How to Update Your Android Phone? To Access All The Latest Features Available On Android!

Nothing is permanent except change. This is the exact case with technology. Today android mobile phones are in every hand so it is quite essential to keep them updated to ensure that you are keeping pace with technology.

You have visited this page because you might need guidance for updating your phone with the latest Android Version. Usually, the latest Android phones have all the high techniques that are required for today’s fast going world. As we all know that the market has been expanding with the new versions of Android Mobile.Everyone wants to have a phone with the latest version of Android.

How to Update Your Android Phone

Android is an operating system for mobile that is based on the modified versions of different software and created basically for touchscreen phones like tablets and smartphones. Android is one of the most used operating systems throughout the world.Android has seen numerous updates and still, they are bringing latest android version with extra features and functions. Nobody likes their smartphones to run on an older version that does not support the new features and functions that the latest devices hold.

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How to Update Your Android Phone

Here we are going to give you the assistance regarding how to update android phones.For our readers, we have 3 methods.All the listed methods are very simple to operate for every age group.

Method 1: OTA (Over The Air Update)  

In this method, there is no need for installation of any app for your android device.Just go through this whole article you will get the clear idea about the update process.For quick work, readers are suggested to follow the method as written down for updating android version.

  • Connect your Android device to Wifi.

  • Open your device settings.
  • Search for ABOUT PHONE.

  • Click on the option of the system update.

After the last step, your device will pop up about the storage space required for updating and will also notify about the current android version that is going to change in the latest update.This method hardly requires 5 mins apart from your downloading of the update.

Method 2: Using Application For Update

You can also update your device with help of an app.This app monitors your phone and keeps an eye on the latest update your phone gets. This software can be updated on the regular basis and accordingly updated software can be installed.The application has the ability to test your device and determine if the device is capable to run the latest Android version.It is well designed simple and fast app.It also helps to detect RAM and internal storage space available on your device.There are similar apps available for this task but we are mentioning ‘update software 2018’.

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  • The user interface is smooth.
  • Apk size is small.
  • The app is free with numerous features.
  • Easy to use.
Update Software 2018
Update Software 2018
Price: Free

This application will give you Count and list of applications installed in your device. You can get the information about android version number and name. Model number and manufacturer of the device can also be known from this new Android update app.

Method 3: Manually Updating Your Phone

If you miss the automatic update of your Android Mobile, don’t worry, here we are providing you another method to Update Android.This method is not too much complicated or difficult as it is one of the simplest ways to get the latest android version for your device. This can be applied to any phone but we are demonstrating you with the ASUS Zenfone Selfie.The method for updating other phones is almost similar to this one.

  • Type the text on the google search engine-product support for ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL).
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  • Click on the option “drive and tools”.

  • Select your operating system for Android and others.
  • Available versions will be displayed on the screen.

  • Click on the required update.
  • The download will be started.

Once the download is completed move the downloaded .zip file to your internal storage and restart your device.Your phone will automatically detect the update file and your system update will start to install.You can download your updation file via your PC/Laptop or in your device itself but make sure you have enough data to download the file as the file size can be big.

Now enjoy your Android device with a new android update.The above-mentioned process will work for all smartphones.

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It is important to walk with the advanced technology since the world is advancing every second. so we should Always be updated with new technology. With the updated Android version, one can avail all the latest features that an android has to offer.we have given the best possible ways as we have suggested in the above steps regarding how to update android.

With the update of the android phones, gives you more functions and comfort which were not available in the older version of Android phones.Latest Android Version gives you the information more efficiently as compared to the previous version of Android. Updated version gives the fast and reliable internet connection for your Android device.

New Android Version gives you better assistance in the functioning of your latest Android Mobile.An updated version of Android increases the performance of your device in all the means.Make your android awesome with the latest Android Version.So, readers, you are free to write down in the comment section below.

How to Update Your Android Phone? To Access All The Latest Features Available On Android!
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