4 Speed Hacks That’ll Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast on Your Android Devices!

You must have wondered sometimes, why is Google Chrome so slow and must have often thought that you need to update chrome. When we use new smartphones, we find that we are able to work very conveniently, everything appears smooth. But as the time passes we encounter certain issues.

Along with other applications, the most important point of frustration is when your browsing speed gets affected, it gradually slows down and it starts taking the long span of time to open a certain page or download any content and ultimately chrome starts getting sluggish.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome

We know that the problem can be because of hardware, but how to make Chrome faster? Is there any way out to speed up chrome. Chrome app, for Android, is very important. It is the most popular browser, to search for the desired content. If it gets ruined, then it affects the major activity. We can apply certain chrome settings to make Google browser for Android to speed up chrome.

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The most important thing that cannot be ignored is internet speed, without which Google chrome for android cannot work. So, how to speed up internet on Android; is a major question? For that, you can apply some tricks like using data saver function, close the unnecessary tabs, etc. Similarly, you don’t worry about how to speed up chrome? You can simply do this by clear cache memory or seeing to some other chrome sync settings.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome

Therefore, below are some ways, which let you know, how to speed up Chrome for Android and they are as follows-

Clear The Cache

Cache is your supporting hand but can also be your subject of frustration. Cache though saves your browsed data and let it save in the local storage.On the other hand, cache memory gets loaded and corrupted, hence decreasing the speed of your Chrome. It is suggestive that one must on and off should clear the chrome cache memory so as to attain the good speed of chrome for your android.

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Follow the algorithm, so as to clear cache on chrome for android –

  • Go to Settings.

  • Then select the Apps option.

  • Then select the Google Chrome.

  • Tao on the Storage button.

  • Click on clear cache

Hence, you can now feel the difference in speed of your chrome.

Use Data Saver

The data saver is another great option for letting the speed of your chrome enhanced. Data saver basically compress the website and turns it into fewer data consuming version, hence improving the speed of chrome on your android device.

How To Turn Data Saver On?

Below is the sequence mentioned, following which you can do the process, which is as follows-

  • Navigate to chrome
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find three dots

  • Now tap on settings.

  • Under the heading advanced, you’ll find Data saver, turn it on.
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By means of Prefetch Websites

Chrome Prefetch is the amazing feature that lets loading of the sites you likely to visit before you actually search for them. Chrome analyses your searches and based on your frequent visits, it preloads the sites, you likely to be on. This feature, prefetch, is automatically gets enabled when you ought to use Wi-Fi but you can let it active always. This activity can consume much of your data but if you are just focussing on speed, then you proceed.

Below are the steps mentioned, for enabling the prefetch in chrome –

  • First of all, open chrome.
  • Tap on 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Now select privacy

  • Select “Use page predictions”

Increase Number of Raster Threads

The reason for slow downloading of the website is due to the number of images. Therefore more the number of raster threads, more images it will impart. So, by using ‘default’; you should increase its counts.

For performing this task, visit – chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads

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Now you need to click on the drop-down menu, now change the number to 4.

Google browser app acts as the backbone of the Android device, without which major functionality gets disturbed. In the article, we have suggested you some ways of how to make data faster on Android and by making clear cache chrome, how you can speed up Google chrome for android.


Through our platform, ‘Around Android’, we have provided you with the box of tricks, which must have guided you on how to make Chrome faster and speed up chrome for android. Google browser for Android is like water to survive.

You can also do chrome prefetch by chrome sync settings and enjoy the workability on your speedy browser. Therefore, play out the above-mentioned tricks and try to resolve your speed issues and speed up chrome for fabulous browsing experience.

4 Speed Hacks That’ll Make Google Chrome Blazing Fast on Your Android Devices!
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