How To View saved Wi-Fi Passwords In Android Only For Rooted Devices!

We often connect to Wi-Fi but forget password later on. This is a very common problem. Then you wonder, please show my wifi password, you have lost. We often think that we’ll remember the password but it happens we forget them. We know that it is available on our device but we are not able to retrieve them. Many of us are not aware of the procedure of retrieving the lost password.However, sometimes it gets necessary to have the password to troubleshoot with the problems related to the network.

There are now ways available easily by which you can recover your password and troubleshoot the problems encountered. Sometimes you go for related searches such as –wifi password show or wifi password recovery or how to see wifi password on android or how to find out the Wi-Fi password.

How To View saved WiFi Password In Android

We are all used to social sites nowadays, and for that, we use the data connection or wifi.When we are out somewhere either at our friend’s place of relatives, we usually ask for wifi passwords, we use at that time but we do not remember later. We even don’t remember our own passwords. Then we think of how to check Wi-Fi password.

Sometimes some of our friends or relatives lose their password and do not remember, as usually many of us do not save them. In that case, you can help them retrieving their lost passwords by following some steps. This is very beneficial as it is of our help anytime we need access to wifi or troubleshoot problems of the network.

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How To See Saved Wifi Password On Android

We have often connected to the WiFi, when we are in school, colleges, office, etc.When we put the password, it automatically gets saved in our device but we do not have the option to view them. Instead, we will find the Forget option, which is of no use to us. We think of how to find Wi-Fi password on android or is there anything such as Wi-Fi password reader.Yes, it is true that all the passwords get saved in our phone’s or device data section, but we cannot retrieve it directly if our device doesn’t have root access. Hence, it is very necessary to root the device first and then follow the below mentioned steps-

There are two ways to view saved wifi passwords on android

Method 1: BY- File Manager

  • In this method, the foremost thing you need is the file manager. It should have root explorer capabilities. If you don’t have best file manager then you can download it from the play store; file manager for android. You can also use root browser.
  • Now open the file manager app and visit- data/misc/Wi-Fi folder. If you do have root manager app like SuperSU installed, it will immediately grant you access file manager root access when you open the data folder.
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Then choose ‘GRANT’ and then you navigate to the folder.

  • You will find a text dubbed in Wi-Fi folder as wpa_supplicant.conf.By text editor app, open the file, File manager apps usually come with built-in text editor apps.The file will try to get features of your Wi-Fi of current wifi networks and also the networks in the past. It follows a certain format:

ssid=”WiFi Network Name”

Method 2: BY- Third-Party App

One more way to view Wi-Fi passwords is through the third-party app. You can find many apps for Wi-Fi password recovery, which are similar in features and also their names. So, you could choose any one of them. There is an app which has very good features and is also free is Wi-Fi Password Recovery Pro app. To view the password, just open the app and grant the app superuser permission

Once you have completed, the list will show the WiFi networks who have connected till now, now just tap on the desired network to view its password, you can also copy the password if you want on the clipboard.

Hence, you succeeded!!!!!

The password is recovered.

These methods are easy and you can even say that these are the easiest tricks by which you could recover the lost Wi-Fi passwords for the rooted devices.

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Features of Wi-Fi password recovery apps are as follows

  • It roots your device specifically for Wi-Fi key finder
  • As you are finished with rooting your device, you are set to view password
  • Next feature is to get the number of saved Wi-Fi
  • These apps are not cracker of the password, instead, they recover Wi-Fi Password.
  • Some of the most common features are-they backup & restore all networks Wi-Fi password been saved.
  • They enable us to save Wi-Fi password to clipboard
  • Shows SSID and Password for viewing and sharing with others.
  • Needs superuser permissions
  • The app contains ads but if you want to use it without ads, then you have to go for the paid version.
  • These apps work on rooted devices because when you connect to different Wi-Fi networks, you are not able to retrieve passwords until you are having superuser


One thing about the public Wi-Fi passwords is that we do not remember often. Remembering passwords is although a bit difficult task and sometimes we do think that we will be able to remember it in future but sometimes, it does not happen. We either do not save it or we don’t know it but want access sometimes. The question Often strikes your mind that how to find my wifi password or how to check wifi password on android. You try various options to let the Wi-Fi password show or view wifi password android. Then you try to give a hit and trial method on how to check wifi password on android or how to know connected wifi password.

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In that case, if you lost your Wi-Fi password and it is very urgent and also you require during the troubleshoot your network problem; so no need to worry now. There are some tricks or methods available which we have mentioned above by which using them you can recover your lost password easily

By the above-mentioned methods, you can help your friends to get away with the tension and make them avail the passwords. As there is no option to view the saved password, apart from that you see forget option, by which you still not able to recover the saved password.

We hope your problem has been sorted now.WiFi password recovery is no longer a big issue now. There is nothing now to worry about your lost Wi-Fi passwords or recovery of the Wi-Fi password. You are now sorted by the best and the easiest method to get out of the trouble. Just follow the above-mentioned methods and without any tension use the internet access and enjoy work task.Wi-Fi password reader grants you facility to view the desired Wi-Fi password. But remember your device should be rooted so that you easily track the Wi-Fi password been lost.

How To View saved Wi-Fi Passwords In Android Only For Rooted Devices!
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