo link has been saved now.

  • Close the Instagram app and switch to the “Inst Download – Video & Photo”.
  • Paste the copied link in the box and tap on the “Check URL” option.

  • This app will fetch your Instagram photo for you.
  • Simply tap on “Save image” option to save the Instagram.

You are done! Your Instagram photo is successfully saved on your android phone or tab gallery. You may share this to other social accounts, repost it or simply keep it to remember cherished moments of life.

Inst Download - Video & Photo
Inst Download - Video & Photo
Developer: ZN Studio
Price: Free+

Method 2: How To Download Instagram Pictures On Windows

Instagram is the android application designed for collecting and sharing the photos and videos among the Insta comrades but since Instagram can be accessible on the web as well, you can download Instagram pictures on your desktop or windows laptops as well and thereby facilitating yourself to move it on your Android device also.

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There are many downloaders available online to save Instagram photos on windows but we recommend DownloadGram which is the quickest, fastest and safest one.

To save Instagram photos on windows, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Log in to your Instagram account visiting the Instagram website. For our reader’s convenience, here is the ready link to the official Instagram website.

Instagram For Windows

  • Once you log in to your Insta account, you will see the latest posts from your Insta gang.
  • Choose the photo you like to save on your windows.
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the right side above the photo and copied down the photo URL with “Copy link” option. To copy the URL simply press Ctrl + L and then Ctrl + C.
  • Now, open the DownloadGram website and paste the copied link into the rectangular box.

  • Click download button beneath that.
  • The photo is then saved on your system.

DownloadGram For Windows

This was how you can save Instagram photos on windows devices.

There are many other web downloaders for windows and android applications to save Instagram photos which are readily available from the official sources. You may go with anyone as per your requirement however the one mentioned above is the best purpose solver.

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How to save Instagram pictures is a commonly asked question these days and this is the reason we feel the need of writing this tutorial for our Insta readers. Instagram is an amazing photo and video sharing app. Not only this, you may also edit your photos and repost them within minutes. Instagram is such a popular social place where you can easily locate anyone with maximum population overloaded with the beautiful and rare photos of your friends, celebrities, and memes. Of course, we do want to save Instagram photos of our favorite celebrity or memes that match our friend perfectly.

Finally, your search for the question how to download Instagram pictures is ending with this post. You have read about the two methods to save Instagram photos on your windows and android device. You can save photos from Instagram in either of the ways since both are easy and effective without involving any cost.

So guys say no to screenshots if you were tied to that for saving Instagram photos instead follow the above directions to save Instagram photos.We have gone easily in our explanation of the topic how to save Instagram photos although we will love to hear from you if we have missed something that you like to know. Do not hesitate to write us in the comment box about your views and feedback. We take your feedback positively for our upcoming articles.

How To Save Instagram Photos? To Access Them Anytime Anywhere!
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