How To Set Up A VPN On Android To Protect Yourself & Your Privacy!

You are on this page because you might need a secure network connection for your Android device or want to divert the web traffic via server or master computer? Whatever be the reason, you have selected the correct destination for finding the answers on how to setup VPN on Android.We have presented the tutorial here that will tell you how to use VPN on Android in two best possible ways. It is a myth among many of the internet users that using a VPN is offensive. We like to aware our readers that setting up VPN on android do not attract any legal consequences.

To read and understand more about, it is good to know a brief about what is VPN for android? VPN is a little technical term to understand and comprehend its exact purpose however in simple words it is mainly used for the purpose of security.VPN stands for the Virtual Private Network, which is generally used for keeping network settings private. However, it is true that apart from the privacy, VPN can do a lot more things for the users. Businesses are spreading their legs in light of internet and to keep their competitive and confidential data safe, using VPN is the best choice.

How to setup VPN on Android?

Unlike past, when computers were connected in the limited area with physical wirings, VPN connects the systems over the globe wirelessly through an internet connection. Users become anonymous by replacing their IP address with the one that provides by the VPN. Considering both the personal and professional outlook, VPN is always on.

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Feeling the importance and usage of VPN in today’s networking life, how to setup a VPN on Android is the big question and readers will find the best answer in the rest of the tutorial.

How to setup VPN on Android?

To answer the question how to use VPN on Android, we have two methods for our readers. Both of these methods are easy to setup VPN on android devices.Study both the methods carefully and then go with the one that you find simple and favorable to your Android handset.

Method 1: Without Using VPN Application

In this method of setting up VPN on Android, there is no need for installing any android application on your device. What all you need to do is dig into the network settings of your device and follow the below guide step by step. It might happen that you may find difficult to interpret some of the technical terms however in order to use VPN for Android, it is suggested to our non-technical readers to simply do what has written below.

  • Enter into device settings.
  • Go to the network settings.
  • Tap on more to explore more settings options.

  • You will see the option for VPN.

  • You will not see any of the VPN connection on the screen if you haven’t set up any yet.
  • Tap on the more option or + sign from the top right corner of the screen.
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  • Now as you have done this action, a form to fill in the details for VPN opens on your screen.
  • The first thing you need to fill in is Name. Choose any name for the VPN connection you are going to set on your android device.
  • Now choose the connection type say PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) or L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol). To get help for deciding which VPN connection is to use, it is best practice to refer the documentation of VPN Company or network administrator.

  • Once you have chosen the connection type, then you need to input the server address in the next field. The server address will be given by your VPN company or network provider.
  • Some of the VPN Companies required to set the DNS settings, if your company does need DNS to set, that could probably the next step for you.
  • Forwarding routes could be the next field, again it depends on your VPN provider.
  • Coming to end, you need to set username and password at this step. Use the login credentials provided by your VPN service provider.

  • At last, you will see the square box with “Always-ON VPN” written Check in the box to keep your android VPN always on.

  • Save everything you have done so far.

This is how you can setup VPN on android without any need for installing the app. When revisiting the VPN connection page, you will see the recently set up VPN there. Simply tap on it to ON or OFF the VPN connection.All the Android devices could not be same so the above-mentioned method of setting up VPN on Android may slightly change depending on the android device you use. You may check the status of VPN from the notification bar on your device. Users can set many VPNs but only one can be active at a time.

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Method 2: Using VPN Application

Alternatively; if you find a stock method of using VPN on android complex or difficult, here is the VPN app for you. Below tutorial will tell you how to setup VPN on Android making use of the VPN app. We are explaining about the Turbo VPN app here, taking an example although it is not the only VPN app for android phone.You can pick any such app out of many VPN available apps from Google play store. These apps are free to download and install with lots of additional features and functionalities.

Read below, how it will help you to get VPN for android phone –

  • Visit the Google play store on your android device.
  • Under tools category, search for Turbo VPN.
  • Hit the green colored “install” button and the app will start installing on your device.

Once the app will install, you will see the shortcut of the app on your home screen. Open the app and start managing your network and get secure online access from your Android device. VPN app will provide you fastest, easiest and safest VPN proxy server and unblock websites.

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It is very important to keep a pace with the technology otherwise we will lack behind. In the present scenario, where everything is just ready for the movement of fingers, how to setup a VPN on Android is a question that is rising in everyone’s mind. The answer is quite simple as it can be thought of. VPN for the android phone could be set up in the two best possible ways as we have guided in the above steps. A VPN for android once set, will work on all the networks and data connections.

VPN is the great utility for large businesses spreading over remote locations and has a large working gang. We hope that our readers get the perfect site for knowing how to setup VPN or how to create a VPN on Android. Share more about setting up VPN on Android or anything you like to add on here about VPN on Android. You are free to write in the comment box below, to express your views about this post or send us your feedback.

How To Set Up A VPN On Android To Protect Yourself & Your Privacy!
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