A Complete Guide On How To Take A Screenshot On Any Android Device!

This article is of extreme use for those who are still searching for how to take a screenshot. A Screenshot is of utmost importance if talking about evidence. Yes, by capturing the screen of conversation with someone or email or anything that you want to hold on and doubt to use later for proving facts is the best way. We often discuss with pals over any issue and try to beat them keeping our point.

Android screen capture is the best way to prove your words. Apart from retrieving past, by knowing how to take a screenshot on android phones you can save those things for which download option is not available for example Google pages or any error message on your screen.Taking a screenshot seems simple but the way it works varies with Android devices and their versions.

How To Take A Screenshot

In this article, we are going in all the corners to explain for you how to take a screenshot.With the help of this amazing feature of latest Android smartphones and tabs, you can demonstrate step by step procedure for doing any job from a remote location with the support of screenshots.This will but of course result in better and clear understanding of the next one. A screenshot can be edited and cropped.

How To Take A Screenshot?

Please go through the well arranged and informative stuff that will give you answers for how to take a screenshot, how to capture screen or how to save a screenshot.

With the updates in the Android version, it is very easy and quick to take a screenshot.We are giving you the answer for how to take a screenshot or how to capture screen with the help of below methods. All these methods work for taking a screenshot on android phone.Readers may take a screenshot using any of the methods at their convenience and ease. However, the choice of the method also depends on which android version you are using.

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Method 1: Taking Screenshot On Stock Android

Since the release of Android 4.0, Android gives the fantastic android screen capture feature. How to capture screen is no more a mystery but has been the job of fingers. See how to take a screenshot for various Android device manufacturers.


Below is the best way to take a screenshot in most of the Samsung phones and tablets.

  • Unlock your android phone or tablet.
  • Navigate to the screen which you like to capture.
  • Please note that the stock method to take a screenshot needs to engage both of your hands.
  • Hold your android phone in your right hand and hold the volume-down key.
  • Now place your left thumb on the power button.
  • To take the screenshot press the both volume-down and power button simultaneously.
  • Your screenshot will be taken.
  • You will get the notification for taking the screenshot.
  • By default settings, this screenshot saves in your gallery under the auto-created folder screenshots.

Make sure about your timing of pressing both the keys. If you press the power button too early, you will lock your screen or if you will be too quick with pressing the volume button, you will see the volume settings of your device instead of the screenshot.

In many other Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy J series and older S series instead of the power button, the home button has been used along with volume keys. Rest of the method is same. In Samsung Note series, you can make use of S pen to take a screenshot. Capturing Screenshot using S pen is very easy. You need to hold your S pen and launch air command after which you just need to tap on “Screen write” option. Your screen will be captured on your Samsung Note phone or tab.

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Samsung in its latest models say Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 plus and Note 8 incorporate the option of “Palm swipe” to capture the screen. What you all need to do is to swipe your palm from the edge of your hand across the screen and your screenshot would be ready. As simple as that. There is the “smart select” option as well that will allow the users to capture the screenshot either in an image form or GIF animation form.


Here is how to take a screenshot for Sony Android devices.

  • Navigate to the screen which you want to capture.
  • Hold long the Power button or lock button, till the pop-up window appears.
  • Out of the options like Power off or Airplane mode, you will also observe the option of “Take screenshot”.
  • Tap on “Take screenshot”.
  • You will see a notification after the screenshot was taken.

This method works well with Sony products like Xperia Z2 and Z3. This is the common way to take a screenshot on Sony handsets.


These Android devices have a unique way of taking the screenshot apart from the traditional technique of taking a screenshot in other android phones. Check out how to capture screen on these smartphones –

  • Select the screen you want to take a shot off.
  • Drag the notification area.
  • Search the screenshot icon there on the menu.
  • Locate the “Screenshot” icon.
  • Tap on the icon and your screenshot has been taken.

You may also edit the settings of your device to add the “Screenshot” icon on the quick access to notification bar so that to locate it easily at any time by pulling down the notification bar. You will find the above steps compatible with Xiaomi products like Mi Mix, Mi3, Mi4, Redmi Note, Redmi 2, Redmi Note, Redmi Note 4G, Mi Note 2 and other Mi and Redmi series.

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Method 2: Using Screenshot Apps.

Using the stock Android method is one way for android screen capture however the next best alternative for how to take a screenshot is to make use of third-party apps. These apps are available on the Google play store and are free to download.These apps will facilitate you with numerous additional feature over its basic function of taking a screenshot.If you are thinking about it then try Super screenshot and Screenshot easy these apps can be a good option on your list.

Creating specific folders to save a screenshot, checking the preview of screenshot, cropping, and editing, drawing over screenshots and sharing the taken screenshots are some of the added advantages by these apps that are missed in the stock method of taking a screenshot. See how you can grab these apps.

  • Visit the Google play store on your android device.
  • Under tools category, you may search for the name of the screenshot app which you are looking for to download.
  • Select the one for you out of the long list of screenshot apps.
  • Tap on “install” and the app will start to install on your device.

Once the app installs, you will see the shortcut of the app on your home screen. Open the app and start saving and managing your screenshots.

Method 3: For Old Android Devices

Android upgrades its versions from time to time and so we usually keep a pace by upgrading our android phones or tabs to ensure using the latest Android functionalities. We all use the high tech smartphones but there some people who are still using the old android devices. If any of our readers are using an old android version for any odd reason, then they can also take a screenshot with the help of below-suggested methods. Have a look –

  • To take screenshots in an older version, you need to download Android SDK
  • Downloading Android SDK is easy but installing and using this approach is quite tricky. However, this is the only way to take a screenshot on the Android versions earlier than 4.0.
  • Below is the link that will take you to the official page of android.
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This method works on non-rooted Android devices. Android SDK is the only way to capture screenshot on the device having earlier android versions.


There are a wide range of smartphone producers and all of them produce their products with various features and functions.Taking a screenshot cannot be same for all android devices and so we get the idea of writing this article for our readers. Readers will find all the ways for all the popularly used Android devices for how to take a screenshot here.In order to explain you about a screenshot, we have tried to be precise and limited with the relevant and significant material only that will save your valuable time.

We are sure that at the end of reading this post, all of your questions regarding how to screenshot on the android phone has been answered. If you still think anything is left, do not mind to let us know. Share this article to let others also know how to take a screenshot on android phone.

A Complete Guide On How To Take A Screenshot On Any Android Device!
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